Saturday, June 16, 2007

Quilted Reasonings....

The donation quilt has been passed off to "the committee" so they can start selling tickets. I wanted to get a good photo shot of the quilt with the binding and sleeve and label completed, but there is plenty time to do that yet. It was so rainy yesterday that I didn't dare do it.

Now that that is off my plate......we all know how empty plates don't stay empty for long! My choir director and canon organist is getting married in October. I have this wonderful music fabric just calling to me to be used in a quilt for him and his soon to be wife. I don't know her very well, and I don't know her tastes....so hopefully she won't go "ewww" and decide what I come up with just doesn't fit her decorating scheme, you know?

I had toyed with the idea of a signature quilt, where the choir members can sign, but I thought maybe I would do that with a panel on the back....

I pulled the yardage to get me started on the color scheme. The music prints are black with gold music notes and treble/bass clefs, etc...the neutral music print is very antiquey looking. Both have a bit of gold sparkle to them and look classy. I have another antiquey paisly print. I wanted a 3rd color because I didn't want a black/neutral quilt. I thought green would be nice! I haven't made a green quilt in a while, so it would help use some stuff.

You can tell by the piles that I have a bin of neutral 2" strips, and a small pile of green 2" strips. I need more! And they need to be in the right shade of green....not too blue, not too yellow...I want them to blend with the one inspirational green piece of yardage I pulled out. So, I'm going to go through my FQs and cut more 2" strips.

This is the block I played with in Block base! I like it because I can strip piece the 4 patch units easily....the pieces are easily rotary cut, and I can do quick corners on the rectangles for the star points. I was thinking of using the black fabric with the music notes for all the star points to add some uniformity. It just LOOKS like a masculine quilt, doesn't it? My hardest part is how/where to use the sheet music fabric. It might look funny when I go to cut it. Will have to see.

Here is a pic of the quilt layout I drew in EQ5. I'm thrilled with it. The quilt doesn't have to be done til Oct..so I can work on it a bit at a time in small moments and have plenty of time to get it quilted.

Even though this quilt started by pulling yardage for inspiration, I can still work my scraps in. Working with yardage also is going to make NEW scraps to work into my bins as I trim leftovers down and feed them wherever I need them to go.



  1. if the star points are going to be black, then what about using the musical notes for those big pieces radiating from the stars (the darkest fabric in this block)? Seems like with a small print that you want to show off, larger pieces are better.

    and/or musical notes for a wide border?

  2. My suggestion--use the music fabric for the outer ring of sashings of the quilt and use a shade lighter fabric for the rest of the sashings. and a shade lighter than that for the block 3 1/2 by 2 inch neutral pieces, giving an interior grid to the quilt.
    This would feature the fabric without overwhelming the quilt.
    I love the green and neutral scheme.

  3. WOW!! That is going to be magnificant!!!!!! You have such a gift.

  4. Anonymous8:31 PM EDT

    That looks fantastic!! I can't wait to see it started. Don't you just love it how the more projects you make, the more scraps you have?! Sometimes I think I get more excited about the scraps than the quilt I'm working on! LOL!! Keep up the great work Bonnie - you keep us inspired!
    Leanne in Australia

  5. Wow Bonnie, you're just amazing! I love the quilt you've designed, and the fabric choices are wonderful. It's going to be a sensational gift!

  6. Anonymous9:20 PM EDT

    Bonnie, just a thought here. Perhaps the center square coule be music if the star points around it were done in gold. Love the design! Gypsy Quilter

  7. I agree with nettie above. Using the cream music fabric for the longer pieces around the fourpatch would make a soft grid in the overall scheme.
    Whatever you decide the colours will carry this quilt, they're so dramatic and masculine.

  8. I love how it looks! I made a black, cream and green quilt once and it was gorgeous.

  9. I have used some of that before for a musical BIl and friends and believe me, it hardly matters about the pattern, they just go ape for stuff with music on it!
    But this will be great, nice early planning too! Tracey

  10. What a lovely thought - those musical fabrics will just make it so special to them

  11. I love the music fabric and the colors, and I'm sure both of them will too.
    If your adorable Oscar ever wants to vacation somewhere cooler than NC, send him to visit me in WI, my Cassie would be glad to show him around all the great tight spots in my sewing room too.

  12. Hey Bonnie:

    Just a suggestion...use the music note fabric for the binding, cut on the bias. I just posted my lemon braid quilt on my blog recently and I did that quilt for my husband. I used similar music note fabric for the binding of that quilt because he is one of our Church organists :-). It turned out really neat, especially with a black outer border...your quilt would probably work with a black border too. Scroll down to the last picture and click on it for a closer up picture. If it's not clear enough, let me know and I'll send you a closeup picture of the binding. Hope this helps. Have fun with the quilt!

    Jacqui in Canada


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