Thursday, July 19, 2007

It Came!

My new license plate finally arrived!

When I got my new Saturn Vue in April, my old PT QLTR plate from my PT Cruiser just didn't fit anymore. I started telling people that the PT stood for PART TIME or PONY TAIL or PRETTY TALL or PIECED TOGETHER...but it just didn't fit the car.

A few weeks ago when Jason went to get his SC license, he brought me back an application for a new plate from the DMV. I guess HE thought it was time that I did something about the mis matched plate too.

I decided to be a generic QLTVLLE and it will go on any vehicle I have in the future. :c)

It's funny though..just when you think you are the only one...I went on Etsy to register myself as QUILTVILLE and someone had already taken that name! Kind of floored me. It's not like I OWN the word or anything, it's just that I've used it for the past 12 years and am used to being Bonnie from Quiltville. I wonder if other people get her confused with me?

That said, there IS another Bonnie Hunter out there who is also a quilter, and I have gotten her mail! She is up in Maine somewhere I believe. It is a small world!

Yesterday was crazy. I had massage clients back to back from 2pm until 7:45pm last night. There was NO quilting time for me yesterday evening! I got home, had dinner, went to bed without even checking email.

This afternoon will be much the same,but I do think there will be some time for hand work in between a couple of clients so I should finish the binding on the star struck. I'm working on borders for the pineapple blossom, using all the cut off bonus triangles in the border. I'm shooting for having a TOP to show at the trunk show I'm doing on Tuesday in Pickens SC.

Oh...Tom Tom is a hoot! DH and I both like the British lady's voice. We've named her Victoria. ;c) "take the motorway" sounds so much better than "take the interstate". ;c)



  1. Love the plate --- totally you... I'd pick you out of a crowd...

  2. The plate looks great! I recently got the vanity tag that I have been wanting for years MDQLTR (Maryland Quilter) and then last week my license plate frame came as well (all are pictured on my sidebar of my blog)

    Of course yesterday at work someone asked me if it stood for Mad Quilter.....LOL....could be..hehehe

    Good luck with getting everything done for your shows!

  3. I passed on a Tennessee vanity plate - but my license plate frame proudly proclaims "I'd rather be quilting" And there's only ONE Bonnie Hunter from Quiltville - never fear!!

  4. I started laughing when I saw your plates. I love the plateholder the most. Regardless of the copycats, YOU are Quiltville.

  5. What a perfect plate for you!! Love it! I've had more personalized plates than generic ones...probably because the first few were specific to the car they were on. My latest one (think I've had it for 4 years now) is about me, not the car, so it was easy to move it over to the car I got two weeks ago. How is your pig latin? My plate is ARENKAY. :-)

  6. Love the plates...especially since it is SC plates.

  7. the other bonnie hunter...i borrowed a book from the maine guild and she had taken it out before me...LOL....love your two new quilts, simply scrappy-licious!

  8. I LOVE your new license plate!

  9. There's another woman with my name who quilts, too. She does some terrific stuff.


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