Tuesday, October 11, 2016

When the Universe Says SLOW DOWN!

How many times do I have to be hit on the head to make me realize --- YOU ARE GOING TOO FAST!?!

It’s like the famous Simon & Garfunkle tune:

Slow down, you move to fast.
You gotta make the moments last
Just trippin’ down the cobblestones,
Lookin’ for fun and feelin’ GROOVY!

Only This time the words go:

Slow down, you move too fast
From first order until the last
Signing and stuffing and press-to-seal-
Just do what you can, and keep feeling GROOVY!

I’ve pushed it so hard the past two days and run into a couple of things that have had me sitting on the floor, surrounded by envelopes and laughing out loud.  Good thing I’m not crying, right?

The Essential Triangle Tool is backordered until FEBRUARY on Amazon.
I ordered 2,000 and was only sent 1,500.  More are in production.

Orders are coming in like crazy, and things will STAY in pre-order status with orders going out in the order in which they were received until ALL are out.  I am asking for patience.

I tried ordering more from Checker Distributors. They are ALSO out.

This is a GOOD BAD thing.  And again, I’m laughing.

At the end of the day we are talking quilting here.  QUILTS.  It's not a life or death situation, so please bear with me and know I am doing all I can.


Yesterday’s 12 hours of order fulfillment.

The post office was closed yesterday.  And I laughed.  I ran out of tubs, and started filling orders in boxes, thinking I’d get more tubs this morning.


At the post office this morning at 8:30am!

We filled TWO of these large carts with 16 tubs full of orders.  They are on their way to you.

But there were no more extra tubs to be had, so I have to wait with yesterday’s orders-in-boxes to get more tubs off the truck this afternoon so I can get them dropped off today as well.

For those asking why I don’t do “mail pick up” : Books are sent media mail because they are so heavy.  Priority mail on heavy boxes of books would run your shipping cost way up.  Postal “pick up” at my address doesn’t include media mail.  So since I’m going to have to drop the media mail off at the post office anyway, why not take everything and be done with it instead of leaving it sitting on my front porch?

And I love the girls who work there, Sherry and Aspen held the door for me today and we chatted and laughed while all of this was coming out of the back of Moby and into the post office back room.


Last night’s reward.

Heath Klondike bar.  YUMMY!

I love that these are “portion controlled” because if I had a whole TUB of ice cream I likely would have eaten the whole thing!

This morning I awoke to find that the internet was down, which is why this post is coming at you a bit later than normal.  

What do girls do when they can’t fill orders because they can’t mark them “shipped” and send notifications on the shop invoice page as they go?


Clean the plasticware cupboard!

Someone please tell me why I have all these lids with no bottoms, and all these bottoms without lids?  In the trash they go.

And of course, once they are gone, their counter-parts will show up.  Isn’t that the way it goes?

For those asking about Quilt-Cam.  No time for it now.  I am literally filling book orders 12 hours a day.  I can't do Quilt-Cam right now.  But there are always archives under the Quilt-Cam tab at the top of the blog.  Thanks for understanding that too.

Now that the internet is back up, I can post this and get back to the dining room.  There are more book orders waiting!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

I find it hard to create when I am stressed out or feeling pressured. It's times like these when I need to take a long walk, pet the fabric, and work my way back into creativity.

Do you feel this way too?

This is the civil war era quilt that inspired my block and quilt Idaho Square Dance. And I am giggling out loud because voice-to-text wanted to type Idaho SquarePants!

Happy Tuesday, everyone.  You know where to find me.

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  1. Some moments are "laugh or cry" moments - it's always better if we can laugh! Isn't it great to be busy and be able to do what you love? I'm thankful for it every day. And I also totally understand the stress, especially doing it all with not much help. Hope you have a great day! Give Sadie and Emmy Lou a good petting - then you will all feel better - lol!

  2. Stay Calm and Fill(orders) On! Have a productive day, as you said, it is not life or death. I'm still working on tumblers!

  3. I guess that is the problem when you take pre-orders.... people get impatient and you get stressed trying to please everyone. Definitely slow down and take time to "smell the roses". Take your walk with Sadie and relax. We will all have to wait! The weather is beautiful here today... cool and sunny! Love it!

  4. I am so glad you look for and find the humor in things. And, that you share it with us. Square pants indeed! Please keep reminding us that you are doing the best you can with the circumstances you have been given.

    I can see why you felt you had to make that block. It has such an interesting look in that antique quilt.

    I have been hand sewing this summer and fall. Hexies and EPP have gotten a strong hold on me. But I am starting to transition back to machine work in preparation for the mystery. Like everyone I still have loads of other projects to complete. And now that the weather has turned, as much as it does, here in North Florida, I will be able to use what I finish.

    And the ideas in my head! They are all scrappy!

    You've been through this process before so you know the best way to tackle it. Please do find the things to laugh about along the way. And pet the fabric and Sadie and Emmy Lou. As always we appreciate all that you do. Be sure to capture the ideas that bubble up as you work hard. We will love to see them when they can be shared. Same with Quilt Cam.

    Donna in Florida

    PS: I have been checking where Wallburg is in North Carolina to be sure you weren't caught in the flooding, and you seem to be okay. Whew.

  5. The sky is not going to fall, Chicken Little, because a book or a ruler takes a few more weeks, or even a month to arrive!!!
    Take a walk, pack what you can, take them to whichever post place is best for you. I don't believe that there is anyone, anywhere in the quilting world thinks that you are sitting with your feet up, although perhaps you should be!
    We all have a selfish interest in preserving your health Bonnie, GGGG

  6. BreathešŸ˜Š Hope you can take a break and go pet some fabric...make a few string blocks. As you said, this is quilting and we will play with the tools whenever we get them. Hopefully everyone else will also breathe and give you some time.

  7. @HelenMarie I can't let other people's impatience upset my apple cart. A Pre-Order is just that. You place your order, and wait for it. If someone is going to be impatient about it, I'd rather they just wait until the Pre-Order status is lifted and then place their order. If they are going to hound me about it, please don't order at all. Even AMAZON is out! :)

  8. No pressure Bonnie. I can wait. It's fun to have something to look forward to.
    Blessings, Linda

  9. It is a cool, crisp, clear morning in PA. Hope it is like that in NC. Take your time and try not to feel too stressed. Take that walk with Sadie. Those orders will get completed. There are many who love you, your inspiration, and your sharing nature to be patient. I will be ordering mine in the next go round. I know you'll get there. Peace and blessings.

  10. I hope this does not sound like I am happy you have troubles...but, I must say, You are always an inspiration to me...So, as you handle this, I am realizing we all have troubles and no sense "blaming". Laughing at ourselves is still a good way to be humble, and learn our limitations. Thanks for always being a good example. <3

  11. I had a good laugh yesterday when I received an email stating that my order had been shipped and then read on your blog that the post office wasn't open to receive the orders. Fun to think that my order is in that stack you just dropped off at the post office though. Thanks for all you do to keep us in stitches... literally and with your sense of humor!

  12. When life serves you lemons, make LEMONADE!! When I come to those moments all I can do is laugh. Crying gets you nowhere. Have a great day!!!

  13. Sadie needs walking. Quilters have plenty of works-in-progress that can keep them occupied. Breathe deeply,Sweetie. You are loved

  14. When the creative bug isn't biting, I grab my totes of strips and start using them up to mindlessly make blocks that I can later use for borders! We all need to do some time at the sewing machine on those type of days! Take a break and hit the strips and phone book pages! We love what you do for us and you do it with a smile. Take care of yourself.

  15. Thanks for all you do Bonnie. Try to take time for that walk. You deserve it. Lisa

  16. Bonnie, you rock. And your Square Pants rock, too. Big hugs, and if I were closer, I would help you seal and add stickers. I do plan to order the book and ruler, but I'll wait a little (2 reasons, budget and your backorders). Thanks for all you do, and for the giggles because you share it all with us.

  17. I put my extras of plastic misfits in a bag and put it out of the way for a little while in the event it's partner shows up. So far it all gets trashed!

    Just keep swimming! It will be done when it's done. If I were closer by I sure would help!

  18. My order went in as a mailed order, not an online order, so I fully expected a wait while my check cleared, you got back from your travels, etc. While I'm looking forward to your book and new tool, I can wait some more. I don't want you stressing over getting orders out! I know they will come eventually and honestly, right now I don't have the time to work with the book or the tool so it's a good thing they aren't here tempting me!

  19. I haven't ordered yet and the truth is even if I picked it up today it would be February before I would get to working on the projects in the book. Why be impatient when the wait will give us a package to look forward to when Christmas is over and we can quilt just for our own pleasure. Now time to go work on Christmas projects

  20. You need a shipping department. Remove all the stress in your life!!

  21. You need a shipping department. Remove all the stress in your life!!

  22. Bonnie, I would help you if I were there!! Stay calm -- no stress -- we can wait!!! Love your work and your positive attitude!!
    Sue in California

  23. Slowing down is a much needed thing ♥


  24. "Idaho Square Pants" - LOL I didn't know there was enough water for Sponge Bob's family to relocate to Idaho!! Enjoy being at home/cabin and take your time eating your dessert(s)!! We will be here when you are ready. xoxox

  25. Bonnie, some days are just like that, thank god you can look at it and laugh, and take a break when you know you need it. you even had me giggle at the bottom of your post, you have great fortitude. I will wait for my first live quilt cam, and your blog is the first thing I read every morning. Building my stash, and enjoying life, like you. Thanks so much for your words and tips.

  26. Bonnie: It's not like people have all there projects completed. Stay Calm and you will just appreciate your book and ruler when ever it arrives. You need to enjoy this wonderful fall weather with a walk to stretch your legs after all this order filling. Life move too fast, you need to break and smell the roses.
    Ontario Canada

  27. Hey, Bonnie, Re the pumpkins (which are beautiful): The black has the best contrast, the gray has texture. Can you try black fabrics that have texture?

  28. Oh dear Bonnie! As a Brit living in the UK, although I would love to order an Essential Triangle tool from you I know the mailing cost would be prohibitive. However, I read your posts and am totally mystified by your US customers! Their insistence on bothering you about when they get the Triangle tool this week or next week seems crazy to me. Will the world come to an end if it's a few days later than they would have liked? Personally I am more concerned about Donald Trump! Take time for yourself. Posting can wait, Quilt Cam can wait. What is important is that you take time to smell the roses! And vote th right way... Please!

  29. Idaho Squarepants sounds like a future quilt pattern! Auto correct strikes again!

  30. Definitely take it easy. I wish I could help you out!

  31. about that plasticware....recycle!

  32. All will g easy on time I hope , send the lids and bottoms to recycle , envelopes to the post you to the quilts where you belongs .....keep smile

  33. Just know that all the way across the world,here in Australia, the plastic pieces disappear as well! No match ups! Wonder what someone is building??
    Take care, take time and somewhere its 5 O'clock!

  34. Unmatched lids and bottoms rather remind me of socks and the laundry! They always seem to lose their mates!!! It rather looks like it may be time to find a part-time employee to help you get all your orders out...someone you can call in when you have huge trolleys of orders to get out? You are always going, going, going with designing patterns, making quilts, quilting, teaching, travel, trunk shows, writing books, designing rulers and tools, shipping orders, writing your blog...it doesn't seem as though you get to spend enough time on yourself! Don't burn that candle at both ends as well as in the middle - you are too important to too many people to become a melted puddle!!!

  35. I wished I was closer I would glad you help you out. Take a deep breath.

  36. I love your comment about it not being life-or-death ... although I expect some of the emails you've been receiving chasing things up have made you wonder!!! No one is going to die or suffer damage because they don't receive their new book or ruler in the next few days. Do what you can and take some time to take care of you. You won't be able to pack orders or teach (or anything else) if you make yourself sick. You are an AWESOME WOMAN, but at the end of the day you are only ONE woman :)

  37. Amen to the lady that said we want you in good health--both physically and mentally. Most of us understand and support you. For those that don't, try putting yourselves in Bonnie's shoes. She shares so much of herself. Let's help her celebrate her success on this book and ruler. Everyone seems to want one, me included. Way to go Bonnie, but please don't hurt yourself by overworking. Many of us are anxiously awaiting the release of the next mystery. We love you for all you bring to us. Carla M.

  38. No worries Bonnie! We can wait, no big deal..
    But you do need to slow down, wow you do so much..just sit with your tootsies up and do some relaxing handwork. Or take a relaxing walk.
    We want you Happy & Healthy.
    Hugs, Debra in Ma.

  39. I am willing to help you Bonnie! I can get in the car right now! No pay necessary, but maybe we could share a Klondike bar at the end of a long day! I'm not sure how long it takes to drive to your house, see you tonight?
    Hugs, Julia still in Missouri!

  40. And I'm still getting borders on Allietare...among other things. Please pace yourself and don't stress about US!... And I would also love to volunteer to help you. Anytime!!

  41. And I'm still getting borders on Allietare...among other things. Please pace yourself and don't stress about US!... And I would also love to volunteer to help you. Anytime!!

  42. You make my head swim Bonnie. Take care of yourself. As you say, it's only quilts. We need you healthy and happy - don't burn out, we love you.

  43. Oh, Bonnie....please don't worry. I know, easier said than done. Speaking for myself, when I place an order, it is like Christmas. I know it is coming, so I sit back and enjoy the wait.

    Your posts are so comforting, heartwarming and enjoyable....now they are what I am impatient for.

    You do so much good and are such an inspiration....please DO slow down, you're moving too fast.

    Be good to yourself!

    Loretta McGinn

  44. Bonnie, I just love Idaho SquarePants! Often auto correct makes me laugh just when I need it most. Life is stressful and a pinch to creativity at times. Your positivity is so refreshing. I cannot imagine 12 hour days of filling orders! I am happy that production has halted your orders for a bit so you can breathe. You need it! Rest well my friend! As you said, we're talking quilting here! ♡

  45. Bonnie, I just love Idaho SquarePants! Often auto correct makes me laugh just when I need it most. Life is stressful and a pinch to creativity at times. Your positivity is so refreshing. I cannot imagine 12 hour days of filling orders! I am happy that production has halted your orders for a bit so you can breathe. You need it! Rest well my friend! As you said, we're talking quilting here! ♡

  46. You are amazing!
    Idaho Square pants indeed! That could be the name of the next block that you create.
    I like your quote for today as I feel it's true.
    Now breathe! Now laugh!

  47. after all my whining (no whining in quilting) please know I am in awe at all you manage and appreciate the gifts of your creativity to us... hang in there my wonderful "friend"... have an extra Klondike ... I know eventually i'll receive my order... the post was meant to be "funny"... love you and all you do ... thanks, cats

  48. What - no package in the mail today? What am I going to do???? Oh - maybe attack my bucket list of previously coveted quilts to make in the 3 books of yours I already have!

    Seriously, it IS just quilts we are talking about and I guarantee you we quilters all have enough projects in house to keep us busy until your NEXT book comes out.

    Love Idaho Squarepants - I might just try to make a few squares while I am figuring out which of my projects have the most dust on them and need working on.

    Have a wonderful day - you sure deserve it. Lots of walks, deep breathing, and fabric to you!

  49. If I can't find the "mate" to a lid (or bottom), after a while I take it to Goodwill. There's always people needing "the other end" of something!

    Also, with all the trouble you've had getting the Essential Triangle tool, have you considered - next time you want to use a specific tool - of having it made or manufactured rather than purchasing from a particular company?

    Years ago, we had a wonderful man and woman in our quilting guild who made acrylic templates. They were wonderful and had all the markings on them. And, if we wanted or needed a specialty template, he would make it for us. Sadly, the gentleman passed away so we lost a great source for templates.

  50. Some people believe that socks that go missing in the wash turn up as lone tupperware lids....

  51. I think you need an intern.... yep - they could do the packing for you so you can keep creating.... ;-)


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