Thursday, July 26, 2007

To Pickens & Back!

I had the most wonderful time with the trunk show and lecture in Pickens SC!!

I left here around 3:15 pm...car fully loaded, and the TomTom programed to take me where I'd never been before. I love this thing. The "Victoria" voice is so friendly, it is like having someone's sweet auntie telling you where to go..*hehe* And it works! I ended up right where I was supposed to meet everyone, at Tony's Italian restaurant with about 7 minutes to spare!

A whole group of ladies showed up to share dinner with me, Including an internet friend that I'd emailed back and forth with for at least the past 5 years or so, but had never met in person! Joan Parker brought her lovely daughters (and they are quilters too!) and joined us for dinner and for the trunk show. Joan is a fantastic quilter, and can you believe this was her first guild meeting EVER?! I hope it isn't her last. She has so much to offer :c)

I think if Joan and I had been in school together (we are close to the same age) we would have been the ones in trouble for giggling in the back of the room. And giggling at the silliest things! You know how something can hit you funny when normally it wouldn't?

I mean no disrespect for anyone in the Pickens guild who reads my blog, this is meant in the kindest most fun way! During the business meeting, it was announced that a member with the name of "Cookie Bar" was going to be in charge of this that or the other. And I thought it was the cutest name, and I started to giggle! Then Joan joined in....and we were so terrible! And now every time I think of the name Cookie Bar, I am jealous that I don't have a name that makes people smile. :c)

This morning I died laughing when Joan sent me an email saying she she had changed her name to MERCEDES PARKER! *LOL* And guess what? I get to be known as BARGAIN HUNTER. Oh thanks. She gets the hoidy toidy cute name and I get to be the goodwill girl ;c) But I guess it is better than being called Bounty Hunter or Head Hunter. But maybe if I was Bounty Hunter I could have the kind of life Stephanie Plum does in the Janet Ivanovich Novels :c)

After the meeting I was treated like a queen and stayed at a guild member's lovely home out in the woods. Thanks Paige! It was a real treat to meet everyone, and I have a chance to meet them all again at the Quilter's of South Carolina state guild retreat in October. I'm looking forward to it!



  1. What fun! Wish I'd been there .. makes me want to gather at Guild again. Isn't it fun when we can just laugh and be girls again, and not have to think "someone may be watching"!

    Thanks for the post and photos. 8-)

  2. ahhhh much better to choose your own nickname as an adult then live with the one classmates give you in public school :-)

  3. I'm jealous - wish I could have been there for all of that! Glad the trip went smoothly and you are enjoying the trunk shows. Not sure if I told you, but I love that header pic - very inspiring.

  4. Trunk show? With all those quilts you need to do a Truck Show! Pretty soon, you'll need a semi-truck to haul your goods around. Wish I'd been there to see it all.

  5. Bonnie, please tell me Joan has a blog!!!! I've been
    "watching" her quilting for years on eBay and even bought a table runner top that one of her daughters made.

    I would so enjoy it if she had a blog - I bet she's got lots of interesting stories to tell, even how her daughters started to become quilters!

  6. Oh I just want to jump into that pile of quilts on those chairs! Which one is on the middle chair, very bottom quilt. It looks like maybe red and chrome yellow?

  7. It's difficult to tell on here actually who benefitted most from your trunk show - the licky ladies who got to see it or you presenting it - you sound like you had a ball - I so wish you'd come over to England and talk to our group - guess we'd have to win the lottery to afford your travel expenses!

  8. Sorry that should read lucky! duh...

  9. Perhaps the lucky ladies were licking their lips at Bonnie's great quilts??

  10. Bonnie, hearing your name always makes me smile. I know that wonderful quilts and a sharing disposition are associated with it! I just finished Lean Mean Thirteen and it had me laughing out loud in several chapters.


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