Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Two that Won The War ((Generals!))

I’ve got two envelopes ready for addresses! WOW! I was really amazed at the response for the Civil War General panels! This was really fun!

And funny too, since Bingo-Bonnie left the following comment on my facebook:

“Just read your last post and thought at the end you said to be sure and enter a chance to win some C.W. "Pantie"s hahaha”

Remind me next time to NOT be sipping tea when I read things you say!! The word is PANELS! CIVIL WAR PANELS! LOL!

So here we go with our winners!

Winner #1 is TRESSA!

She writes:

“I'm usually not a Civil War reproduction girl but my two oldest girls (ages 10 and 8) have fallen in love with a Union spy named Elizabeth Van Lew who lived in Richmond, Virginia during the Civil War. As we've read about her life and contributions I have learned to admire her selfless acts of service and I love what her headstone reads, "She risked everything that was dear to her - friends, fortune, comfort, health, even life itself - all for one absorbing desire of her heart - that slavery might be abolished and the Union preserved." She made her own cypher and General Grant was ever appreciative of the information she smuggled to him. To remember Miss Van Lew I'm making my girls a Civil War quilt and calling it, "Elizabeth". I would love a panel of the Generals that Miss Van Lew hoped would win the cause she gave everything for. Thanks for chance to win.”

I’ve emailed Tressa to let her know – her email is visible in her settings so I was able to contact her! Tressa, just need your snail mail address and the panel will be on its way to you!

babymichelle 009

Winner #2 is BrendaLou!

She writes:

“My children are direct descendants (on Father's side) of Robert E. Lee and (on my side) of Gen. US Grant. I've been making the blocks from the Civil War Diary Quilt (both books) on a weekly basis for a long time now. I made a Dear Jane in 2001 and one daughter has claimed that for herself. The other daughter asked for a Grant/Lee quilt so that's why I've been doing the CWDQ blocks. I'd so love the panels to complete this quilt!!!!”

I’ve contacted Brenda as well…..wasn’t this FUN!? Like I said, I’ll have to see what ELSE I can dig up and get rid of bless someone else with!

The car is packed…I’m on my way! I’ve packed

  • Trunkshow quilts
  • 7 cases of books
  • bernina machine
  • sew ezi table
  • clear acrylic table top table ((just in case))
  • African quilt parts for Baby Michelle
  • insane piecing project for next book in the pipeline
  • 2 quilts that need the binding stitched down
  • hexagon quilt in progress
  • laptop bag
  • suitcase

Did I forget anything?! I’ve got plenty of books to listen to while on the road. LOVE that. I’m printing out things to see/do in Chatanooga for late this afternoon/evening and tomorrow morning…..it’s 6 hours drive from here, but who knows what antique malls will slow me down on my way!

OH!! And I have to send a special Thank You out to Penny Landrum who sent me these two fabulous piece of African fabric! They arrived just when I got home from Texas!

babymichelle 012

The colors aren’t true….they are NOT this bright yellow..that’s my KITCHEN FLOOR! LOL I was using the phone, taking pictures in the evening with overhead light. But can you see the families holding hands?! AWESOME! I’m going to use parts of this in the border. Not sure what I’ll do yet…but I packed MORE than I need to get the blocks done, and then I’ll start playing!

And I know I’m behind….these are the class photos from Friday’s workshop in Tyler!

And off I go!

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  1. Anonymous8:03 AM EDT

    Have a great trip Bonnie, if you forgot anything it was not important.... Cia


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