Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Room To Spare!

Oh man, I love Target! :cD

I did find a shoe cubby thing...this one is bigger with more cubbies and a different brand than the one I had before, But I'm not that big into matchy matchy, you know me! It was on sale too $39.99..$10 off. The new one is on the bottom, the old one is on the top.

I drug it home...cursed when I found the electric screwdriver was not charged, and proceeded with the neanderthal arm-strong screwdriver to put the thing together. It went pretty slickly.

I moved the previous unit out from the corner of the room where it was kind of behind the computer...and moved it to the other end of the cabinets for easy access. I ditched LOTS of old pantos because I didn't want them anymore. I'm talking about the original ones that came with the machine, ones from Norma Sharp that were like comforter patterns? The kind that go great with big puffy poly batting :cÞ I ditched some other stuff I knew i'd never use. I know I should offer these to someone, but I really don't want to be bothered to mail them to anyone, unless you can pick them up from me by thursday when the trash guys come! And believe me..they are ones that just don't work well.

Some of them look good on paper..but the lines are so close together that there is no way to hand guide them that intricately and be right on. They just don't quilt up nice. There has to be room for error and variation in pantos, and if the lines are too close together chances are you will get them crossing each other and I hate that.

I now feel so much better than I did just a couple hours ago. I can see the difference it makes to my room. Easy access....less to wade through. I've got them organized by style...so feather designs, leaf designs, flower designs, star designs, etc...that is easier for me than doing them by name because half the time I can't remember what the pattern is called...just that one with the "squiggles" or "doo dads" You know? :c)

My arms also feel more rested having given them a couple hours of not massaging and not quilting. So tonight....the machine may be humming!


PS....I just went through a stack of old magazines and removed the pages that I want to keep. Will add those to page protectors in my inspiration binders. The rest....trash-ola!!! Cleaning something always makes me feel so much better! When my life is too cluttered emotionally...cleaning something physically just seems to be the ticket to help work things out!


  1. I would have loved your cast off pantos but alas I don't live anywhere near you. Love the houses.

  2. I'm usually exhausted just reading about how busy your life is Bonnie, so I can understand how you would get tired living it!
    Here's hoping you can find some balance - it's not an easy thing for any of us.

  3. sorting and simplifying clears my mind too :-) Hope you're able to enjoy the evening...

  4. excellent idea for organizing!!

    I and understand the PS part....I too am in the same emotional spot, need to declutter my material life to feel a better balance in my emotional side!

  5. I'm so glad to hear you say that about pantographs that are so dense that they're impossible to quilt accurately. I do a lot of pantographs so I consider myself pretty good at them but I've got at least a couple that I won't bother to use for that reason.

  6. Oooh. I like your shoe thingy for panto storage. I might have to visit Target tomorrow. Thanks for sharing your solution.

  7. I am on a clean and toss binge here, too. The great thing about tossing is removing things you know don't work, and preventing another person from going through the same frustrations you did. I am all for passing things on, but some things need to be destroyed!
    I just went through a ton of magazines, many good ones that inspired me over the years, but have done their job for me, are now in the hands of other quilters.

  8. Tossing is so liberating...don't you think?! I've been doing a lot of tossing and reorganizing in my sewing room. Sure feels good!

  9. I can relate to the calm and peace brought by 'lightening the load'. Great post... your organizational skills are admirable.

  10. Good job Bonnie! Love the pantograph storage. And your comment about Target reminded me that I miss that store!! When I visited my daughter in Florida we went there a few times. We just vacationed in Michigan recently and I wanted to go to a Target but we ran out of time (my husband was with me and took me to 6 quilt shops so I couldn't overdo it you know LOL). I will go next time I'm in the States. I was just on my way upstairs to start ogranizing my sewing room! Must be something in the air LOL. I'm on a binge to cut strips and have bought 4 plastic drawer units at yard sales in the past few weeks...organization, here we come. Don't get too stressed out with the unfinished tops...they'll sit til you get inspiration.

    Jacqui in Canada

  11. Great storage idea, always great to feel organized, Tracey

  12. I have been cleaning out stuff too for almost a year, it feels great. I go through old magazines too, and cut out what I want and glue stick them to pages to put in binders. Takes up less space which means more room for fabric. Not that I have bunches of that, I think I have bought less than 10 yards so far this year. Been shopping only my stash, and doing scrappy quilts and QAL's all year long to use it up.


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