Saturday, July 21, 2007

Binding Finished!

I finished the binding on the plaid star struck last night while watching CSI Miami. Reruns are good for that,you don't even have to look up to see what is going on ;c)

I love how home-spunny this quilt looks. And tickled with how much it used up!

I also had a few hours last evening since I was in between customer quilts..(next one goes on today)to put the pineapple blossom on! This one has 36 blocks set 6X6 with sashings. It turned out to be a really good size with the borders added, and the border used up nearly all the bonus triangle squares that came from the piecing of this quilt!

The binding is on, so is a hanging sleeve (good way to rid yourself of yet another 1/2 yard of fabric from the stash!) and I'll be starting on hand stitching the binding down in between massage clients today. I have a 10am, and an 11:15 am...and then nothing until 2pm....so there are a couple hours for binding in there, along with some lunch.

I also have to show you the nifty I got from TAZZIE!! She is selling cute little quilty things on Etsy and I fell in love with this piecer's mat she made! It is wonderful! It has pockets in the front, flannel panel in the center to hold your block pieces, and it is pieced in the cutest prints! The back has a non-slip surface. Here i have it placed under my sewing machine so I can put my goodies and notions in the pockets. It will be great to taking to the dear jane workshops I've started up again to finally push to get that pink/brown thing done! Check out her Etsy Store HERE!

I'm using the next couple hours before I leave to load that customer quilt and get it started so I can work on it some more this afternoon when I get home from massage....I just don't know what I'd do if I had more time on my hands! :cD



  1. YOU have been one busy gal! These are great quilts! and your new banner is also wonderful!

    I have a quilt, almost ready to go, and I want to try that baptist fan. I think I'll have to actually DRAW it on the back (domestic machine here) and do it from the back - front is a L.C - would be hard to see!

    Love your your fans turned out on this homespunny project.

  2. As always your quilts are lovely. I wish I could join you for the ironing/trimming party for all of those 1/2 square triangles -- can't wait to see what they become!

  3. You get more done than anyone I know! The quilts are all gorgeous, as always. The piecers mat is clever, too!

  4. Congrats on two great finishes. Both beautiful. Particularly love how you used the bonus triangles in the border :)

  5. The plaid star struck is so nice Bonnie - and the piecer's mat was a good idea. I love your scrap quilts and you do a big job sharing them with us
    Solvi in Norway

  6. Ohh ohh two quilts ready. you are amazing my friend:-) .. I love the star struck so much.

  7. I get tired just reading your post! The quilts look great...as usual :)

  8. Hello, I have been in the shadows. I am so overjoyed with your creations. Very skilled hands and mind dear one.
    I will create a piecer's mat for my self. Great idea!

  9. boy, oh boy that Jeff sure knows how to pick out the perfect boarder fabric!!! That purple is PerrrrrrFECT! and what I think is the most awesome thing about that boarder is all of those HST's!!! They look great!

    I know these are your bonus ones and not made with your wondercut ruler - but would love to hear from you on if or not the wondercut ruler is "worth it" or a ruler I could live without??? Just currious on if you use it alot or not?

    I got another 10 star struck blocks done tonight for my block lotto! :) I really hope I win this month!!! ~Bonnie in SE Texas

  10. Love your new header!! I live in Chapin!


    I discovered you by reading links from other sights, that's why I never get anything done!! Keep up your good work!

  11. A piecers mat. What a great idea!

  12. Everything is looking so good. Great finishes on the quilts!

  13. Anonymous8:25 PM EDT

    Both quilts are gorgeous. I love the homely feel of the star one and I ADORE the triangle border on the pineapple. Wonderful quilts :-)

  14. I really love how this softened up when you quilted it. That always amazes me, how the whole look changes after quilting

  15. Your new star struck is wonderful! I have to make one of those soon! It is awesome!


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