Thursday, June 30, 2011

Feeling Wilted?!

And not just due to the heat, I’m sure…..See this house plant? I have “ONE” house plant. And I can’t even keep THAT one alive…The good thing about this plant is that it perks up if you water it when you see it droopy! LOL!

And it lives on the kitchen counter, so it gets light from the window, and is very close to the faucet, so you think it wouldn’t be nearly as neglected as it is….but…..this is what I saw yesterday morning when I padded into the kitchen in the wee small hours to get a cup of tea. Poor plant! I could swear it hasn’t been that long since I last watered you!

And the same thing for Miss Sadie’s nails! When I posted the picture of her in the van yesterday, I didn’t even NOTICE how long her nails were until I saw them in the picture! So it was definitely time to do something. Water the ONE house plant…and take care of Sadie’s pedicure!

Sadie LOVES to run errands. She is eager to go at a moment’s notice, but this was her first time in the van. And I’m trying something new. She was always up on the back seat in my Saturn, and I never could get her to lie down…and if I came to a stop, she’d go flying.

In the van…..she had LOTS of floor space, but I’m not letting her up on the seats. And she got bored, and laid down! This is a complete WIN!

She loves going to the bank drive up window….they give TREATS!! And she knows when she’s there…you should see her get all excited when we pull in!

Likewise, she loves going into Petsmart. I have to admit I do to. Even if I’m having a blue day, you can’t go in there and look at cute fluffy things and NOT come out feeling better! She sniffed at the hamster and guinea pig cages…but where things are really fun, is when we go back to the grooming area:

florabunda 002

This is only about half the window…I think there were 6 dogs being groomed at once in there…small ones, medium ones, large ones…..there was a huge golden being shaved down for summer, and it made me miss Buddy so much!

florabunda 003

I always wanted a “Lassie” collie when I was growing up….but just seeing this groomer deal with all that hair made me grateful for a little yellow pound puppy Sadie who, though she still sheds, has short hair and doesn’t have to be shaved in the summer!

florabunda 005

This little guy was getting the full treatment…..his tail will be quite the show piece when the groomer is done with him….and the dogs must be USED to this attention. No one was fighting or pulling away…they just looked bored as if to say…”get it over with already, I have better things to do than sit here all day!”"

I had fun watching through the window as Sadie was in getting HER nails done….

florabunda 004

She really wanted to play with THESE two! Aren’t they cute? Are you smiling yet? I mean it….just go, and I know you will walk out of there feeling lighter!

Still don’t agree with me? Okay..I’m pulling out the big guns!

florabunda 006

GOTCHA!!! This sweet little guy is named Buster, and he is 7 weeks old. What a face!

And I have to admit it…I walked over to the cat area and…*sigh* there was a white girl with bright gold eyes that looked so much like my Oscar…..I SERIOUSLY had to make myself get out of there before I did something really stupid like adopting her. She was 7 months old and so sweet. But I know Emmy Lou…..and she has just now started getting to be more social and more loving now that Oscar has crossed the rainbow bridge. She is happiest without any other cats around, and since she is 11, I’ll respect that. Besides…..do I want to deal with more right now? Not realistic. If I was home all the time maybe, but for now…I’ll just go down to Petsmart and love on them if I get that hankering.

florabunda 007

So here is my shy girl! All trimmed! Looking good! She also got lots of loves and pets from the children who were in Petsmart with their parents. She loves attention…….

florabunda 008

All four paws, no more sharp points! No more catching on the berber carpet….Why’d you wait so long, mom?!

And I’m still kitting up projects for Oregon……pics to come later!


  1. I need to bring Mac in to get his nails done too...maybe this weekend. He gets too overexcited and then anxious if we stay it Petsmart too long...too many things to look at! (and he hates being groomed for more than 3-5 mintues...)

  2. do you remember the plants we saw in Epcot, no soil no water, how did they do it ;-) ? we should have asked and invented Quilters-plants afterwards !
    regards from now Germany again

  3. Oh my....that little brown puppy is the cutest thing EVER! I could not have walked out of there without him! Sheesh! I guess it's a good thing we don't have a Petsmart anywhere near us!

  4. I enjoy going to Pet Smart too. It is really hard some times to resist those cute animals that are up for adoption. Like you I pull myself back to reality and hope they find a good home with another pet lover who has room at their home.
    Will be waiting to see what you take with you to Oregon.

  5. My dogs love PS too. And they dont get too crazy till they see the MICE. They are great mousers (as the stinking CAT brings them in the house LIVE all the time...) and they are ready. It surprises me that they can pick them out of all the creatures that are in that place.They are not as dumb as some people think.

  6. You did get me but I was smiling before I got there!!!! Love those animals. I just cry when I see an anumal being abused. I can't stand it!!!!

  7. Pet Smart is a great place but my store does not do cats. MaggieMae is an angel but I am sure there are other cats who could do a lot of damage. I have to take her to a groomer who is so busy it takes MONTHS to get an appointment!
    She needs her yearly Lion Cut but this year she is letting me brush her daily and there are no tangles. But she leaves hair everywhere. And her long fur picks up my fabric pieces as she walks by, hence her nickname of "MAGNET".
    Great way to get a "pet fix" with a visit. I agree with your decision to wait. You are going to get so famous that the world will come to you. Or do videos...
    XOXOXO Subee

  8. Your flower/pot plant is so funny to me. I've got two of the same and I also only water them and the other two house plants that I have, once their leaves start hanging down. They're pretty hardy though, cause mine even flowers occasionally :-)

    Wish we had Petsmart here in Africa, I used to love going there when I lived in the States. We now have 7 dogs, I'm sure they would LOVE a trip to Petsmart !!!

  9. Bonnie,as a former flower shop employee, I can tell you that your peace lily plant hates direct light and will not do well in front of a window or anyplace where it may be in a draft. It will be happier in a different spot. Love the doggie pics. Thank you for your wonderful quilts and patterns and books and for a great blog!!!!! Jennifer C in IN

  10. That plant is a Peace Lily and they need to be in shade away from the window. Here is what Wiki - says..."Several species are popular indoor houseplants. Spathiphyllum cleans indoor air of many environmental contaminants, including benzene, formaldehyde, and other pollutants.[1][2] It cleans best at one plant per 10 m².[3] It lives best in shade and needs little sunlight to thrive. It is watered approximately once a week. The soil is best left moist but only needs watering if the soil is dry. [4]

    Spathiphyllum is mildly toxic to humans and animals when ingested. [5] [6] The Peace Lily is not a true lily from the Liliaceae family. True lilies, as well as onions and garlic, are much more toxic to cats and dogs. The Peace Lily contains calcium oxalate crystals which can cause skin irritation, burning sensation in the mouth, difficulty swallowing, and nausea."

  11. I'd definitely have to stay OUT of places like that!! The little brown puppy is just too too cute. My son & daughter-in-law went to PetSmart last fall and came home with another dog....even though they already had three at home. The way they love animals it's a good thing they bought an acreage.

  12. While you are watering that peace lily take a scissor to the dead leaves... just cut them down to the top of the pot. When was the last time you gave the plant a little fertilizer too :0)..hey its a living thing too.
    I stay away from stores like Petsmart.....how can you leave the little creatures there?

    I'll stick to my plants.

    Happy Sewing

  13. The fur babies did make me smile. We lost our older westie a couple of weeks ago. She was in kidney failure. We miss her. We still have our younger dog and he loves getting all the attention.

  14. Since my website says that my home is smoke-free and pet-free, DH says no animals.
    They really are cute.


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