Monday, July 02, 2007

Monday Morning, up with the birds!

I've been trying to balance everything around here so I have some time to sit and piece. I find that even if I am home machine quilting for others, if I run it like a 9-5 business, that leaves the early morning hours or the later evening hours for me to work on my own projects. I don't know how other longarm quilters do it, but this is what works for me. Of course, sometimes you have to push the evening hours so you can mail out that customer quilt the next day, and it doesn't always work that you get the piecing time you need to make progress on your own projects..but even 15 minutes of sitting at the machine is SO calming for me. Soul centering.

I'm sure that other people have their own ways to center their souls. For my mom, it's her garden. She has the most wonderful garden I have ever seen. I am amazed at what she can do, but I must have skipped those genes. The only plants and flowers I like to work with are printed on my fabric :c)

Some people find that taking some time to read a book, or to spend some time in the kitchen cooking up something special can take them out of their work-a-day world and center their souls. What works for you? I'm interested in what you all do to make sure you don't land in that rut that makes you feel like your life is on auto pilot, and you are just another cog in the machine of life!

Another thing I like to do is get out and walk/jog with the dogs (one or both!) early in the morning. Usually I'm out by 6:15 am. It's the only way to beat the heat and humidity here in SC. This morning I am not out. Guess who chewed my running shoe?!(&*@#($*&(*&! So shoe shopping is on my list today too...

I always heard the song "You gotta stop and smell the roses" when I was growing up. I guess I never understood what that meant until I reached this half way point in my life and see that I have pushed and pushed and pushed and missed those roses because there were more pressing things on my plate.

Over the weekend I took time to cut my plaid star struck strip pairs (say plaid star struck strip pairs three times fast! *LOL*) into 4.5" subcuts. They are now ready to add the quickie corner triangles. I chose a red bias plaid print I have had in my stash for eons, and I think it's going to be great to accent these plaids. I will double sew them so I have a gadzillion little bonus 1/2 sq triangles to use in another project.

Also to use in another project....anything from the strips that was too short to cut another 4.5" section got trimmed into 2.5" sections, and I made a pile of 4 patches with these! Nothing went to waste. The bare minimum of slivers is all that ended up in my trashcan.

It's now 7:45 and I have until 9am to work on this before the real work schedule takes over. I hope everyone has a great week, and remember to take some time out to center your soul with something for YOU!



  1. Nice progress. I preach the 15 minutes now to follow my own advice. It helps me especially when I don't feel in the mood to sew. Sometimes it puts me in the mood!

    Gotta crate that puppy dog....or all your treasures and shoes!!

  2. I try to get up early and go walking too!! I also, like you, love to do just a little sewing everyday.

    I am going to love this quilt that you are making. How is the music quilt coming?

  3. My sister's puppy did this for quite a while and nothing ever stayed on the floor because she would chew it to bits! If the kids forgot, their shoes bit the dust!

    Pieces are looking good!@

  4. I'm a hand-work person, so I need my handwork to center myself. Sometimes it's hand piecing or applique, but I also knit and spin.

    Love those plaids!

  5. I love to get up early and do some stitchery or hand quilting before anyone get up here - maybe with the radio on and a cup of tea or coffee on the side. It is my Well of Peace hour :-)

  6. Anonymous1:15 PM EDT

    Hi, I recently found your blog and your webpages and find your work very inspiring. Like you I have to do some handwork each day to keep from going crazy... when everything is running smoothly, I have a little bit of time in the morning to sew or knit or experiment. Sometimes it gets pushed to the evening, but I find it is one of the things really necessary for my peace of mind!

  7. I think for most quilters, centering your soul involves sewing of some type -- either machine piecing, or hand applique, or hand quilting, or whatever their favorite. I can reach the relaxation point with anything related to quilting - sometimes just reading a quilt magazine or going through a favorite quilt book.

  8. Anonymous10:13 PM EDT

    I sew each day and on my days I work, I knit on my lunch hour.

  9. Walking, traveling, reading, and quilting are the things that make me happy and content. Unfortuately I don't always balance them well.

    I need to spend more time outside walking. I miss the really long hikes from last year when I was training to do the 3 day Breast Cancer Walk.

  10. I love your quilts, Bonnie. Your "quilt mentoring" has been such an encouragement to me.

    At one time, gardening/landscaping satisfied my need for creating and being centered. When I worked outside my home, I depended on the daily walk to clear the cobwebs and bring calmness.

    Now with age, I am not able to do much of either. I have re-discovered quilting and really depend on it...planning, cutting, piecing, quilting...to give that sense of peace and relaxation. Of course, I believe that real peace comes only from God, but I also believe that he uses these kinds of activities, especially for women, to fulfill that need for creativity and "togetherness" in ones being.

    Do stop to smell the roses--that's why they are there. :-)


  11. I just noticed that you have more than one Linda writing to you. The above blog is from me and I'll call myself: Lindah :-)

  12. For me, it is time playing with my fabrics. Cutting, sewing, even ironing. All of them help to remind me I am human and that I am meant to enjoy this crazy thing we call life. A tie would be reading. But you are right, it is too easy to get caught up in the work-a-day world and forget to take time to center yourself!

  13. Some days, being in my garden, or reading a book, or going for a bike ride can center my soul, but I the days that I am really stressed, nothing calms me like sitting down to doing some piecing.

  14. Usually it's handwork that helps me get centered. Sewing of almost any kind is always beneficial though!

  15. I"m dying to see your star struck with these plaids! This is going to be wonderful!


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