Sunday, July 08, 2007

Hello, Tom Tom!

On the 24th of July I'll be making a trip to Pickens SC to give a scrap quilt lecture and trunk show to the Upcountry Quilters Guild.

I'm enjoying my little jaunts around the south east very much! I'm seeing country and towns I've never seen before, and what could be better than meeting up with a group of quilters?

Because I am traveling to new places, it's easy to get lost, so I have just purchased a TomTom to keep me company :c)

Anyone else have one of these? I'd love to hear about your experiences with it! I ordered mine off of amazon, it seemed to be the most reasonable price and the shipping was not expensive..cheaper than paying sales tax on it here.

I've been quilting away over here, and listening to books on CD that I picked up at the library. I just finished Jame's Patterson's "5th Horseman" (good mystery,suspense) and am now listening to Fern Michaels' "Fool Me Once" A bit lighter listening, but so far very good!

Of course I have another book on CD going on in my car...I'm listening to Susan Grafton's "R is for Ricochet". I don't watch a lot of TV, but I sure like to listen to books!

I'm definately not as blue as I was. Things will work out. I am thankful for your friendship and support and kind words and for telling me to buck up and just keep doing what I'm doing. I've also had email telling me I shouldn't air my personal life and problems in such a public forum. Go figure! I'm not forcing anyone to read my blog....I just want to say things how I feel them.

If I'm having a blue day, I'm not going to lie about it. If I'm having a happy day, I'm going to talk about it. If my kids are in trouble, I may air that too, (Jason totalled his pickup last week...uuughhhh) and it is all a part of who I am.

Now I think I'll get back to quilting. I have a friend willing to go to guild meeting with me tomorrow night to give me some backbone :c) I have quilts to deliver and I'm not going to let the other people who WANT me there down. One bad apple isn't going to spoil the whole bunch.



  1. Good for you, Bonnie! Sounds like the right attitude all around to me!

  2. That sounds better! You quit -- she wins!

    I have the Garmin c340 and I love it! I get so lost and am totally confident with it. I drove to Louisiana a couple of weeks ago by myself -- something I would never have done without the Garmin. I think you'll love it and feel so much more confident with it.

    Just don't leave it in your car when you get out. I hear they're a really hot item for thieves right now.

  3. You go girl! I am glad you are less blue today. I am also glad you are honest about how you are feeling:)

    Tracy in Virginia

  4. I'm sorry you are having such a hard time. I don't understand why some people can only feel good about themselves by bringing other people down. My friend Jan and I always look at each other and say "I just don't get people". That makes us laugh and we feel better. :-D

  5. I think blogs are exactly the place for us to air our feelings. Yours was the first blog that I ever read and I would hate for you to change just because of one cranky person!

  6. My friend here in the UK has a TomTom she could get lost going to the toilet so it's THE best thing she's ever bought. As to the email about not airing your feelings on your blog - the simple answer is similar to the one I give when I tell people to use the off button if they don't like a programme on the tv - she shouldn't read it then!!!

  7. Oh good, you're going to the guild meeting. It seemed like a shame to let one uggy person drive you out of that. You will weather the meeting! I'm so clueless somebody mentioned Tom Tom to me and I had no idea what they were talking about. Now thanks to your blog I know :-).

  8. I need one of those Tom Tom things! I can miss something that's right in front of me. And, I quite enjoy when you share things that are going on in your life. I wouldn't want to read your blog every day if you only ever wrote "I stitched x,y,z together today". :)

  9. My mother always said, "Have a stiff upper lip!" That was her way to say go about with courage.

    Now did she know I had a bottom lip that quivered and quaked like a chicken lip?

    If she did, she never let on.

    You do wonderful work, you just can't be responsible for everyone and everybody ALL the time girl.

  10. Anonymous8:45 AM EDT

    ohhhhhh, I need one of those Tom Tom's. Personally I get lost in a closet. Have a lovely adventure.

  11. No Tom Tom, but sue grafton may be my FAVORITE author... (I am reading backwards, but glad you feel better... I too am feeling better...)

  12. good for you, Bonnie. Hold your head up high and don't let one person ruin things for you. You should be proud of your work- I know I'm always amazed at what you do- it is lovely!
    As for the Tom Tom...I could use one of those on a long trip. I'm know for hitting the wrong state- and no, please don't ask! *smile*
    keep blogging- where else can we be honest and share our feelings? Your among friends and we commiserate and cheer you on.

  13. Bonnie, DH had been drooling over the GPS unit at Costco (a Magellan I think) so before we left on vacation last week I encouraged him to get it. It was a lot of fun and very helpful. On the way home DH let the gas get too low and I was able to search for a nearby gas station that was easy on and off the freeway. It also gave us a great back road route to one destination that we would have never figured out, even with the map. (and boy you have a lot of friends named Karen!!!)

  14. Bonnie I'm so glad that you are not going to let one sour person keep you from your guild and your passion. I marvel at your quilting on your blog and just love the patterns you come up with for using scraps etc.

    I don't have a Tom Tom but my new car came with a navigation system and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Before I got this car I used to print out directions from Mapquest and if I was driving alone I found myself looking at the directions more often than the road. Now my nav lady tells me where to go and when :) Just a side note, a friend of mine has a Tom Tom and she changed the voice to John Cleese's voice and she says it is just hysterical!

    And finally, blogs are web logs, online journals....where else can you put into words what is going on in your life? Keep on posting whatever you want to post! We have all gotten to know you because you post so many wonderful things on your blog and if you are having a bad day you should be able to share it here and we will supposrt you as much as we can :) HUGS!

  15. I have a tomtom and just love it. But don;t leave it in your car and when you attach it to the window also carry some paper and windowcleaner with you as the tend to break in your car when they see a mark on your window from the tomtom as they guess it is still in your car.

  16. Anonymous1:39 PM EDT

    Hi, Bonnie:

    I love my TomTom. With a set of yellow pages in a strange city, you can find all the antique malls and quilt shops very easily. The only problem I've found is when I make a final turn, Tom Tom says "you have reached your destination", I'm surrounded by shopping centers, and can't see the shop I'm looking for. It's happened a few times, but I can deal. Good luck and let me know how you like it!

    Connie in PA

  17. I have TomTom in my phone. It's great, allthou it really doesn't have all of the roads and sometimes it gives wrong directions. Pay attention to the trafficsigns, don't obey TomTom all the way. Atleast my gps calculates really fast a new route, if I decide to turn other way or miss the intersection or whatever.

  18. Anonymous3:01 PM EDT

    Hi Bonnie, I read your blog here in UK because I find it amusing, inspiring and motivating. Thank you.

    As for what should and shouldn't be on a blog...........that is your decision. No one is forced to read it and frankly if they don't like it, they can click in the little box with a X!! If it makes you feel better, write what you like! I do!!!

  19. Let's put all the negative people from our various guilds in a room and let them snivel each other to pieces! Some of those people, if you challenged them to say something nice, would just shrivel up like an old apple. Life's too short . . . tell 'em to buzz off!
    Just read the positive comments! The great majority just loves you!

  20. You have done 2 quilts for me over the years and they are beyond wonderful. I so much enjoy reading your blog and seeing the quilts you are making. I know it's hard, but I hope you will talk back to the person who is talking about you. I have found that if I can get up the nerve to confront them, so they know I know what they are saying, that it isn't any fun for them to talk about me anymore, so eventually they stop.

    You have a gazillion more friends than those stupid biddies. Majority rules!

  21. I sure get sick of people trying to tell other people what they should do, how they should act, what they can and can't say, etc. Geez! I don't think they're getting the whole point of having a blog.....


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