Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Under Foot!

Well here we are at Wednesday! I'm not sure where this week is going....it's just going fast.

It's been quietly uneventful here, which is very nice. Just my usual routine of quilting when I am not doing massage or quilting for others. I reconfirmed to myself that no matter how much I like being out around people and doing things with others, sometimes I really cherish the quiet time at home alone to reflect, unwind, decompress, create, rest, restore.

Last night I had dinner at Charlotte's and we both did some hand work while watching some TV and visiting with our kids. I've got one side of binding left on the plaid star struck to go.

I met up with Sally at a quilt shop in Lexington yesterday for a bit of stash enhancement and lunch at the Crab Shack. FUN! I don't do that often enough I think. Just take off in the middle of the day to do something that wasn't on the work roster. I need to do more of that. I bought a couple half yards and one fat quarter. Both 1/2 yards are light backgrounds, and the FQ was a cheddar I didn't have. I feel justified in these purchases. I've been using up lots of lights the past few quilts, and some replenishing was in order.

Working a bit each day (maybe an hour before starting my regular work day) I've been able to get 36 pineapple blossom blocks pieced. Here they are laid out on the floor...and I have decided to sash them to make the quilt a bit bigger. I like the "churn dash" that appears at the block corners when they are put together with sashing. I have a couple quilts from other people that I will take to the workshop with me as well that have different layouts and border treatments. It will give people some options on how to set theirs. It is perfectly all right to let the blocks speak to you differently than they do to me!

I've got 3 of my 4 beasts under foot today. Sadie still has to be watched so she doesn't chew the bindings off of ever quilt she comes in contact with. Buddy is 7 years old and such a mellow fellow I never imagined what a challenge it would be to train a new dog with just ONE bad habit! And of course Oscar is always around wherever I am, finding a corner to curl up and take a nap!



  1. LOL! Your pets look like they are putting on their best behavior for the camera.

    I love the secondary pattern that emerges with the sashing. The churn dash on one side, and a star on the opposite! It would also look cool with a dark cornerstone in the middle of the "stars".

    Happy stitching!

  2. Sadie just has that naughty look about her. I love the quilt Bonnie, Kathy B. and I did one much like that as a Debbie Caffrey mystery and I'll bet your technique is easier than hers!

  3. The background of your home page is amazing! Do you own that quilt? I actually was wishing I could view a larger chunk of it.

    Saw mention of your name/blog in the newest issue of Quiltmaker that arrived today. They didn't say much -- just mentioned quilt blogging and your site. Will there be more chit-chat of your site and blogging in another issue? You deserve more recognition for all you've done for the quilt community.

    Quiltmaker came to our guild and presented a trunk show and talked about publishing a quilt magazine. It was the BEST program we ever had.

    Keep your eye on that chewer -- she looks sneaky!

  4. Sadie might have only one bad habit, but it's a helluva bad one!
    My son's dog Mac has an absolute passion for batting and his friend's pup eats scraps of fabric with great enthusiasm. It's nice they show an interest....

  5. Your quilt is wonderful...my scrappy ones seem so blah in comparison. Great pictures of your babies....what do you do with Sadie when you're gone. She does look full of mischief.

  6. Those pinaple blocks are fantastic and the secondary pattern really adds to it. Your "babies" are adorable -- as for the one bad habit, what a habit to have!

  7. I once did dome restoration on a quilt for a friend when her husband's labador chewed the middle block clear out! (Picture queen size quilt with a 12-inch moth whole in the middle!)

    I think a binding may be easier to replace!

  8. Sadie is such a cutie though. Hopefully she'll grow out of this. Oscar loves you so much - just wants to spend time with you. Glad you're getting some social quilting time - you deserving the stash enhancement!

  9. That quilt is just so cheering!

  10. the pinepple blossom quilt is great. I had to go to your website and see the pattern and the samples. I already have a lot of pieces cut the first 2 sizes from another project so I'm ready to go.


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