Thursday, July 26, 2007

Antique Eye Candy

I love the solid red "stretched star" that appears in this 4 patch "jewel box" variation (or buckeye beauty type) quilt! Another one of those "WHO SAYS!?" quilts that I love to use as an example when someone tells me you should not use solids in reproduction quilts because they will just "read as flat".

Can you see me thumbing my nose?! I love solid red! I love solids. I mix solids and prints...no one is going to tell me I can't and I've got history on my side to prove how effective it is :c)

I also never get tired of 4 patches or 9 patches. They are just timeless and fun!



  1. I have to agree -- this one is an abvsolute beauty!

  2. I love that quilt!

    BTW There are quite a few "new" "modern" quilters that are using solids a lot - they are inspired by Fun Quilts & Denyse Schmidt.

    I recently did a quilt that was all solids...

  3. That quilt is a beauty! The red hits just the right note with all the other colors.

  4. "should not use solids in reproduction quilts because they will just "read as flat".
    I would love to know who said that? many older quilts and new reproductions use solids. Look at American Patchwork and Quilting 2/2007 issue with Darlene Zimmermans quilt on the cover. LOL.

  5. BEautiful quilt-- I can just see it on a porch swing...

  6. Thanks for sharing that lovely quilt.

    I use solids in some of my work and like you, I could care less what some others say you should and shouldn't do. It's my quilt!

  7. You can never go wrong with red!

    Pretty quilt...and would be so easy.

  8. This is a stunner, Bonnie!
    I am one who usually stays away from solids, but in 15 minutes this morning, I've seen two beautiful quilts that will have me reconsidering...yours, and Kathy's over at Pink Chalk Studio.

  9. Why would anyone say you shouldn't use solids in repro quilts? Quiltmakers in times past used solids. Heck, they used everything!

    Just another of those quilt police rules I guess. Makes no sense to me.

  10. If it looks good - go for it. Rules are made to be broken.

  11. Great quilt Bonnie, I can just see you making that one ala Quiltville!
    It's stunning! Hugs, Finn

  12. Myra Mae McFarland5:15 PM EDT

    I love The Exquisite, which is the name I knew for that block. When I added solids (yes, solids, I like them, too) in the triangles, I always thought of it as Squashed Stars. LOL This variation with the 4-patches is eye-catching and a fantastic scrap user-upper.


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