Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Keeping Life Quilty!

I had a finish last night!

A binding finish that is.

And a new policy at home that I’ve been reluctant to bring up, but for my own happiness it has to happen.

And I decided all of this while having evening sewing time while Jeff was gone, and The Hubster was off to work in Boston.

The men in my house have had run of the front room TV for as long as I can remember.  And I always acquiesced, letting them watch whatever inane sitcoms they wanted to.  I would heave a sigh and head off to the basement to do what I do away from my family, but not fully happy with my decision on many levels.

There has been no compromise.  Except for when it comes from my end.  And our compromise on what to watch has always been “If you are going to watch that, then I am going downstairs.”  And it wasn’t the best solution, really.  Not if we want to be a family.

There are just too many different tastes going on under this one roof!  And it is time to start to SHARE.  I don’t always want to be solo in the basement.  It’s not a good enough solution.


I love finding happy little surprises like this when binding!

Yes, there are still threads to pull too!

Monday, Wednesday and Friday the remote is MINE.  And I will be in my own comfy UPSTAIRS binding chair.  I’d love to impose on myself a “hand work only after dinner”  kind of challenge, so I can be WITH my family, not down here in the basement at a machine.  I know there will be exceptions because deadlines happen, but it’s a goal.  To help me relax more, to unwind a bit and not feel like I’m pedal to the metal all the time.  This is what I do at the cabin – handwork only after dinner, and I think I want it here too.  At LEAST on Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

Tues, Thurs, Sat, Sun?  I’ll turn the remote over to the guys.  But my hope is on Sunday to find something we ALL can agree on together.  It’s going to be a battle, and I may find myself back in the basement on more than one occasion.  It’s also likely that on Monday, Wednesday and Friday I’ll be in the living room by myself as THEY slink off elsewhere.

This is what it’s like being the only female in a house full of grown men.


Sun dappled against my lattice this morning!


Loving this SO MUCH!


And these words!

What is there to catch to keep from being happy?  Grow.  Serve.  Here you are, shining sun in you.  Nothing and everything all in one.

It really doesn’t make sense if you try the read the fabric, but I love catching bits of things that mean something to me.  Grow.  Serve.  Should be Serve –then Grow.  And there is nothing to catch to keep me from being happy.

Today is Tuesday, so the remote is theirs.  I may suffer through heinous laugh tracks on sitcoms that are not that funny.  [If it’s funny, I’ll laugh without the canned audience, thank you!] but handwork after dinner is in full force.  Especially as we go into winter months.  I think it’s going to be good.

How do you handle these kinds of situations at your house?  There HAS to be something better than "You watch what you want here, and I'll go watch what I want over there."


On the book front!

This was order pull #3 from yesterday.


We added 5 more tubs to this load before going to the post office.


We filled THIS to overflowing!


And stacked these by the back door as the truck was just arriving to pick up!

And this morning I ordered this:


I’ve developed a [hopefully temporary] case of TRIGGER THUMB on my right hand!  If I bend my thumb, it pops into position, and STAYS THERE.  I can’t bend it back. It takes a lot of effort to get it TO bend back unless I help it with the other hand.  There is a weird popping and locking sensation.  Kind of comical really.

I always joked about “writers cramp”  but signing nearly 2,000 books has caused this little episode, first time ever for me.

I did some checking on Web MD:
Holding an object firmly for prolonged periods can lead to trigger thumb, says WebMD. Diabetes, gout and rheumatoid arthritis are medical conditions associated with a trigger thumb. Musicians, farmers and industrial workers typically experience trigger thumb because their jobs involve plenty of repetitive thumb movements. The condition typically happens in women and affects people between 40 and 60 years of age.
A sore thumb base is an early symptom of trigger thumb, notes WebMD. Other symptoms include a painful clicking sensation whenever the thumb is bent and a locked bent or straight thumb position that requires gentle adjustment using the other unaffected hand.
Yesterday I wrapped a Band-Aid around the thumb joint, and then wrapped it further with micropore tape to keep the thumb from bending.  But the pain is at the base of my hand, in the thick part below the thumb, so the thumb joint issue is just further up the chain.  It’s the whole tendon, not the joint itself.  Tendons CROSS joints, and that’s what enables us to move the joint. [they are like rubber bands] so some R&R for this hand will help matters greatly.
And it’s coming.  I have only about 200 Essential Triangle Tools left.  And just about as many books.  Bets are being made here at which invoice number I run out on!!
It’s hard to calculate, because some folks have ordered 2 books 1 ruler, some have ordered 3 books 3 rulers [order sharing with friends for free postage!] And some have ordered ONLY rulers, no books…It’s going to be interesting what runs out first:  The books?  Or the tools?!
If you are in that batch of pre-orders that have to wait a bit longer, I apologize.  We bought out the whole warehouse on EVERYTHING.  They are printing more.  It’s out of my hands, but more are on their way SOON.  This is so crazy.  I’ve had a hard time wrapping my brain around it.

This I know.  I will be out before Friday, and I'm going to the cabin for that R&R.

Oh, Sadie!
While I’m home I’ve been photographing some of my OWN quilts for our Quiltville Quote of the Day, and Sadie stepped right into the action this morning.  With all of the bins and boxes and things in my house, the kitchen, which isn’t very large, is the only place I have to lay out a quilt with enough lighting.  I hope you enjoy this one!
Quiltville Quote of the Day!
The words we speak, and even think become the kind of home we live in.  The words we speak set the tone for our home.  Today speak kindness.
Vintage star quilt found in North Carolina.
Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

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  1. I applique every day. A couple of years ago I did more than usual for a few weeks so I would have a quilt ready for a show. I developed trigger finger in my right-hand middle finger and the thumb on my left. I had never heard of it before. I was actually scheduled for surgery to repair it, but in the meantime drastically cut back on the applique. I was lucky that before I actually had surgery the problem went away. Now I'm back to normal applique time and haven't had a recurrence.

  2. That's a pretty quilt with a sweet Sadie on it :-)
    Hope your thumb heals quickly. You have had quite a workout with getting all these books out!

  3. I too love to have words in my quilt. I will be ironing or sewing and a word or phrase turn up. It is almost as if the fabric is talking to you.

  4. I have a TV in my sewing room, but, no cable (or computer, etc). I can only watch DVD's or video's up there. I claim the TV for DWTS on Monday nights, and occasionally for a few other shows, but, we share the TV on Tuesdays (NCIS, etc). The guys tend to get the TV the rest of the time. If I got cable in my sewing room, I'd never get to watch the downstairs TV with anyone else, I'd be isolated all the time. Not a good solution.

  5. I have done the same for years...watching anything my spouse prefers and saving the tv shows I want to watch for alone time or in another room. Once in awhile, I'll get him to watch something I like, i.e. reruns of Boston Legal, a new Masterpiece Theatre series. Many times he likes it well enough to continue watching it with me. One thing we do agree on: NO SITCOMS! Bleh!

  6. I'm the TV addict in my house, and my husband hates all my TV choices - we have a strange set-up where he has his games consoles and computer in one corner and the TV in the other, so we get to stay in the same room while he games and I stitch. It means he is VERY supportive of my quilting, which gets me out of the front room long enough for him to grab the remote :-)

  7. I was spoiled by years of my husband working nights I had tv to my self. Since he retired I don't get as much hand sewing done. I tend to read while he warches tv with remote changing channels when commercials come on. I have lately started using headphones to listen to u-tube while sewing in my comfy chair I have no good ideas don't think he would agree to yours. He is a bit selfish !!

  8. We find something we can both watch. Usually a documentary on Netflix.

  9. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I received my book and ruler yesterday and can't wait to get another WIP started. I am having a hard time deciding which it will be! I love the fact that you are so willing to share all your knowledge with us. I can't wait until you come to Utah in April.

  10. We haven't had 'TV' for 10 or more years, just a screen to watch our own movies and vintage shows on. Works for us, horrifies others ;)

  11. I DVR most of my shows so I can speed through the commercials.... especially now beings it's football season (rolling eyes here) Sometimes hubby will go downstairs and watch with my son. Other time he or I are on the computer in the corner while the other watches something. Occasionally I will go downstairs by myself, but I'm down there during the day to work so I'd rather be upstairs in my comfy chair doing handwork.

    I too have a sore tendon in my thumb, especially this time of year as I go into production crocheting kitchen towels for Santa's workshop. I was thinking there must be some kind of brace to help it.

  12. Bonnie, please reduce (hard I know)your hand sewing and repetitive motions or balance half hour with a half hour of rest. I hand sewed a queen sized flower garden quilt and PERMANENTLY damaged the base of both thumbs. Now no more than 30 minutes at a time before they get tight and painful. Stress and gripping (like grinding teeth) is not good on joints.

    I also later developed trigger thumb and with resting and care, it did get better but if it did not, there was surgery to think about. I was not a happy camper.

    You can keep on working without pain if you do not do too much too fast and all at one time. Your body is just telling you too much of a good thing is maybe not a good thing. Ana USA

  13. I so understand your 'remote control' conundrum! Same here at our house. My solution - sometimes we do compromise. Sometimes we watch my suggestion and I do handwork and sometimes hubby watches what he wants and I sit at my machine. My machine is in the same room so we are still together. And if I really don't want to listen to what hubs is watching, I put in my ear buds and watch/listen to a Quilt Cam or some good music. We have tvs in other rooms of the house but we still seem to end up in the same room which I do like.

  14. We split up most evenings, sadly, and I do my handwork downstairs while he lays on the couch upstairs. Hubby likes a lot of mechanical and discovery, geography type shows. I like drama and mysteries and crime shows. NO sitcoms in our house. Sometimes I stay upstairs with him, and record my shows for when he's gone. It's not ideal but we are both retired and have a lot of time together, so it's ok.

  15. We rarely watch television. RARELY. We both like Longmire so we watch that. I will likely take us two months to get through a season. We both like history type shows so that happens too. Supper is our important together time.

  16. I being a hairstylist for 42 yrs. have two trigger fingers middle and pinkie of my right hand. Thinking I was doomed with life long arthritis until I took a much needed 10 day cruise, doing nothing with my hands. Oh look no pain anywhere in the body! Now back to my 45hr. work week it has all returned. Now to figure out how to retire! Good luck with your hands, we sure do need them!

  17. LOL, the remote takeover sounds like a good plan. Just have to make the choice. Handwork in the evening sounds good too. I'm glad I have a DH who likes not just football. He doesn't watch the sitcoms. Gotta get another finish so I can do the handwork.

  18. DH enjoys relaxing after a long day at work in front of the TV but he and I rarely watch TV together, save for the occasional football or baseball game or when there's something new on netflix we both enjoy. He's very big on watching Seinfeld reruns, South Park, golf tournaments and Fox News, all of which I am glad to miss.

  19. LOL, the remote takeover sounds like a good plan. Just have to make the choice. Handwork in the evening sounds good too. I'm glad I have a DH who likes not just football. He doesn't watch the sitcoms. Gotta get another finish so I can do the handwork.

  20. I too have had the tv issue. Now I watch in the bedroom and my husband watches in the living room. He watches sports of any kind and flips channels constantly. We can talk back and forth because the bedroom is just off the living room. When the boys were home (I have 3) I was almost always outvoted on what we watched. And I always have handwork of some kind ready to go while I watch tv. Embroidery, hexies, or binding.

  21. There are only a couple of TV shows that my hubby and I agree on. However, we do agree that there is very little for either of us to watch. So, if I need to, I grab my kindle or laptop with the headphones and watch Netflix or other online shows/movies while he watches TV in the same room! Works really well unless he wants to talk to me, LOL. I'm plugged in and tuned out (to him). LOL.

  22. Bonnie, as the mother of one author and a friend of two others, I may have some advice on preventing trigger thumb during autograph season. Stop using a ball point pen! One has to press hard when signing with a ball point.( I ran my finger over your autograph and can feel the indentation. It's a beautiful personal touch, but it's hard on the hand.) The authors I know prefer a felt tip marker because you don't need to exert any pressure at all when you write with it. (Though it may take a conscious effort to keep yourself from bearing down at first.) I have trouble with my hands, so I prefer a Sharpie Pen (not their regular marker) which dries quickly and does not bleed through. It also has a very fine tip. Of course, for best results you would need to test it on the slick sort of paper which is in the book.

    As for the remote situation, I a widow and can watch anything I want any time I want. :-( But when my husband was alive, we had pretty similar tastes, so no conflict. I miss watching things together and discussing them afterwards. But I think that if I'd had a bunch of menfolk whose shows I disliked, I'd do exactly what you are doing. It's only fair.

    It's so great that your new book and tool are selling so well. But take care of yourself. We love ya, Bonnie and don't want you permanently injured.

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  24. I feel your pain! I have THREE sons and a husband. I've given up trying to watch anything other than football on Sundays. Now that the boys are grown, my husband and I find a few shows that we both like (all the NCIS shows, for example), and record them. We NEVER watch them unless we're both home. My favorite machine is set up so I can sew and watch at the same time, and he's on the couch.

  25. I only work in my studio from 7-5 pm, during hubby's work hours. After dinner, I do handwork of embroidery, binding or hexies. Works for us. We pretty much have like minded tv likes....except he hates reruns. But I love Law and Order however many times I watch lol

  26. We solved the remote problem a different way. We have laptops that we stream what ever each wants to watch and my husband wears a headset that saves my hearing!
    I can sit and knit and watch my shows and in same room he watches his with headset on.

  27. I think I've seen you mention going to a chiropractor. Make sure they adjust your wrists and elbows when you go. It might help with your thumb. Love your quote today!

  28. We pick things out together with the understanding that no one watches something the other one absolutely hates (in the common room), and no one misses anything they absolutely love either. The DVR helps with this. You may have a bit of trouble commandeering the set on Monday night football night. My husband is more than fair so I don't mind giving up my show to the DVR and watching sports for games he wants to see. Even I realize that shows can wait while sports are terribly lukewarm after you already know what happens. Good luck with your new policy!

  29. That might just be your scrappiest quilt yet. I absolutely LOVE it

  30. Ouch! So that's what it's called. I sometimes get it in my left thumb which used to get quite sore if I did long trips in my car - a very hard knobby gear stick (and we drive on the opposite side to you!). Also if I had arguments with unscrewing obstinate lids. New car, softer gear knob and leather round the steering wheel just makes it more comfy. As for the lids I have a rubber thing that I pop on the top and it's much easier. Gardening is the only thing left and using a rake for a long time sets it off. I just thought it was arthritis starting so ignored it as best I could. I haven't had pain for a while and I've adopted a no dig approach so raking is very quick and easy.

    With regard to tv, hubby is up really early so I have the tv to myself when he goes to bed early. The boy is upstairs either reading or playing games. He likes inane cartoons, but I do make an effort to try and get him to watch them with me. In the early evening I hand sew blocks while he either watches what he wants or something we both like. He'll watch a lot of his stuff when I'm in the kitchen or having a soak in the bath. A compromise is needed and tolerance from the menfolk - you can't be expected to oblige all the time. I have reached the age where I say pfft when things are unfair and say so whereas before I too used shrink away! Time came for the worm to turn!!! LOL.

  31. Trigger thumbs are not fun. I had that in both thumbs - and it was from machine quilting. Lesson learned. But, one thumb was taken care of with a cortisone shot. The other, had to have surgery, after two cortisone shots did not fix it. I had that same brace for the thumb but resting it just did not take care of it. The surgery immediately took care of the issue and I was back to using the hand within 4-5 days. I found a surgeon who agreed to do the surgery with a local anesthetic so was able to drive myself home.

    No suggestions on the remote. I've always said if I ever get married again, he would have to live at least 20 minutes away.

  32. I have trigger finger in 3 fingers and trigger thumb. I bought therapy gloves at a quilt show. Very expensive. When I replace them I will get a pair of isotoner generic driving gloves and cut the finger tips off. The tightness of the gloves helps. Yes I can still stitch hexi's wearing them.

  33. My house is like yours - we have our separate spaces! I don't care for anything that he watches, and vice versa, so I stay in my sewing room most of the time. As for all of your orders - it is amazing! I can't even imagine how many orders you must have to be spending weeks filling them. I know what it's like to spend a day or two shipping orders out, and just can't get my head around all that you are doing! Have a great weekend at the cabin!

  34. Your chiropractor may be able to do an adjustment on your hand. Mine has... Ask the next time you go!

  35. I always love your quotes, but today's made me want to post a comment. it is spot on and how we believe. Kind and encouraging words are so important. As far as the TV remote, my sister just moved back in with Mom (she's 82) and I (60). It is perfection as we love most of the same TV shows, we really enjoy our time together. And I like to do handwork in the evenings also, so we can all be in the same room. Feeling very blessed.

  36. You can post pics of that quilt every day as far as I am concerned. I love it so much. No name yet? I will just call it your lattice patch quilt until it is published. I think it is my favorite of all your quilts, and I enjoyed watching it develop. Thanks, Bonnie.

  37. I can't say I know of any household that doesn't fight the remote issue. At least you get to watch sit coms...I love them myself, but being the only one in a house full of "boys" here, it's car shows. I just can't sit and watch one more episode of tires and steering wheels. I've even pulled out that old, I don't make you guys watch quilting shows, and that went over like a lead balloon. I too, head to the basement if I can't stand it, or my new favorite spot to bind is curled up in bed with a good TV show on! LOL!!! Good luck to you, hope you have better luck than I did.

  38. I, too, save handwork for the evenings. Hubby has mostly given up watching anything on TV, preferring his tablet. But he is close by so no isolation for either one of us. There a couple of TV programs we tape and still watch together - Major Crimes and 60 Minutes. I feel your pain, though, in seeking a compromise.

  39. We never quarrel or have issues about watching television.... we don't have one =^} Books cannot be shared, so we both sit and read or read and quilt. We still are short on time... so sometimes I crawl up the attic and sew a little, or fiddle around on the internet for a short while. Whenever I expect to do strenious work for the hands, I rely on my braces. Shizuko Kuroha - from Japan - never works without, and after I learned that, I adopted her habit. It works well.
    Be brave, and know this army of quilters outside need you!
    =^} big smile from a rainy Witmarsum!
    love, Irene

  40. I'm in love with your amazing scrappy quilt and I love that I watched you work on it in the archived quiltcams! I would love to make one like this, is the pattern going to be out in a book soon? I could just see my kids picking out the different fabrics like the Lightning McQueen! So so cool, thank you for the inspiration!

  41. I live alone now...no TV fights....i have no cable either, so quiet. I do watch youtube and of course quilt cam!.
    I have trigger finger also. I end up needing a cortisone injection. I try splinting, it doesn't work. Maybe you need a signed stamped autograph?
    Im rather new to your site and am loving it.
    From Poco (Port Coquitlam ) BC Canada.
    Quiltingly yours,
    Tracy Byttynen (*Anderson)

  42. This was a great post, Bonnie. I hope your thumb starts behaving! Good for you on the TV compromising. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! I sew in silence....not even a radio. Just the distant basketball game on the TV upstairs.

  43. Oh my sweet Bonnie...get a stamp with your signature for home use. You Have to sign in person of course. My thump gives up when crocheting for long periods. Make yourself a minkee ball to squeeze. Just ask Sioban.
    XOXOXO Subee

  44. Sadie knows that she enhances that quilt! Get yourself some help with the mailing tasks.

  45. I had the trigger right thumb also. Turns out there was nodule in the base of the thumb causing the problem Got a cortisone shot - all gone. No more troubles :)

  46. I am the sports fan in my house. My husband likes the NCIS shows, I like Masterpiece theater. We spend time apart but that is okay. Looking forward to receiving my order. It was in yesterday's mailing.

  47. I do the same as you but I go to the bedroom to watch! Too much channel surfing for me.
    I had trigger thumb in both of my thumbs about 16 years ago. I had surgery on them both. It was done in outpatients and not too painful. I have had no trouble since.If you can cure it on your own, good for you.But the surgery is very minor. Done by a plastic surgeon.

  48. The chiropractor adjusts my thumb. Mine is caused by holding the ruler down to cut with a rotary cutter. Fixing to order and accuquilt to take some of the stress off. But it also have a brace that I got from CVS that is for carpal tunnel, but it has an adjustable strap to hold your thumb still. Can do some handwork with it on.

    I too have to ask about the quilt at the beginning of the post. I've been watching this one go together, and I think it's my favorite so far. Is it for and upcoming book? Hope not. Woul of love to see a pattern sooner than 2 years. If it is, will have to figure it out myself.

    As for the TV, I grew up in a house where my mom and dad never watched TV together. I hated it! I have never allowed more than 1 TV in our house. That is the only thing I have ever put my foot down on....that and putting your own dishes in the dishwasher. So, my husband, our boys and I always watched TV together, and the games were played together too, so none were bought that everyone didn't enjoy playing. Now it's just the hubs and I, and we do the same. We have no cable, so it's just local channels or recorded movies. But, we alternate nights choosing something to watch. I tend to be more lenient in watching what he likes, even if it's not my favorite. He's gotten into the habit of watching something on his iPad, but he lovingly leaves one earphone loose and I keep the TV down, so we can still talk to each other. I wholeheartedly agree with you Bonnie.....family needs to spend entertainment time together and we need to be able to compromise because we love each other. The only time I leave the room is if there is something blaring, and I need quiet to concentrate, but I try to do that kind of stuff while he's working during the day. People think we're crazy because he works from home...albeit in his shop outside and I don't work, so we're together all the time, but isn't that why you marry someone??? Because you want to be with them??? Hope your plan works out. Family is everything.

  49. Where can I find the pattern for the Lattice quilt pictured 3 times in the blog?

  50. This comment has been removed by the author.

  51. I find that unless I go right up to my sewing room after work, I don't get there until the weekend. I always try to have something to hand stitch while watching TV. While my husband shares my preferences for TV, (and tolerates some), if he does put something on that I don't care for, I just keep stitching or I surf for quilting inspiration. It works for us. He likes to spend time with me so hand stitching keeps us both happy.

    7:06 PM EDT

  52. Wow - and I thought I was the only one!!! How encouraging to know quiet but angry feelings are felt by other women. I made an entire ROOM downstairs just for all those times when I didn't want to make waves-- ya know, it's easier that way! grrrr. I've had the remote removed from my hand!!! while watching a TV program of my choosing, the guy being so totally wrapped up in his own entitlement, he wasn't even aware of me! And all the time, like you, I didn't say anything, being of a gentler nature yet seething inside! Good for you for making rules and boundaries and speaking up!

  53. I have the same pain in my thumb joint. I'm sure it is a combination of sewing, texting, and typing. The orthopedic said he could pull the joint open to get the needle for a steroid shot... I told him he would have to knock me out first.

    Yes, I am a baby.


  54. As a retired rheumatology nurse, try icing your thumb for 10 minutes three or four times a day. A used water bottle filled and frozen can give you something to hold onto while icing. I agree with the people who suggest more rest and an evaluation by a massage therapist or chiropractor. Good luck with the thumb and the TV.

  55. Well, if Sunday is family day, all I have to say is I hope you like football! Good luck with the boys!

  56. I hear you as far as the remote goes. Too often I find myself acquiescing to my husband's tastes in TV, and only watching what I want when he has gone to bed. We are taught early on as girls and women to submit to what a man wants!

  57. You just explained my life! 7 days a week the TV is my Mr. domain. I don't get to watch one show.
    I've asked for sharing it but nope. No compromise on his half. Soo, I go downstairs to my sewing room and work on on whatever..
    Oh, I do get to watch my Patriots on Sundays.

    Debra in Ma.

  58. I'd love to 'meet' the ladies at the post office.
    Karen in Ont., Canada

  59. Bonnie, I really don't think people would mind if you got a "signature stamp". You need to take care of yourself.
    I have to hand sew at night if I want to fall asleep at a reasonable hour. My husband and I sit side by side in our chairs and watch netflix on our separate ipads wearing headphones so we can watch what we want.

  60. Bonnie after working in a plant nursery and carrying many potted plants by the rims I developed trigger thumb. I also had carpo tunnel from typing so many year's. I had the surgery and recovered the next day. I haven't regretted it.

  61. I am retired, husband still works and my boys are grown with families of their own so to try and find time for me and dear hubby is to do hand work at night especially on Monday and Tuesdays while he watches wrestling on tv behind his eye lids. He usually falls asleep.
    On the tv issue I had a cable box put in the sewing / bedroom so I can watch channels that I like

  62. I had had trigger thumb surgery and luckily it isn't really a 'hard' one to have. Recuperation MAYBE a month. I think mine was less.

    Cortisone sometimes does take care of it. But as much as we quilters use our thumbs I doubt that will help much.

  63. Oh the pain and agony of having so many fans. Hope your thumb corrects itself soon. Now isn't Miss Sadie just the cutest!!!

  64. Hi Bonnie! I think Sadie was trying to say she needs some attention! I have that hand problem but never knew what it was.....thought it was old age. Your quilt is gorgeous! Bravo! I also love the quote quilt! Yesterday I received notice that my book and ruler are on the way! You are a marvel! Do you sleep? I am so glad you are going to camp. R&R, rejevanant the soul, time with Sadie! What's not to love! Bless you Bonnie! Have a good day!

  65. This comment has been removed by the author.

  66. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous finish, Bonnie! I've never been clever about TV rules, and now our nest is more or less empty. One change is that my husband stays next to me instead of working a few more hours after supper. But, he's on his tablet, and seldom actually watches what I'm watching. But that's okay; I'm not necessarily watching with very close attention, either! I pray that your son and husband are gracious about your new schedule. Resolve, resolve, resolve--you'll pull this off! :-)

  67. My hubby and I are pretty agreeable on what we watch. Basically we like the same shows. But I also have a TV in my sewing room with Cable/DVR so on occasion I will go back in my room to sew and he can watch a few of his shows I don't care for or he will XBox. :)

  68. YES YES YES ... my book and ruler came yesterday... happy dance. I am a single woman, no problem w/remote or TV... an exchange for the occasional loneliness of having family so far away. I agree with you and not sending yourself to the basement, you may even find some of their choices funny... there are some I will NOT watch and some I've found mildly amusing, and some excruciatingly entertaining... wide spectrum... congratulations... making the decision IMO was a good one... trigger thumb? Yikes... I think the Universe is sending you a message to slow down and rest that hand a bit... and speaking of the Universe... of course thoughts become things... and part of your life... while we cannot monitor every second, I surely work to keep positive energy flowing and concentrate on the good stuff (the laws of attraction here) because I know thoughts become things and I want to choose the good ones... Love you and all you do and give... Cats

  69. Bonnie....

    Trigger Thumb -- the tendons and ligaments that make the thumb bend and flex have a "catch" in them...

    My massage therapist likens it to a "snag" in a knit sweater. In order to get that snag back in place it takes massage and stretching and TLC.

    Get your massage therapist to concentrate on that thumb and hand for a couple of weeks to work your "snag" out and make those tendons and ligaments smooth and functional again....

    Annnnnd, drink MORE water, pleeeeeze! =}

  70. Hubs and I watch the tv programs we enjoy together after dinner. Anything we like as individuals is watched during the day while doing other things. There is an older TV in the guest room and my hubs watches there or in his clubhouse. He has always given me the comfy chair option in the front room with the big screen. I have a TV in my sewing room with access to DVD's and Roku. We also have a DVR so the time is never an issue.

    I'm truly blessed. I do let him handle the remote when we watch together ;)

  71. We always love to see quilts but they are even more special
    with Sadie on them. Love it!

  72. Set up one of your machines in the family room! You can sew and ignore what's on the TV on their night, but still be in the room with them.

  73. Bonnie: I absolutely LOVE the quilt you finished binding! It is beautiful!

    I don't have a remote problem in my house unless the boyfriend is here. HE Feels he has to control the remote, "It's a man thing". But, I am with you, You should have equal say, especially since Jeff is your son, even though he is a grown man.

    With winter coming, I will be sewing more, also. Right now, I am finishing up some things outside, and today is cabbage harvesting, sauerkraut making day. Friday I am doing a class where I will be sewing 18" doll clothes and Saturday a crocheting workshop. At least I am getting some crafting in the mix.

    I do not have a trigger thumb, but do have a couple custom made thumb splints from when I hyper-extended my right thumb and ruined the tendons in it, since they thought it was broken for two months. I have more issues with my index, middle finger and ring finger of the right hand. If I am on the computer too much, they get frozen in position. Most likely the beginning of arthritis and too much computer work over the last 30+ years.

    Good luck on the Remote sharing, Family time together!

    Kasilof, AK

  74. We have 2 people, 4 televisions (living room, family room, his sewing room, my sewing room). Given that our tastes are so different, many nights we are in separate rooms. We meet for dessert, though; chocolate is a powerful motivator.

    Since I'm 70, I should be immune to trigger thumb by now, but I'm not. Sorry you are suffering from it so much. You are an expert on massage, but i know it has been such a big help to me. Probably rest is what you need more than anything, as if you didn't know that already. (I hate the obvious solution that points out that I am the problem!)

  75. If the hubster is watching something I don't care for, I just tend to grab the handwork... or head to bed to read. If I have control, he usually sits but with his laptop on hand. Not usually an issue in our house...most of the time we both like what is on the tv

  76. If the hubster is watching something I don't care for, I just tend to grab the handwork... or head to bed to read. If I have control, he usually sits but with his laptop on hand. Not usually an issue in our house...most of the time we both like what is on the tv

  77. Love the quilt that Sadie is sitting on in above post! Could you please share pattern name and which of your books I might find it in? Had a trigger thumb released a couple of years ago...couldn't stand the pain any longer, but the recover is quick!

  78. Bonnie, I too live with 3 adult males (husband and 2 sons). Most of the time we can come to a compromise about what to watch, but there are times when I just go downstairs to watch something else, but that is also where my quilting room is, so I usually cut out fabric or something similar while down there. If there is something specific one of us wants to watch we try to let everyone else know before hand so they can either join in or do something else. I think because we are out numbered we tend to give in more often or because our husbands were raised in a time when the man of the house usually controlled what was watched on the TV is why this happens. So now you know that you are not the only one that goes through this.

  79. To TV, or not to TV, that'the question Whether it is nobler . . . HA! Isn't it a crime how the TV has taken over our lives and more over, our family lives. When my kids were young, I helped lead a "no TV night" movement at the elementary school. On that night we created a list of activities suggestions for families and hosted family game nights at the school. I'm sorry to report it went over like a lead balloon. My marriage was failing and the TV was one of the many issues. When my husband and I separated I moved to a small but cozy house and did not purchase a TV. My son, then 13 thought I was the meanest Mom ever!! However, we read together, played games, and visited friends. Well now he is 36 and has his own family and they don't have the TV on every night. HA! Like me they don't watch network programs, only record our watch PBS or other selected and recorded programs. Years have passed since my abhorrence of TV and I have found a wealth of DVDs at my library. It's all about BALANCE! May I suggest one night a week of card games, our evening out of the house? I always admired a favorite Aunt and Uncle who played cards together every day for just a few hands until they were in their late 80's. I wish you luck on dealing with this issue. Meanwhile, egads, I need to order that ruler today before you run out!! Thanks for all you do, I'm rooting for you!

  80. Re trigger thumb: Does anyone help you sign the books by opening, sliding toward you, and holding on while you sign, then removing to a stack and getting another? It will help your thumb immensely. I used to publish art prints and we helped the artists this way. It makes a huge difference.


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