Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Where's Bonnie?!

She's back in NC!

I got back Sunday evening from visiting the Crossroads Quilt Guild in Perry, GA. Had an absolutely FABULOUS time!

I know you think the travel has got to be killing me,but you know what? It isn't! I might not have as much time to post as I did before, but when I can drive...I find that very relaxing. Me and books on MP3, a couple antique malls to get my wiggles out and break up a long drive, and I'm a happy camper!

This time I was able to go through Augusta and had a fun lunch with Siobhan of Scraps & Thread Tales. We hit an antique Mall there, and I bought the cutest little Sew Handy by Singer....with the box in tact! It was so fun to see her, even for an hour or so.

And Sio, I didn't come back through Augusta...I went 75 to 85 instead, so I didn't make it back to get that red cabinet with the drawers...if you still want it, it's yours! *LOL* Atlanta isn't too bad to navigate around on a Sunday morning, and going that way meant I avoided all the little tiny towns and stops along the way. Besides...their antique malls were closed on a Sunday! :cD Thanks for the wonderful lunch, the batik tote bag and the gorgeous china inside! It's already in my hutch, and i'm going to USE it!

I quilted and quilted in the evenings while enjoying my time with Angelia and her hubby. We laughed and laughed, went out for Vietnamese food, BBQ....what a wonderful time.

I am nearly done with the center of the "Love in The Barn Door" quilt....then the outer border is all that's left to go, but not sure what I want to do there yet.

You can see...in the center of my hoop...the SMALL area that needs to be filled in...almost there!

I'm using wool batting in this one, wow..I love how that needles. I remember Gwen Marston saying when we had lunch in Fl with her, Tonya and I, that she didn't like wool because it beards. Maybe so....but it sure needles better than cotton, and it doesn't get the little fleckies of batting pulling through on the thread like quilter's dream cotton does either. So what's a quilter to do? It's not something that will be heavily washed or used..so I think it's going to be less likely to beard.

Besides...it was scraps of batting that needed a purpose, and using them in this cleared them out :c)

Here's a close up of what I was doing in the pieced borders before I got the center done as far as it is.

And this little ditty! I finished this one on the plane to Idaho, and the binding and sleeve are done.....finished that while watching The Biggest Loser finale a week ago :c)

Today? Jared Takes A Wife goes ON the machine. I need it quilted and bound before the Quilter's Unlimited show at the Dulles Expo center in June. That's my goal for today...get it mounted in the machine,and start the quilting.

But FIRST..I'm off to the gym!


  1. Welcome home Bonnie. I don't know how you do all the traveling, eating out AND stay thin. I can't wait to see your Jared. The little quilt is adorable.

  2. Love all your work Bonnie, I have learned such a lot from your tutorials. Those bright colours are fantastic!

  3. You are so good about going to the gym! It was great seeing you last week. Glad you got home OK! As much as I love that red dresser I have no space at all...there are two dressers in the garage..Dh would kill me...but it would made a great cutting table wouldn't it?!

  4. I came to leave a comment....and here you are answering my blogging dilema.....how to change my setting so "no reply" doesn't show up when people try to respond to my comment. YOU ARE THE HERO OF THE DAY!!!!!
    I am a new quilt blogger...I felt like a blogger "stalker", so I figured I better start a blog of my own. :)
    Your site inspires me....keep up the great work!

  5. Wow! That Sew Handy machine is exactly like the one my mom bought me about 50 years ago. I made lots of doll clothes on it :-) I still have it, and the box is in good shape, too.
    Linda in Southern Illinois

  6. Glad you're back home safe and sound. While I couldn't stand to travel as much as you do, I'm glad you enjoy it. The quilts are lovely!

  7. Love your little quilts with their pretty blacks stitches that add such texture. Fun to work on these while you are on the go! Good for you! I need to go to the gym with you!

  8. Just want you to know that I'm living vicariously... I don't get the chance to get to many antique malls... sounds wonderful! The quilts are great... the Jared takes a wife quilt is good... I really love the colors!

  9. Wow! you got a lot done!!! I'm loving your quilts!!!

  10. I love browsing the antique malls looking for good vintage quilts. TTFN ~ Marydon

  11. OMG, Bonnie! Love in the Barn Door?? I have to make this. What a perfect idea for me. Can I please steal the design? Please, please? My frint porch must have this exact thing as a welcome wall hanging!

  12. HI Bonnie,
    I got your book today and I am so thrilled to have it. I also am working on the Trip around the World quilt right now from your site.
    This probably sounds like a dumb question but I had to
    really think how to join the tube in the Trip around the World pattern. I think I have figured out to join the sides rather than joining the selvage ends together. Occasionally I am spatially challenged and this is an example of this. Have I got this correct? The rest of the instructions are very clear.
    Your new little sewing machine is really charming.
    I bet you and Sio had a terrific time together. I enjoy reading both your blogs so much.

  13. I sure missed you while you were one!

  14. Bonnie, are you finding that you get smaller stiches with the wool batting? We talked about this when you visited us in NW PA. I am still not done with that yellow background/scrappy "tea leaves" quilt. But the wool batting gives me small stiches and easy needling. I love it, just wish the quilt was done!
    P.S. We have added a horse to our animal menagerie, the girls are thrilled!

  15. Wow, your machine is so cute.
    Nice to have you home.

  16. Love love love the teeny tiny Singer hon, I have one just like it :-)
    The hand quilting is just beautiful, I just don't know how you get so much done!

  17. Sounds like you've settled in to a nice little routine of travel, exercise, shopping and your usual high level of quilting. I have a little Sew Handy machine just like that, they're the CUTEST! Welcome home.

  18. I love the hand quilting Bonnie.You are so prolific! I have recently returned to hand quilting and I'm loving it. Do you ever use a stand for your hoops??


  19. is there a free place to download books? Can they be downloaded to an iPod Touch? What were some of our favorite books?


  20. "love" the hand quilting on the love quilt!

  21. that little quilt you finished is so fun - good to see a bunch of mismatched blocks! Love how your Barn Door quilt is coming along - beautiful. I've been hearing lots of praise for wool batting, even from folks who are also allergic to it. I might just have to try it one of these days.

  22. Oh my goodness Bonnie, I have the same Singer Sew Handy in tan, in the box with the original instructions. My Mom gave it to me for my 7th birthday and we won't say what year that was. I read somewhere that they are worth $250.
    If you don't mind me asking how much you paid for it.


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