Friday, June 01, 2007

Little Swollen, but not bad.....

Yesterday was my dreaded oral surgery for the extraction/bone graft/implant...

It wasn't as bad as I feared. Actually I would choose this over having my cervix frozen any day! Someone said that after 40 it's patch patch patch,and they are so RIGHT!

I came home, took pain meds and slept most of the day.....I woke up after 5pm! My face is a bit swollen...my upper lip and to the right of my nose, hard to smile, but other than that, not a lot of pain, just some discomfort. So it should even get better from here. I'm so glad I had it done and didn't wait to do it later. I'm on soft foods for at least a week. Maybe I'll lose some weight? I doubt it...the soft foods include ice cream! (good for swelling too)

Last night I sat and watched TV and finished the binding and the sleeve on my Shirt Tails quilt. I took pics this morning. I really like how this one turned out...even the back! Several years ago I received a quilt top for machine quilting that was too fragile to quilt, but the pattern was sooo cool I had to replicate it before sending it back. It was for a large star that made a 4 block quilt. Well, you know how it goes, I only got two done and I never got back to it. So I decided that these two large blocks were going to go on the back of this quilt. I think I like the back as much as the front and it sure makes things interesting!Again, this one was perfect for the baptist fans.

I'm taking it easy still today and through the weekend per docs orders....

Oh, and while I was taking quilt pics, I snapped a shot of Jeff's car....



  1. Love those big stars on the back! Hope you have a speedy recovery!

  2. Love the stars on the quilt. The fans are neat on it.

    The car is cute...bet he's really proud.

    Take care and yes, ice cream is a necessity recovering from oral surgery.

  3. Glad to read that you are well! The quilts look lovely! I do hope he treats Bonnie kindly! lol I'm also one to name my cars. Take care of yourself!

  4. Hi Bonnie, so happy that the oral surgery went well and that it is behind you. Best choice, given your youthful age!
    I do love the Shirt Tails quilt..very much like an orphan block top...and the back is great too.I really like that top row of stars(?), can't remember what it's called? Help? Hugs, Finn

  5. I've had my share of root canals, but hopefully can stay away from any implants. Yuck! Get well soon!

    The quilt is great and love the back. That star block is so unusual, I've never seen it before.

  6. ouch ouch ouch. Godiva Dark Chocolate Ice Cream is the best ever. I soooo love this quilt. Please please please don't give it away, keep it for yourself. It's fantastic and the back is wonderful too.

  7. Glad you've come through it okay - hope you're back to normal soon - keep taking the ice cream, purely for medicinal purposes you understand :o) Those stars on the back are almost nicer than the front and that takes some doing!

  8. Lovely quilt--the fans are just the thing Bonnie.

    Hope your tooth is OK fast--eat more ice cream for bone growth!!

  9. I'm glad you're not feeling too bad. I love how this quilt turned out - front and back and the fans are just perfect for it.

  10. Those fans really do set off this quilt. Love the back AND the front. Here's to a speedy recovery!

  11. Oh it turned out wonderful! And of course the fans look great! BUT - those blocks on the back are way too cool! So how did you get the triangle in the triagle? That is really fun looking!

  12. I love the backing as much as the front! My type of quilt!

  13. Anonymous10:12 PM EDT

    Your work is amazing --wish you lived at Pawleys Island -- I'd love to ' pick your brain ' !!
    Helen Faulstich

  14. Anonymous3:46 PM EDT

    A friend sent me this post and I know its a few years too late, but I commisurate with your frozen parts.....I am four weeks out of a Cryoablation and I think I will never feel right again.....and I was supposed to be find the very next day...the pamphlet said so! So much pain for so very long and now it still doesn't feel right or normal...what was I thinking? Freezing the inside of my uterus? I am also a quilter, just in case you wondered what or how I found you.....haven't felt like sewing either.....gotta shrug this thing soon!



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