Friday, May 13, 2011

Good Morning, Tyler, Texas!

This is a re-post of yesterday morning's post that Blogger deleted while dealing with their "whatever" crisis!

And since it “WAS” morning when I finally arrived at 12:05am --- I can just say that I have never been so glad to have my feet on the GROUND!

There were weather delays, as there often are in Houston this time of the year—Thunderstorms had been moving through for quite some time.

But it seems that weather was not ONLY outside the terminal, but INSIDE as well!

As I made my way through George Bush International from terminal B where my flight from Greensboro, NC landed, on to the tram to take me to terminal A ---the humidity increased and increased, and by the time I got off the tram my glasses were completely fogged!

Seriously. The humidity in terminal A was so thick you could cut it with a knife. And the floor had so much condensation on it you couldn’t hardly walk without slipping – even with running shoes on! It seems the a/c for that terminal was completely down, people were drenching with sweat and fanning themselves, me included! I quickly found a hair scrunchie in my bag to tie my damp hair up to the top of my head in an effort to at least get it off of my neck.

We left Houston about an hour late, but that also made us late for my arrival in Tyler. My poor hostess! When we landed, I got a voicemail from her “Where are you? Are you in the air? Ther is no one here, and no one to ask what happened!” I guess all the gate people at Tyler roll up and go home no natter if there are still in bound flights or not!

tylertx2011 005

This was the clock as I passed through the corridor into the baggage claim area! My fear was that all of the other employees, baggage peeps included, had also gone home and there would be no luggage arrival til morning!

tylertx2011 004

But eventually the belt started running and baggage was claimed and we were all happy to trudge on to whatever beds were waiting for us.

This was UNDOUBTEDLY the scariest flight I have ever been on, and I’d like to consider myself a well seasoned traveler! Big thunder heads everywhere, lighting flashing out of every window lighting up the inside of the plane like daylight….bumpy doesn’t BEGIN to describe this flight!

I was white knuckled on both arm rests, and I can honestly say that I was going through all the faces of everyone I love at that moment, focusing on their faces to get me through this 50 minute flight of terror. We swooped and we swerved, and at times it felt like the back of the plane was going one direction, and the front the other. I also kept my eyes firmly planted on the face of my flight attendant seeing if there was any concern there.

There wasn’t. I figure he has been through it all and worse…

SO here I am in Tyler! What is up for me today?  We’ll start off with a guild meeting lecture this morning, and there is rumor of BBQ for lunch….and some fun stuff planned for the afternoon!

We haven’t had a Show and Share Thursday for a while, and I only have a few minutes before I am being picked up, but I thought I’d add some color to this post ((And help me forget my flight of terror!)) by sharing a couple with you!

This one comes from Grace in PA!

Grace writes:

Hi Bonnie, I just wanted to send you a picture of the quilt top I finished from Last Saturday's workshop.  I took your advice and used orange sashing.  This will probably be donated to Quilts for Kids after it is quilted.  The workshop was fun and I am enjoying the crumbs and maverick stars construction.  I still need practice with the heart.
Thanks, Grace B

What a fun quilt Grace! Thanks for sharing it! I am sure whoever receives this quilt will be thrilled!

Nancy B sent in a picture of her very fun Chunky Churndash!


She writes:

Hi Bonnie!
I just wanted to send you a pic of my completed Chunky Churndash quilt.  It was my very first "Bonnie" quilt!  Almost half of the churndash blocks were from a swap I participated in with a Yahoo Group.  I'm a lover of all quilts scrappy, but don't yet have much of a "stash".  (*Gasp!*  I know, right?)  I had a really hard time finding fabric for the border.  I didn't want to pay full price for fabric, when the theme was to use what you have.  I was browsing some booths at a local trade days, when I ran across the fabric you see in the borders.  I passed it up at first, I mean, after all, what did I need fabric with granny square motifs on it for?  And then it hit me!  It would be perfect to complete my CCD quilt!
Thank you so much for sharing all that you do...you are SUCH a joy!

Nancy, your border fabric is PERFECT!  I know how you feel – but sometimes the only thing that makes my quilt happy is to find something new that makes the old fabrics just sparkle that much more. It’s a happy medium if what I buy new is going directly into a project I already know about and is helping me USE the stuff I already have. It’s a win-win and your quilt is definitely a winner!

Our next quilt top comes from Jeanne D who took my Scrappy Mountains workshop when I was up in CT/NY a few weeks ago! She is really FAST!


I love the streak of lightning setting she choose. This does not look like mountains at all, does it? To do this lay out you have to do all of your blocks as “downhill” only, where the regular layouts come from having some go uphill, and some down.

Thanks for sharing the picture, Jeanne! ((And especially for your understanding words of encouragement!))

I’m being picked up in 10 minutes so I suppose I ought to upload this, grab my stuff and get myself down to the lobby. Y’all have a great Thursday! We’ll catch you on the flip side!


  1. I'm glad you made it safe! It sounds like a very scary flight.

  2. Glad you made it safely... hope there is plenty of a/c wherever you are today!

  3. Have fun in TX, Bonnie! My favorite state to visit. Hoping next winter you'll be in TX the same time as me! Just wanted to let you know if this initiative for quilts for tornado victims: http://bamaboundquilts.blogspot.com/. ~karen

  4. We watched the weather last night and saw a couple of weather systems come across Texas (barely missed us)that was huge..hail and hard rain.. Hope your stay and flight going back is better...

  5. Anonymous11:31 AM EDT

    Sorry to hear about your scary flight! I, too, have had some scary moments in the air and, so, I pray...and pray.....and pray some more :) This is my first comment on this blogger thing Ever!

  6. My 3 yr granddaughter was on a flight like that to Omaha and she won't go in a plane again. She said her tummy hurt so so bad. Half the passengers did not continue the flight I am glad you made it safe. My husband's flight was cancelled.

  7. No air conditioning at the terminal? I guess that was quite an ordeal. Glad that you finally got to your destination safely.
    The quilts you shared were gorgeous.But then who doesn't love to look at quilt pictures?
    Hope that the rest of your trip is easier.

  8. So glad you arrived safely. (Or at least unharmed).
    Love the quilts. I really am going tohave to try those crumbs.

  9. The joys of flying - and they even charge you for all that fun. Could be why I refuse to fly anymore - but I am not you who flys everywhere. I do not know how you do it. Judy C

  10. I enjoy you and your safly post today, and loved the quilts you show. Good job ladies especialy some of them R first quilts. Very talented after clever teacher.
    How can I send you and share my quilt pictures from time to time other than face book?

  11. You should never fly to Germany in the summer! There's no air conditioning anywhere...especially in the airport!

    Oh, and bumpy plane rides are something that I personally love - if only because I'm the person watching everything happen with a huge grin on my face. I'm a helicopter pilot...so bumpy is kind of how my flights usually go!

  12. Considering you only had a few hours sleep last night you were bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning. LOL. Glad you made it in safe and really enjoyed your presentation this morning. Enjoy our beautiful city for the next few days.

  13. I hope this means Blogger is working again! Oh my heck, that flight sounds terrifying. I think I might be renting a car and driving home after that. glad you're safe on the ground. fun quilts!

  14. I think I must be the only one on earth who likes bumpy flights. I consider them to be "free" amusement park rides!


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