Friday, May 20, 2011

Tennessee Road Trip, Evening Edition!

I love discovering new places! Many people suggested I try the aquarium in Chattanooga, and some other things, but the morning was SO beautiful, all I wanted to do was be outside. I wanted to move my body after sitting in the car all day the day before, and I knew I still had 3 hours to go on my journey to Huntsville, Alabama where I was meeting up with the Heritage Quilters ---

So I got up on the internet and searched for “walking trails” and I hit the Mother Load!

Turns out I was only 6 miles from the Tennessee Riverpark! There are 8 miles of paved trails especially designed for walkers, runners, roller bladers and cyclers…and it was a great way to spend the morning!

tn_al_may2011 088

Isn’t this so peaceful? I love seeing the mountains in the distance!

tn_al_may2011 089

The trails are sidewalk….8 miles worth! I can’t imagine what an undertaking it was to make this beautiful spot for the people to enjoy, but enjoy it they are. There were even school groups doing relay races in the park….moms pushing strollers with babies, people on bikes, you name it!

tn_al_may2011 091

As I got closer to the end where the dam is, I could see the old Cincinnati Southern railroad bridge!

tn_al_may2011 090

It was quite the deal in the day it was made…and the dam is just beyond.

tn_al_may2011 099

The fishermen were out in full force! But it wasn’t just the fishermen enjoying the beautiful weather that fascinated me….it was THESE guys:

tn_al_may2011 102

The Herons!! Can you see them? They almost blended in to the rocks from where I was standing, and I tried to get real close to get better pictures…they were waiting for their chance at the fish of course, and they weren’t happy with me invading their space!

tn_al_may2011 103

They were definitely fun to watch, and when they fly….are they ever graceful!

tn_al_may2011 093

There are a few of them along the water here, and one in the midst of the rocks…really hard to tell they are even there!

tn_al_may2011 104

This guy was a real poser! Perhaps he was the model for this statue that is further down in the park:

tn_al_may2011 107

I enjoyed the time I spent along the river..and didn’t even notice that I was getting a bit sunburned by the time I returned to my car 5.75 miles later…

I left the park and headed on my way toward Huntsville – and by lunchtime I found myself taking an exit at South Pittsburg, TN with two things in mind….Find a post office to mail off the Civil War General panels to their respective winners, and to get a bite to eat!

As I took the exit, I caught a glimpse of this:

tn_al_may2011 122

Oh I love small towns! And let me tell you, the burger and fries could not be beat! I wish I could tell you the same on the cones, but I was so full from the burger that I didn’t have room to TRY the ice cream, but if I ever make it through here again, you can bet it is on the agenda! I ordered at the outside window….and ate on some tables that were outside to the left of the building, just enjoying the day.

The post office in South PIttsburg is as cute as it can be:

tn_al_may2011 116

From what the person behind the counter told me, it has been in business since 1933! And you can tell, just by how things are preserved inside ((Did I ever confess to loving old post offices too?!))

tn_al_may2011 117

These post office boxes are SO COOL! And they are original. I’m told that it is harder and harder to keep them functional as the lock parts become impossible to replace….And can you see that table? It is original too, as is the tile floor!

tn_al_may2011 120

How many people in the past 75+ years have stopped to address their mail here? I just thought this was super cool. Okay. That and the fact that it is the perfect height for a really neat cutting table ;c)

tn_al_may2011 118

I just loved the doors, the original woodwork, and the smell of murphy’s oil soap in the lobby. SO…I’m easily entertained. Who else do you know who takes pictures of post offices on her journeys?! And I’m happy to say that the two packages are winging their way off to Utah and California respectively!

It’s just 8pm here…I’m back from dinner as of a bit ago, and I think I have enough energy to go outside for a bit of a stroll around the area of the hotel to stretch my legs a bit.

Have a great evening, everyone! There will be some more piecing going on in the hotel room tonight!


  1. I loved the vicarious visit to the small town. Personally, I would skip the burger and head right for the cones. I love those burger stand soft ice cream cones.

  2. The floor tile looks like a quilt block

  3. Well, Bonnie, if I'd known you were coming to town I would have baked a cake, bought your lunch and taken you on a tour of our special places in So. Pittsburg! Thoroughly enjoyed the Texas Braid class today in Huntsville and hope to do another class with you someday. Love and best wishes. Gayle

  4. I would have loved to see that post office,
    like a step back in time. Looks like you had
    a wonderful day.

  5. thanks for sharing that lovely post office, i also take pictures of post offices, but that could be because i work for the postal service, so it has a place in my heart. i love that area of tennessee, someday i may be able to move there, but for now i am stuck in florida not too far away.

  6. How gorgeous and stately those herons look. And I also enjoyed the vintage post office. There is a vintage bank in my hometown that has the marble floors and counters and high ceilings. Rich woodwork, too. Your voice practically echoes when you speak. I love it.

  7. The post office is SO pretty!

  8. You find the most amazing places on your travels.

    What exactly is a Dagwood Sandwich?

  9. I love these posts where you share your travels with us.
    give me that small town anyday compared to a city life!
    love that post office, my hometown post office looked like that too!
    love the floor, nice quilt pattern!
    the walk along the river must have been wonderful

  10. ooh! how cool was that post office? and it's great to see where MY package was mailed. thanks again for choosing me for a panel. BrendaLou

  11. Bonnie you're in my hometown right now and my family is from South Pittsburgh. What a small world.

  12. I love your travel posts! You have so much fun and I admire your bravery in "going off the beaten path" when traveling by yourself. That river walk looked like a great way to spend the day.

    Those post office boxes reminded me of the thread cabinet you saw in the antique store a few posts back. And that postal table would make a really great looking sewing room cutting table! But I wouldn't want to cut anything because I'd have to cover it up!

  13. Mountains? More like them thar hills. Girl, you need to travel out west and really see some mountains. Why don't you come visit Montana and catch an eyeful of some beauty. The whole state. I too love post offices, and that one's exceptional! Thanks for the great pics. :)

  14. You're my kind of traveler! I think the most amazing treasures are always found 'off the beaten path'. There is much to be said about taking the road less traveled. Thank you for sharing your road trip discoveries with us. I don't have much opportunity to travel. The ranch keeps us from soing so, but I always look forward to 'seeing' new places when you travel.

  15. I love seeing more of the country and Americana ( a collection of things relating to American history, folklore, or geography.) Its a beautiful country out there that many of us won't ever get to see....thanks for giving us a peek :0).
    Safe travels and Happy Sewing

  16. Beautiful post office....thanks! Your blog postings are so interesting and amusing. We appreciate the time you spend with us.

  17. oh, and look mat the tile floor, what a great quilt block it would make! Claire

  18. Bonnie you sure do have fun in your travels - I just love your spontaneity - thanks so much for sharing.


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