Monday, May 09, 2011

Auntie’s Antics!

It was one of “THOSE” nights.

One of those where I was tucked into bed by about 10:30pm or so, thumbing through quilt magazines, drooling over antique quilts, fabrics, colors, textures, stitches…..and off to dreamland I went--

Only to be rudely awakened by NOTHING AT ALL----No reason, whatsoever ----at 3:45am.

AnnoyedToss, Turn, Toss, Turn, ((If you get up, it’s all over, you know it, don’t you?)) Toss, Turn, Toss, Turn.


I’ve been up since 3:45am. Quilting. At least I’ve been productive, right?

The picture you see above is representative of how I feel as I type this..No, I don’t have a new kitty, but after seeing this guy I wish I did!

So what am I quilting on?? Teehee!!

pineapplecrazy 013

Just quilting through these whacky combos of fabrics makes me giddy! Maybe that is why I couldn’t sleep? The quilt is begging to be finished? Or…it is giving me nightmares? Nope –I’m definitely over the moon for this quilt!

pineapplecrazy 014

See the M&Ms right in the middle? Whooooo!

So the quilting is now done…and I’m ready for a NAP! But before I head off to take one..I wanted to introduce you to someone special to me:


This, Y’all, is Little Miss Elizabeth Caitlynn! She was born just last week to my brother Mike and his wife Nicole, and weighed in at 8lbs 2 oz!! I tell you, she will be ready for pre-school next week! She is that brilliant!

And you can see what stole my heart with this picture, other than that crop of dark dark hair? She is sleeping on the Little Monkey quilt that Auntie Bonnie made for her!


I am assuming this is Mike’s finger in his daughter’s mouth. Why he is doing this, I have no idea..but I assume he washed his hands first!


My handsome brother is already wrapped around his baby daughter’s finger….Isn’t family wonderful?

And now…about that NAP!?


  1. Bonnie, congrats on that little darling! And that quilt you were working on "this morning"? Wonderful!!! I, too, was up at 3 a.m., toss, turn, toss, turn. Got up and sewed! Been awake ever since, now at work, and it's only 11:40 a.m.! I'm going to be in trouble this afternoon when I have to work till 4:30!

  2. Anonymous12:07 PM EDT

    I have that same problem at 3am-ish and can be found many a time sewing at that time of the morning (or night depending on your perspective). The good news is that I work from home so I can sneak a nap in during the day. Congrats on the adorable niece!! -- Andrea Diamond

  3. Six hours of sleep that is all I get, I try to stay up till midnight. Just think of all the girls up at 3:00 am. It takes about 2 hours for me to fall asleep and reading a book does not do it. I confess counting sheep or counting numbers backwards helps. I cross stitch during the wee hours. Congrats on your adorable/beautiful niece. Aunts are very good at spoiling.

  4. Beautiful new, baby niece and one gorgeous Little Monkey! ;)

  5. love the pineapple quilt - hope you're keeping it for you!!!! congrats on being a new auntie.

  6. That is wounderful!!! And you have two beautiful quilts on here, plus a new member of the world club!! And that is one special member! Who, you can tell is so loved already. And she will love her quilt that aunty made for her!!!
    And when you get a moment, take a nap. Oh, and by the way, I have read that if you wake up the way you did, and can't go back to sleep, yes, do get up and do something, don't just lay there. So something till you feel tired again and get back to bed and sleep usually comes.... or the falling asleep on the couch works to, but bed is more comforable!! Nice post!! Thanks Bonnie!!

  7. Fun pineapple quilt! And congrats on your new niece...looks happy on her quilt!

  8. Oh, my goodness. She is SO sweet. And, your quilt is perfect for her. ~LOVELY~


  9. Congrats to you "Auntie" nothing like knowing that a quilt is being loved and well used!
    She is a doll!

  10. Its good to know I am not the only one that sews or quilts at 3am, like you I have spent many a night or early morning tossing and turning and decide the best thing to do is SEW.
    Beautiful baby.

  11. That is the way I like to see baby quilts....with the baby, being used and loved! She is beautiful and your brother looks absolutely smitten!

  12. Congrats Bonnie... she is beautifuL!

    I've been doing that 3am thing lately too :<{ I'm told it's a menapause thing. Like you I just give up and head to the quilting room!


  13. well, I have been accused of making quilts so BRIGHT that no one could sleep soundly under them-maybe that was the trouble? (smile)

    super cute niece! congrats!

  14. What a cutie! And the baby is gorgeous too LOL. Just kidding... both the baby and the quilt look lovely!

  15. she is so cute!! and your brother looks totally besotted.

  16. Wow! I would DEFINITELY answer the call if that sweet quilt was calling me from my quilt cave at night...

    Congrats on the beautiful new niece!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  17. Anonymous9:46 PM EDT

    Beautiful little darling and oh they grow up so quick.
    Love the quilt too.
    Enjoy your little nap.

    Happy stitching

  18. I'll give you a little insight on the finger sucking... A little science and a little experience.

    For the first year of a baby's life, Mom is by far more important than Dad. Babies bond with Mom due to their constant contact with one another.

    Feeding time is one of the most important times for bonding. When a Father's baby grabs his finger and starts sucking, for a very brief moment we experience what you ladies experience.

    It may sound korny, and most guys probably won't admit it, but I will admit, those few moments meant the world to me, with both of my boys.

    The babies figure out pretty quickly that there is no point, so it rarely happens more than a few times, but when it does, it is a kind of precious that is simply indescribable.

    She is beautiful. And The quilt looks great too.

    Take Care,

  19. I read myself to sleep, but I have those nights where I wake up every hour and I get nothing done the next day, too groggy. Beautiful photos of father and daughter.


  20. Your new niece is just adorable. She looks especially good on that lovely quilt;)
    Your pineapple quilt ....so beautiful. Hope you got your nap in.

  21. Little baby ELizabeth is so adorable!!! Congratulations!
    And what a lovely babyquilt! As your pineapple quilt also looks stunning!
    Hope you enjoyed your nap! ;))

  22. Beautiful baby, beautiful quilt. Sorry to hear about the sleeplessness. A small thought for you, when I get up to do stuff in the wee small hours because sleep is hiding I never nap the next day even if I feel like a zombie, I find I sleep like a top the next night.

  23. I love that pineapple quilt too - guess that has to go on my LIST!!! I love the baby too.

    Isn't it amazing what we can get done when we can't sleep!????

    Have a nice nap!!!
    sao in Midlothian, VA

  24. Congrats dear new "Auntie"!
    What a wonderful new life!
    Happy quilting

  25. Congrats on your new niece - she's a cutie!
    Still lovin' your colorful quilt! What an eye popper and people pleaser! Everyone can find a fave fabric in that!


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