Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Evening Edition! Free Kindle/Nook Book--

Book Description:

Song of Renewal received glowing acclaim upon its hardcover release. Now, Emily Sue Harvey has dramatically expanded this extraordinarily touching work to allow us to experience its riches at new levels.

The Wakefields seem to have everything. Garrison is a hugely successful graphic artist. Liza is an active member of the community and a patron of the arts. Their 16-year-old daughter Angel is bright, beautiful, and a gifted dancer. At the same time, though, they have traded away many of their dreams. Garrison gave up a future as an accomplished painter to make money. Liza suspended her own dancing career to raise a family. And Angel is setting aside her ambitions to live her mother’s dream.

When Angel gets into a car accident that kills her first love, the Wakefields’ lives turn on a dime. While Angel lies in a coma from which even the best prognosis is devastating, Garrison and Liza sit by her side, their once-passionate marriage in tatters. As their heartache over Angel builds, Garrison and Liza struggle to rediscover who they once were—and who they were meant to be. They come to realize that it will take everything they have within themselves to heal Angel, heal their hearts, and renew the power of their love.

At once romantic, inspiring, and empowering, Song of Renewal is a rare bauble of a novel, one with something to say to every family.

And these reviews are straight from the Amazon page:

“Thrilling read for all crime and mystery lovers!”– Crystal Book Reviews

“James LePore really knows his stuff. I found myself really pulling for Chris as he struggled with his dilemma, and hoping that he would find the best way to protect his family. I was also pulling for Michele, trusting that she could overcome the life that led her to lose her daughter. If you are into a good thrilling read, then you should definitely check out Sons and Princes by James LePore. You will NOT be disappointed!”– Confessions of a Real Librarian

“LePore is a wonderful storyteller, captivating the reader through his prose…. As the twists and turns develop and the story begins to solidify, you will be shocked by the choices and actions that take place within the novel.”– Books: The Cheapest Vacation You Can Buy

“Lepore had me hooked from the very first line, which is not hard to do when you’re asked to envision body parts showing up in a suitcase…. An absolute must-read!”– The Celebrity CafĂ©

Yup! Already downloaded it and it is ready to go to Alabama with me! The usual advice applies – download it now, or it might not be available later. And check the price before you click BUY – just to be sure it is still free!

Click HERE to get the free book from B&N.

If you haven’t commented on yesterday’s post yet – the giveaway for the civil war panels is still on-going! I’ll draw the two winners Wednesday morning, so there is still time to leave a comment there until I draw!


  1. Hope one day I can come see you when you come to AL. You're gonna be in northern AL & I'm in central part below Sylacauga. Have some great workshops & welcome to Alabama.

    I recently did a mystery at my quild using your Boxy Stars design. I rewrote the instructions & gave out clues over several months. Maybe I'll have some pics from members later, but here's a link to mine.


  2. You are a sweetie
    providing me a link to B&N
    I love reading these free books you've been so sweet to tell us about.
    It has just been downloaded to my Nook.
    Off I go to read this newest.


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