Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday that feels like Monday!

Did you have a good weekend? I hope that if you ARE in the US, and were able to use that three day weekend to your best advantage, that you are feeling recharged, energized, refreshed and ready to tackle the world! It’s a short work week! But if it feels short, how come we are scrambling to fit just as much stuff into it?!

It was a total unwind day for me….even though I was busy here in the basement getting caught up on paperwork and website stuff, I still enjoyed a bit of stitching!

momsbirthday 002

The baby quilt for Baby Michelle went into the machine! And it’s a good thing…DH called at lunch time and asked me to join him and Michael, the father-to-be, at a local place for lunch, and I found out that Harriet is being induced on THURSDAY!?? Thursday as in, THIS WEEK Thursday?? Yes. OY! That is unless she goes into labor on her own first…so the rush was on!

momsbirthday 003

The quilting was done, and as it came off the machine, I could really see the quilting texture! All it needed was a bit of trimming and binding…….maybe a couple chick flick movies on Netflix was in order for the evening?

momsbirthday 004

This close up is before binding….and after it was bound, I washed it with TWO color catchers, just in case ANYTHING decided to be runny….I was working with a lot of scraps that had been given to me, and I didn’t wash them all first, it would have been too hard to do it with small pieces. I crossed my fingers, and I held my breath, and I stayed up late just to be sure this thing wouldn’t sit wet in the washer over night!

babymichelle 015

I hung it over the quilting machine rails to dry overnight….this morning I fluffed it in the dryer. NO BLEEDING! ((OH THANK HEAVENS!!))

babymichelle 016

I love how the stitching sinks in and all you get is crinkly texture after washing! LOOK at those colors!! Oh, I used Keryn Emmerson’s “Moon Flower” panto for this quilt…PERFECT!

babymichelle 017

Simply labeled. I have been trying to use up all the old white on white or cream on cream pieces that are left in my stash ((I just really don’t like that stuff and haven’t for years now..it needs to go AWAY!)) as labels. The easiest label ever is to take an 8” square and fold it in half, stitch it into the corner before binding. The binding covers 2 corners, and all I had to stitch down was the fold…

The Quilt Delivery is TONIGHT! We are heading over to Harriet & Michael’s house at 6:30pm. Oh, I hope they like it! who would think I would worry about a quilt being “too” African and not baby-enough?

And..last thought...if a GIRL baby turns out to be a BOY baby...is this too pink? LOL! TOO LATE!

The rest of today will be filled with catching up on mail order and bank stuff and other errands in preparation for my flight to Houston in the morning! EARLY MORNING flight..like…I have to leave the house at 4:15am for my 5:45am boarding time? Urgh.

Okay, Woodlands and Kingwood area Quilters! You should know by now that any time I fly to Texas I’ve got two things on the agenda…..BBQ & Tex Mex! be ready! :cD


  1. I can't imagine anyone NOT loving that wonderfully bright, happy quilt! It's just perfect!!! Sending traveling angels with you to Houston!

  2. Baby quilt is perfect. Love the nifty label idea. I'm with you on the white-on-white, etc., fabrics.

  3. LOVE the quilt! And, if you really want to get rid of the white on white or cream on cream, well, I'm just sayin' - I'd be glad to take it off your hands. :) Welcome to Texas!

  4. I think the quilt will be meet with wonderful reception.I wouldn't doubt there will be tears of joy. Because you took into account who they are. With a newborn there is always the wish to see them grow into the person they become, but to also see them carry the heritage of thier parents. Don't worry, I'm sure they will find the quilt special.

  5. That's a wonderful, colorful quilt any baby would love!

  6. It's beautiful, and I love Keryn Emerson's designs. If Michelle doesn't love it, bring it to Kansas when you come in September! I'll be happy to take it off your hands!!

  7. That quilt just sings Happy - they will love it. You go girl - thanks for keeping us so informed. I travel through you. Judy C

  8. We had a fantastic weekend camping at Waxahachie Creek Park and attending Scarborough Faire. The only thing that could have made it more perfect would have been a little shopping at Common Threads...but I never got the chance.

    Thanks for sharing your cute baby quilt...too fab!

  9. The quilt is SMASHING! I'm sure they will be thrilled with it.

  10. Goodness you are hard on yourself Miss Bonnie!
    It is fantastic and it will be well loved.
    I do hope we get to see a picture of the baby on the quilt :0)...that is my favorite way to get a thank you from the babies parents...how about you?
    What an ingenious label......I'm gonna run with that tip.....I'm sure that saved quite a bit of time and hand stitching.

    Happy sewing and time at home :0)

  11. that is such a fantastic quilt! i love all the bright colours & the quilting is beautiful! i'm sure that quilt will be a treasured family heirloom.

  12. I love the quilt and the panto you did. I'm sure baby Michelle will adore her "blankie" for a long time to come.

  13. The baby quilt is fantastic....and I think it would work beautifully if they get a boy instead....cuz there are plenty of blues and darks....and it's totally FUN! And I love all the texture the quilting gave it! Yay!

    I'm with you on the white-on-whites.....but I've been using them lately, just turned over so the back side shows! It's a really nice effect, cuz you get a kindof shadow of the pattern, but not the yucky plasticky glue print of the front. I've always hated how they look printed on with gluey goop, and it yellows sometimes. Yuck.

  14. What a gorgeous baby quilt! Yaa for no bleeding of the colours.


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