Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Day to Play in San Juan Capistrano!

I have a theory!

I sense a theme!

When quilters spend weeks getting all of the pre-cutting done for a workshop, they are usually working in “their” colors, and they know what they like.

And then the given long awaited for day arrives.

They pack up their machines, their kitted up pre-cut quilt parts and all of their notions and tools and off to quilt class they go…..


We had a great giggle over how this project in black on white and red perfectly matched this quilter’s outfit down to her lipstick and her earrings!

It was so fun.  And she wasn’t the only one.

One gal was sewing fuscia colored blocks while wearing a fuscia top and matching lipstick!

Another gal was making beautiful autmn colored blocks and the pattern and colors in her shirt greatly matched what her blocks were all about.

To take this one farther, have you seen this one going around the internet?


This is Renna!
She went to a wedding... her dress matched the carpet!

We had a great chuckle over this, and I died laughing at the one comment that said “You could die in the corner and no one would know!”

We met here!

HUGE wonderful room, perfect for 35 quilters – loads of light from the windows, with view of the mountains and the pool outside!

Do you want to be inside – or out?

We chose in, for a while at least!

We chained away!

We sewed up our own sunshine!

By afternoon we combined our blocks to see what we had created!

Please notice all of the bare feet and sandals present.  California in February? YES PLEASE!

Me and the “Thread Heads!”

There are a great many more photos in the slide show. Click the image below if you are unable to view the slide show on your mobile device.  You’ll be taken to the photo album for viewing.

Texas Tumbleweed, Surfside Quilters, CA 2016

After the workshop was over my good buddy Jill came up from Carlsbad to bring me to her place to stay for  few nights while I teach for the El Camino Quilt Guild in Vista.

Today is the lecture, tomorrow I’m holding a workshop at Quilt in a Day, home of Eleanor Burns!  So looking forward to seeing her too.


Jill and I ready for some evening sew time!

I’m sewing on Jill’s newly adopted 1935 Featherweight.  It’s original owner was named Helen Brown.  I have nicknamed this machine “Helen, Hell on Wheels” after Paul McCartney’s epic hit.  This little lady can sew!

It was a great evening.  Her hubby grilled cedar plank salmon.  We watched the latest episode of Downton Abbey after sewing to catch up since we missed it due to Sunday's Super Bowl stuff.

I had a great night sleep and we are up and ready to go.

We are off this morning for my guild presentation, and then some more California fun in the sun!


Quiltville Quote of the Day

We also teach people how to treat us by how we treat them. A little spark of kindness given can bring a burst of sunshine into your own day!

Vintage triangles quilt found in North Carolina.

Have a great Thursday, everyone!

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  1. So happy to have you at Surfside Quilters Guild! Your personality and energy bring joy and awe to everyone. When you buy your San Clemente Quilt-Villa, please feel at home with our Guild family! XOXOX, Qltncat.

  2. I cut fabric at a local quilt shop and you would be surprised at how often the customers choice is matching what they are wearing.

  3. I cut fabric at a local quilt shop and you would be surprised at how often the customers choice is matching what they are wearing.

  4. Wow you and Eleanor Burns together! Look out quilt world! I hope someday I can take classes with you!! Enjoy the sunshine!

  5. You seem to have fun wherever you go, but you might be having just a tad more fun in warm and sunny California this February. Enjoy!

  6. Bonnie it really is a small world!! My daughter is a teacher at St. Margaret's in San Juan Capistrano and I bet some of those ladies have children or grandchildren in her class. She is Mrs. Cunningham and the math teacher. I was your "driver" when you came to my guild in Naples,FL in, I think it was 2012. And I took your Smith Mountain Morning class. I finished the quilt in blue, yellow & white and gave it to my daughter for her wedding last June. It's on her bed in Orange, CA. Weird!! And I loved the quilt and would love to take another class from you! Maybe someday you'll come back to Naples!! Marlene


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