Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Another Day in Quiltville!

And guess who had control of the remote last night?  On TUESDAY!?

It turns out that I ended up Home Alone for a while due to tennis.  BONUS!

It used to be that on tennis nights I’d allow myself to putter longer in the studio downstairs, cutting, pressing, sewing at the machine.  But I stuck to my “handwork only after dinner” goal, threw on my target sewing PJs [a girl has got to do what she has got to do to be in the mood!] and settled in to finish the last episode in the last season of Call the Midwife on Netflix.

I so love this show!  I love how they tackle the “changing of the times” issues of where they are in the series now, 1961, and it gives me a clue into what things were like just the year before I was born.

The hair styles!  The clothes.  Those marvelous cats eye glasses!

In this season we dealt with doctors and nurses that smoked like chimneys only for the warnings to “FINALLY” come out that smoking indeed causes cancer.  Before this period in time we just did not know.  In fact, in my early years I remember BOTH sets of grandparents smoking like wildfire, and my parents too.  It was the cool thing to do and the ads even said it was "healthy" before this period in time.  We HAVE come a long way, baby.

When I think of all the things that were discovered just during my life time…that previously we “just did not know” I am blown away.

I did some searching to learn more about thalidomide, and how it was prescribed in Europe and in Asia during this time period because it was brought up in season 5 of Call the Midwife.  And I found this clip I hadn’t seen before:

I love shows that TEACH me things.  And this show not only has done great teaching, but has touched my heart with how the nurses and how the sisters handle day to day situations in the care of other women within their community.  If you are looking for something not only entertaining, but educational that will enrich your life, DO Call the Midwife!  I can’t wait for the next season to start.


I moved on to THIS binding!

There is no shortage of quilts to bind around here.  The “handwork only after dinner” proposal is going to get these done.  No more waiting in a pile.  This is the Scrappy Mountain Majesties I finished quilting more than a month ago.  I last posted about it HERE. And the binding is finally under way.  I made it about 2/3 the way down one long side.  More to come tonight.


And Box 5 is now empty, all parcels on their way!

I haven’t run out of the Addicted to Scraps book  or the Essential Triangle Tool yet, but it’s getting close.  It’s also getting closer to the day when more will be arriving.  I leave for Houston next Thursday, and I hope that more will be here when I am back.  Again.  Thank you for your patience in all of this!


And I am getting notifications that things ARE being received!

Thank you for sharing yourself with your loot, Karen B!

I’m getting worried that my days are running one into another with each day the same as the next, and only my evening sewing time to talk about.  This is the longest break I have had in a long time, and I’m spending it at my dining room table, which is great – no complaints here -  but it doesn’t leave me a lot to entertain you with.

I am heading up to the cabin on Friday for some R&R.  I’ve made lunch dates with friends for today and tomorrow just to get me out of the house and talking to people a bit.

One more week and I’ll be in Houston, and there will be LOADS to talk about then!


Today’s quote inspiration quilt.

Just a churn dash?  Until you look closely and find two that stand out different than the rest.  Can you see them?  Also, interesting binding treatment.  It’s a wide red paisley binding, cut on the bias and sewn around rounded corners.  The quilt doesn’t go all the way to the fold in the binding.  It kind of lays there flat like a flange.  I’d love to know who made this and why they did what they did.  Probably because their mother and grandmother before them did the same thing.  But it inspired THIS quote:


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

How boring life would be if all of the same quilts were made with all of the same fabrics and everything was identical and perfect. Dare to be the one that stands out, not the one that is exactly like the others.

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!

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  1. "How boring life would be if all of the same quilts were made with all of the same fabrics"

    And that is why I tell DH that my stash is getting bigger!

  2. "Ya go with what ya got"

  3. I've been making plaid churn dash blocks, think I need a SMM quilt also. I think bias binding wears better then on grain since multiple threads cross the edge of the quilt. How was the edge of the binding on the churn dash quilt? Enjoy your cabin time!

  4. I did a paper in high school on thalidomide very disturbing. I didn't take so much as a cough drop when I was pregnant. I will have to see if library has this series.

  5. I remember when I was eight years old (1948) hearing people talking about coffin nails, and they were smokers! I was like Debbie I didn't take anything while pregnant including coffee and cokes. I am enjoying your "plain" blogs. Never miss one.

  6. Don't worry about"entertaining" us--just enjoy this time. I've always been of the opinion that everyday living, without crisis or too much excitement, is a real blessing.

  7. I absolutely LOVE Call the Midwife!!! Absolutely LOVE all of your quilts and your infectious positive attitude! You Rock!

  8. My Daughter-by-Love got me watching Call the Midwife & Downton Abbey. I had heard of Thalidomide. Scary Drugs, the show portrayed it in a kinder way. January can't come too soon. I didn't know your mom was coming to visit, how Fun! You have me curious for tonight!!!. Yea for Box 5 Done and girlfriend time scheduled. Have a Great Wednesday.

  9. My Daughter-by-Love got me watching Call the Midwife & Downton Abbey. I had heard of Thalidomide. Scary Drugs, the show portrayed it in a kinder way. January can't come too soon. I didn't know your mom was coming to visit, how Fun! You have me curious for tonight!!!. Yea for Box 5 Done and girlfriend time scheduled. Have a Great Wednesday.

  10. This is driving me crazy where are the two "different" ones? I have looked and looked.

  11. Handwork only after dinner - does this mean that after dinner is the only time you allow yourself to do handwork, or that after dinner you are ONLY allowed to do handwork? I love Call the Midwife as well, it's a great show. I wish I could see you while you are in Houston, but alas, I don't have a tax id#. If I did, I surely would though. Maybe a cruise one of these days....

  12. I personally remember many things that are on TV now as "back in the day" historical items, such as thalidomide. I remember cigarette ads on television, and billboards and even cigarette machines in the ER waiting rooms. How the world has changed. A few weeks ago there was a documentary on TV about the Cuban missile crisis which prompted memories of sitting on my brother's bed with him and my dad, listening to news reports on brother's short wave radio and wondering if this would turn into world war 3. And "Stop, Drop and Cover" and Civilian Defense drills at school. Now we have other prescription drugs that are later found to be dangerous, and terrorist threats - wait, maybe the world isn't so different after all. Sigh.

  13. Listen to "We Didn't Start the Fire" by Billy Joel... "Children on Thalidomide" I don't believe in wonder drugs. Drugs just cause other problems so many times.

  14. i remember the thalidomide controversy....lots of pictures in LIfE magazine...horrifically deformed children...

  15. I love Call the Midwife. I don't have cable just a Roku box with Netflix so I can watch anytime I want. I was born in 1952 so don't remember much about the fifties except for the polio vaccine (sugar cubes) passed out at school.

  16. I got the email saying my order was shipped!!! SOOOO excited. Thank you Bonnie. You are the best!!
    Sue in California

  17. Hi Bonnie, I received my book and ruler while at work Saturday. My husband text me the picture of the package and "You've Got Mail!" I had to laugh because it is one of my old movie favorites. I can never thank you enough for the inspiration you give me through your books and Quilt cam. When talking to others about quilting I always mention you and send them to you blog.

  18. I have had a headache building all day, and I looked forward to getting home from work and being able to settle down for a soothing nap. Well, no nap for me. A padded envelope greeted me at the front door! I've made one pass through the book, and now I'm going to enjoy a slower read and try to keep the pages drool-free. I'll also rearrange my ruler rack to accommodate the new tool. Thanks Bonnie!

  19. Try Vera on Hulu--a great show with the great Brenda Blethyn.

  20. I am glad to hear that you really like Call the Midwife. I am a nurse and went to nursing school late 69 to 71, So the information presented is not new to me. I just really applaud the producers for presenting the information so well. The start of the series is based on a real nurse who wrote autobiography. The producers have extended the series now several years beyond the actual life of the actual nurse.
    No matter which side you are on with some of the very important topics covered I find it very well presented.

  21. Bonnie, my allergist has an antique "remedy" collection that includes some special cigars that are supposed to have been good for ASTHMA. LOL

  22. Just think of our parents (grandparents) who went from the horse and buggy to cars to airplanes to spacecraft during their lifetime.

  23. YAY! I got the e-mail notice that my pkg has been shipped! Now, I will anxiously await its' arrival. I see Karen is showing her itty bitty eighths ruler in her picture. We use that ruler in our Row X Row at the shop the last two years. It makes it easier when dealing with 1/8th, you don't have to strain your eyes.

    Enjoy your R & R time. You deserve it! AND NO, you do not have to entertain us, we love hearing about what you are doing!

    Thalidomide- my former Mother in Law took it. She said she always had terrible morning sickness. She has three live births for 8 pregnancies, one a still born. RH Factor is the reason she lost her babies. I love "Call the Midwife" too. I have been watching it for at least three years, maybe more. I LOVE PBS and BBC TV, my kids were raised on PBS!

    Kasilof, AK

  24. I enjoyed listening to an Audiobook version of the book that Call the Midwife was based on, by Jennifer Wirth. It gave a lot more detail and was very interesting even though I had seen the TV series. You might enjoy it in your travels.

  25. I love your handwork after dinner idea. I try to have something to work on so I can be in the same room with hubby. TV is his at night until he goes to bed at 9, then I watch something I have DVRed. One of friends recently had a serious foot problem and she has been catching up on her binding also. Houston for me this weekend, but it will be watching my granddaughter Gianni do fast pitch softball. Yes, my sewing machine and projects go with me and hotel time gives me time to work on projects. Sometimes it even means I get to repair uniforms - LOL - a handy Mamaw to have around.

  26. I LOVE Call the Midwife. It is educational, and I really do love how it illustrates the effectiveness of the British Welfare State when it is up and fully functional. I love reading your blog, and the plain old everyday posts are ok by me. I often share your quotes with my juniors and seniors in my English classroom - great words to help remind them to be kind, to be creative, and to be themselves! Thanks for all you do!

  27. I love the Call the Midwife show and the BOOKS! I read a number of the books before I ever knew about the show. It is one of the best out there.
    I have to tell you I think you are my "favorite" quilter out there and I feel like I can relate to you on many levels. I love your down to earth style that many of us can relate to and your celebrity status has not "gone to your head"! I am happy for you that you finally have a few days of being home and being able to enjoy a lunch or two with some friends. Thanks so much for all you do for us quilters and the world around you.

  28. I was in my early twenties when Thalidomide was recognized as the danger it was. The U.S. were saved from the worst because a Canadian, Francis Kelsey ( who came from Vancouver Island where I now live) was with the FDA and refused to allow the drug to be approved. She took a lot of abuse and ridicule, until reports started to come in from other countries, and she was recognized for her stand.
    I find handwork to be more relaxing than machine sewing, especially when there is a good programme or audiobook available, Helen

  29. I love Call the Midwife too. I like to look at windows of time from other eras and like you see how things have changed. British TV is good at these period pieces. The only thing is you have to watch not just listen to see the styles and background scenery to appreciate the story. Since they have the buildings and countryside to pull this off it makes it a great program. Keep keeping on....I have definitely
    become scrap addicted because of your inspiration.

  30. I remember 1962 well. That was the year we were married. The stories of the deformed babies had hit the news, and my father-in-law was very concerned when he learned we were going to use birth control pills. They were also fairly new. My husband who was studying biology at the University of Illinois had to explain everything to his father. I enjoyed the series also. And I love your designs. Nancy A: rangerer@sbcglobal.net

  31. Hi Bonnie. I had to scroll down so far and changes pages etc etc before I could post my comment and I just about forgot what I was going to say! Oh yes!! I love the churn dash blocks that have different triangles in some of the blocks. That is what makes that quilt for me. I have received my books and my triangle ruler and am looking forward to making all those beautiful quilts. But I know the new mystery is coming up and I am really looking at Old Tobacco Road. I don't know if you are still with me or not but I have a Backroads to Oklahoma partially put together on my design wall and I am currently doing the Classic Strippy units as one of my leader-enders. I wish I could do them all.



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