Friday, December 04, 2009

Part 4, Up and Ready!

I know some of you are ready for more sewing, and quite a lot of you are NOT! But remember, it's not a race. Part 4 is ready to roll! You can get to it HERE. It is also linked at the bottom of part 3 :c)

I'm feeling really tired today. No gym today. Just can't do it. I was going to do a yoga class, but after yesterday, I'm so sore I can't move! It wouldn't be a pretty sight.

I am excited! My friend Karen and I are going to go to the "First Friday" Art Gallery tour this evening! I'm meeting her down town at 4:30. Since moving here (almost 2 years ago, can you believe it?) I really haven't had the time to discover all the wonders of Winston Salem. At dinner the other night at the Thai place downtown, she mentioned all that was going on, and I jumped right on it! I don't have to be anywhere else....this sounds like fun!


  1. I love working on the mysterie. I am now busy with the last big triangles of part 2 and than I am off to cut everything for part 3. Thanks for another beautifull mysterie

  2. Send some of your energy this way please!
    I can keep up with the sewing but your social whirl is unreal! I am glad I am a hermit. Family totally understands. They visit...I sew.
    XOXOXO Subee in Indiana
    who is working on the second set of Clue#3.

  3. I hope you had fun at the art show Bonnie! You are such an inspiration.

    Molly in Sumner, WA

  4. It's fun to see part 4 is ready, even though I still have a few more blocks to sew for part 2!!! Am loving this mystery and I'm working very scrappy in (mostly) recycled shirts. Thanks Bonnie for doing this when your life is so busy, busy :)

  5. Friday was a BLAST! Glad you got to experience First Friday (finally!) Mooney's Mediterranean was way good...I'm wishing I had some left-overs tonight. Next time we'll try Sweet Potatoes or Rana Loco. So many good choices for downtown dining!

  6. I'm one of the READY ones. (for the next step that is ) NOT for the next gym class. =-P But I think it is extremely admirable for ANYONE with your schedule to ALSO need or WANT to work out. CRAZY >-)
    HAVe fun in AZ and be safe.
    We will be anxiously awaiting your arrival. Thanks for everything, you ARE the bestest.

  7. I cannot wait until I'm on holidays Bonnie - I'm going to have a crack at this mystery quilt. I love love love how it's shaping up!


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