Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bonnie Does Burnsville ! :c)

Hey everyone! I am resurfacing after a wonderful trip to Burnsville for a lecture/trunkshow. Yes, you know how nervous I was before going..I just want to let you know what a wonderful time it turned out to be!

I met up with Fran and another guild member (sorry, can't remember her name!) at Bellagio's Bistro outside of Ashville. It was a wonderful cozy place and we had a great meal and got to know each other a bit better. Just before getting to Bellagios, it had started to pour and hail! Luckily by the time we were done with dinner, it had cleared up. The air smelled so clean and fresh.

From there it was about a 45 minute drive up into the mountains of western NC to Burnsville! The ride was very scenic up in the Blue Ridge. Lots of old barns, old country churches and church yards....just beautiful.

We got to the town center and unloaded everything. I had brought my lil red wagon to help haul the bundles of quilts. You know, quilts are HEAVY when they are all full to king size? The wagon made it easy to wheel from the car to the room where the guild met. I'm glad I brought it.

I met so many wonderful ladies..the show and tell was fabulous! They had also spent the month of may working on quilts for project linus. You can see all the quilts lining the walls....they are all so great and will be loved by the children who receive them.

I need to confess to something. When I am nervous, I ramble! To make things worse, I left my note cards at home on the computer desk, so I was flying blind as far as my lecture went. I'm afraid I jumped around a bit! But I had enough to talk about with scrap organization and how it works for me, the methods I use for piecing with leaders/enders, and showing quilts and answering questions, that we filled up more than my designated hour :c) I know where I need to slim down for the next time I travel to do this, and where to explain things a bit better. It's a lecture in progress, and I learned a lot!

Most of all I learned that quilters are wonderful anywhere you go!

Thanks to Fran and the Mountain Piecemaker's Guild of Burnsville, NC for inviting me!



  1. bonnie, heard you were a rousing success; didn't doubt for a moment that you would be; wish i had been there


  2. Don't you know...you were supposed to leave those notecards at home! They were merely a study help and a mind organizer. I'm certain that you were most interesting with your approach!!! Looks like a lovely display of passion, Bonnie! Hurray for you!

    (Love the wagon...ala Little Tikes?!)

  3. Sounds like a great talk! I love looking at your quilts, so in person would be a real treat!

  4. I'm sure it was wonderful...well attended and appreciated. Looks like you handled it all well and didn't need your note cards anyway. I'm sure you're being hard on yourself and you are the only one who thought you rambled!

  5. It is great you are able to share your wonderful quilts with others...I bet those women came home inspired to get some sewing done!

  6. OK, once I got past the image left in my mind by your post title...I was glad to read the lecture went well. Doesn't surprise me at all because there's a reason you have such a following on the web - great information and beautiful quilts.

  7. Anonymous6:14 PM EDT

    I'm sure everybody enjoyed it. You do such great work!

    One time I was teaching a machine mastery class and I rambled and some might have thought I didn't own the machine I was teaching. Afterwards everybody gave me a great review and I was asked to teach again:)

  8. I knew it would be wonderful! I could never get enough at looking at your quilts!

  9. wished I could have made it to the quilt show I would love to see some of you quilts close up...pleased it all went well for you.....


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