Saturday, June 02, 2007

Quilting Fool :cD

I've been at it all day. This quilt has driven me to distraction. I feel the need to get it together as soon as possible so the other ladies and I can have as much opportunity to sell tickets for it as possible. The fall bazaar is in November, and that is when the winning ticket will be drawn.

But in the mean time, there are lots of functions that we can take the quilt to, and give other people the chance to win this quilt for $1.00 too!

In a bit over a week I'm traveling to speak at the Mountain Piecemaker's Guild in Burnsville, NC. I really think this quilt needs to come with me as part of my demo of the "Scrap User's System" don't you? :cD The only fabrics in this quilt that were yardage and not scraps are the blue star points, the red/black half square triangles, black setting triangles, and the red and blue border fabrics. The lights were all 2" and 3.5" strips, and all the jewel tones were 2" strips, all from the pre-cut scrap bins.

However...EVERYTHING came from stash! Even the backing! So I am feeling quite righteous with this quilt going together the way it has. Of course, this again proves that I have just too much fabric. :cÞ

I used the "Fay Feathers" Panto, sticking with my original thought that I still need to simplify my life and still get the job done. The quilt was SO busy, and I really wasn't wanting to outline in every 1.5" square in this thing. I used verigated thread because no matter what one color I could have chosen, it was going to contrast against most everything, and I didn't want white or cream over the whole thing...

For those asking, Yes, this pattern will go up on my website as soon as time allows. I'll also have a way for you to purchase tickets as the time gets closer. I was thinking of setting it up with paypal..has anyone done that? I'm not sure the percentage they would take or if it would be worth it. Other wise, I think sending a check for the tickets and including a self-addressed-stamped-envelope with your check would work just fine and that way I can return the ticket stubs to you.

But for now...it's onto the binding/hanging sleeve/label. And I'm still thinking of a name for this thing? So far the only thing that sticks is Stars & Ladders.



  1. OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! It is GORGEOUS! Oh Bonnie, you have outdone yourself with this! I just love it in real life! Heck I loved it on paper, but this is so beautiful! OK, how many thousands of dollars do you think I can come up with to buy tickets!

    Stars and Ladders is good. I think for your site.

    Didn't you say this was for a church or something? So for the raffle how about something like:
    Stairway to the Heavens?
    Heavenly Stars?
    Heaven's Beauty?

  2. Bonnie, the quilt is absolutely beautiful. The fact that it is all from stash -- wow.

    You said this was inspired by your church's stained glass windows (I think)-- what about "Stained Glass Stars?" or if you want to include the ladder reference "Ladder to the Stars"?

  3. Anonymous1:58 AM EDT

    I can use Paypal, can i buy tickets from France ? The quilt is so beautiful!!!

  4. Beautiful! Are you feeling better today?

  5. If you don't accept creditcards they don't charge you for a percentage at paypal.
    But can we also take a ticket when we are overseas?

  6. Anonymous6:04 AM EDT

    I'm glad your tooth operation was a success. Another success - this quilt!!!! To be honest I wasn't too sure of the red/black combo in the beginning (not my fave colours) but now it's all finished - W O W!!!!! This would be very happy on my bed LOL.

  7. Ohhh Bonnie, it's just gorgeous! You are just amazing. I hope the quilting has kept your mind of your sore teeth/jaw.

  8. Love the quilt! I'm sure it will be a successful fund raiser. Thanks for showing the quilting. I get inspired from looking at other people's machine quilting! You are so generous with your pattern creations, thank you. I may not post comments often but I do read. Keep well!

  9. Anonymous8:42 AM EDT

    I like stairway to Heaven since it is for the church.
    You ALWAYS do great things with your scraps. I want to grow up and be just like you. LOL

    Dawn in MA
    PS> be sure to let us know how to buy tickets. I am certainly interested.

  10. Bonnie, it's gorgeous!! I definitely want tickets. I bought tickets for another opportunity quilt not long ago through Paypal. I'm not sure how they worked it out on the other end but I think it was ok, very convenient for me. I'd even be willing to pay extra to make up the difference.
    I can't wait for the pattern for this one to go on your website. I really like it a lot.

  11. the quilt has turned out beautifully. Being one for more fanciful names I'd go with something like "Heaven's Galaxy" or such, but Stars and Ladders works too. Hope you sell lots of tickets. :-)

  12. Bonnie it is absolutely gorgeous...I love Stairway to Heaven...the quilting is spectacular.

  13. The qyuilt turned out nicely. How about Catherdral Stars. You certainly have been working hard on this quilt to get it completed so quickly.

  14. Wow, you are amazing, once it all laid out, it just pops! Wonderful job! I love your site, you are really inspirational for me :D Your quilting looks beautiful as well.

  15. Looks great Bonnie!!!! I'll be in for some tickets too....

  16. This quilt turned out beautifully. I like the effect of a pantograph on such a busy quilt -- personally I think it sets it off that much more. Great job -- and definitely a quilt I'll put on my list to do.

  17. It's looking wonderful Bonnie - as for a name why not include the word Trinity as they were so keen on this particular pattern as they were under the impression it is based on the Trinity Windows

  18. Bonnie - your work is amazing. Take a bow, you have earned it.

    I have a question, if you have a moment to answer. In the photo where the quilt is on the frame - I see that the border is blue fabric, however, there seems to be white fabric possibly pinned over the blue border. This peaked my curiosity. Please enlighten this curious quilter....

  19. That quilt is just stunningly beautiful.. I'm sure you will sell lots and lots of tickets.

  20. It's beautiful Bonnie, how great that it's all from stash too. I can't wait to buy some raffle tickets myself.

    I'm quilting a rather bland top of my Aunt's today and using Fay Feathers on it too which is dressing it up nicely.

  21. Anonymous11:32 PM EDT

    When I recently moved...my friends complained about all my fabrics and scrap bins. This is the reason I save this stuff!! This quilt is GORGEOUS, Bonnie!!!

    Lori in VA

  22. I can't believe you did this beautiful work while dealing with a sore jaw! If I quilt with pain meds in my systme I am lucky not to sew my fingers to the quilt!!!

    This is beautiful. They are very lucky to have you join their church!

  23. Anonymous7:10 AM EDT

    Your productivity is simply amazing. And this is right after dental surgery? I'd like to see what kind of work you do when you're feeling 100%! This quilt is just stunning.

  24. Wow this quilt is great! I am amazed at how quickly you get these quilts together. Of course if I were to sew more and piddle less I would probably accomplish more!

  25. It's gorgeous and i'm sure it will make heaps of money! I like Stained Glass Stars (another one who is stunned by how much you manage to do).

  26. I keep seeing sparkling jewels...just love those jewel tones and how they light up the quilt. Job very well done. You must sew like the wind!

    I will have to make one of these quilts at some point...just too pretty to not do one!


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