Thursday, June 07, 2007

Putting It Back Together...

Thanks all for the sympathy (and letting me whine!) about my computer woes! Through this all, I've learned many things. Don't save all your saved emails in your email program! Open a folder in your documents and save it there. This way if email crashes, those needed files will still be accessible.

I still haven't uploaded all my programs, but will do that as I need them I guess. Time for computer dinking around has been short,so right now it's bare bones for me.

I got my stitches out from the oral surgery today. THANK HEAVENS! They were kind of itching me,and my tongue couldn't leave them alone...you know how it goes? So...everything is looking good in the tooth department.

My fun news is that I received THIS book in the mail! I thought...huhhh? I knew I didn't order it! But it turns out that a customer I quilted for had her quilt appear in this book, and she was kind enough to name me as the quilter! How cool is that? I'll have to scan her quilt pic so I can show you which one it is. She did a great job on it. It is on page 45..Stars Over Tuscon...by Sherall Donovan.

I'm running to dinner with my son Jason and his girlfriend...and his girlfriend's mother. (Hi Charlotte!) Charolotte is a quilter too! That is another fun thing for today :c)



  1. sounds like your computer woes are a good reason to read email on the web and leave them on a server somewhere... Glad your mouth is healing...

  2. Well how fun is that! Can't wait to see the scanned pic of the quilt you quilted. Have a nice dinner!

  3. Sooo glad you are up and running -- uh sort of. Also, that the tooth is going along OK. Everything is almost back in order!

    What a great gift, and how thoughtful that customer was.

  4. Glad to hear you are up and running again. Scary. Good luck getting it all sorted. hurrah for having a quilt you worked on in a book - very cool.

  5. Jolly computers! They are great when they work! Sorry about the disaster but well done on (kinda) getting your quilt in a book and that your mouth is better, Regards, Tracey

  6. just completed a week without the computer and now we are learning to love one another again : )
    My new computer with Vista is not as endearing as my old Sony Vaio but we are learning to at least like each other.
    Good point about the email. Thanks.
    Hope all is well Bonnie. Wish you were still close enough to stop over for a visit


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