Monday, July 23, 2012

Night Time Edition! Free Kindle Book!

I’m back in my lovely room at the B&B!

After a very energized guild meeting, it takes a while for me to unwind and be ready for bed --- so I’ve been tackling emails, editing photos, checking out facebook and catching up on reading and browsing.

I’m just NOT TIRED!

And I found this goodie that some of you might like….if we are similar in our reading tastes!

I love anything historical. And this one sounds SO interesting:

Just Deceits: A Historical Courtroom Mystery by Michael Schein is free tonight in the Amazon Kindle Store.

Genre: Historical Drama.

Book Description:

In 1793, Virginia’s most powerful family found itself embroiled in scandal: Richard Randolph and his sister-in-law, the beautiful Nancy Randolph, were charged with adultery and infanticide.

Richard Randolph demanded a public trial. Richard’s stepfather, Judge Henry St. George Tucker, hired John Marshall, a young lawyer who was connected to their family through marriage. John Marshall would go on to become the greatest Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, a man whose theories of law are now taught to every first year law student, though at the time of the Randolph trial he was relatively unknown.

Author Michael Schein, a former professor of American legal history, drew on John Marshall’s actual trial notes in writing this novel that centers on the trial of the 18th century. Just Deceitsshows how the remarkable defense team of wily Patrick Henry and ambitious John Marshall battled each other, their clients, the prosecution, and the truth itself, in an effort to save their clients from the gallows.


Just Deceits is an exceptionally well-written novel that combines a gripping legal who-done-it with a rich and clever historical tale. Because the line between truth and belief is not neatly drawn, the book is also a significant contribution to the genre of the novel of ideas. The reader looking for thoughtful fun will not be disappointed. --Julian Riepe, former Book Acquisition Manager, Amazon.com

I just downloaded it and it was free for me ---but not sure how long it will be, so please double check before clicking that it still is for you.

PA_July2012 208

This is a pic I took of the back of the room as chairs were filling and we were in danger of running out of chairs and having to bring more out!

Goodnight from Wellsboro, PA – I’m off to go read for a while!

Oh, The Cookies!

I’ve arrived in Wellsboro – what a beautiful part of Pennsylvania!

I’ve got some time before going to set up for my lecture tonight --- so I plugged in my phone to charge it while checking mail and I came across some photos that didn’t get downloaded from Friday night’s lecture in Bedford….

Oh those crazy “Mary’s Quilt Shop” girls!

While in Oregon I got an email from Mary asking if I could send her the photos of my vintage machines and the names of each. How curious this made me! I was in the middle of the fiasco with a broken computer and a broken sewing machine, so I simply sent her the link to my Vintage Machines found in the tab bar above and hoped it would suffice --- but I have to be honest with you, I was SO CURIOUS what she wanted all that for!

I found out as soon as I arrived at the shop!

Mary found a cookie cutter in the shape of a sewing machine and she was off and running ----Theresa and the girls made the sewing machine cookies and iced each one and named them to match the names of my machine collection!

Do you see these blue THELMAS? They are after the Blue toy machine that Lucy gave me when she came from the Netherlands that very first time!

And Bea? That of course is Bea, the white featherweight that is with me on this trip.

PA_July2012 033

Ugly Betty!

She is my beat up “needs a new paint job” Singer 301 that was gifted to me by the Altoona girls a few years back!! LOL!

*HINT* You really don’t want to EAT the black icing before speaking – it will turn your tongue and teeth gray!

PA_July2012 032

Willie is the oldest machine in my collection --- he’s just a poor treadle-less Wilcox & Gibbs machine head ---found all forlorn and non working, but I adopted him anyway.

PA_July2012 036

Hello Kitty is the little Janome I bought for a “someday” granddaughter ---

And you all know who Barbie is! She’s pink just like the cookies!

My thanks again to Mary Koval and the girls at Mary’s Quilt Shop for making my stay with them such a treat!

The last of the cookies WERE a treat! I had them in my car with me on the way to Wellsboro.

Tonight’s lecture will soon be underway. Tomorrow we have a My Blue Heaven workshop ----and the fun continues!

iPhone-o-Gram! Things I Love....

Things that can only be found in Pennsylvania!!

I so love this brand of birch beer---which tastes the same as rootbeer to me, but somehow the name change makes it that much better!

Even better when purchased from a quaint Mennonite market on a picturesque country road on my way to Wellsboro!

I'm about half way there----next stop? The Falling Stars B & B on Horse Thief Run Rd! Doesn't that sound memorable?!

Spa Day at Bedford Springs!

Several Years ago when I made my first pilgrimage out to Altoona, PA---it was either September or October because Bedford’s Fall Foliage festival was in full swing ---we drove past Bedford Springs in a very “sight seeing” manner.

The place AMAZED me! I love historic buildings, and to realize that this place has been a destination for people traveling for the “benefits of the waters” for over 200 years is incredible!

Yet, that was just a DRIVE BY – yesterday I actually got to go inside and my jaw just dropped. They’ve done such a good job at preserving the original feel of the place. This wasn’t just an appointment for a massage that was going to last 50 minutes and be over ---when you go, you get the whole benefit of the facilities. The indoor pool, the outdoor pool, the mineral showers, the herb infused mineral water sauna, and the bedford baths ---and the quiet lounge and verandas. It’s a full day experience!

PA_July2012 121

This was my first view--I had to pull over and get a pic! The main lobby is way at the far end of the pic where you can see the columns.

PA_July2012 122

A valet will take and park your car for you as is custom. Hint: When you leave your car with the valet, remember to leave him your key fob if your car has a push button ignition! LOL! I got half way through the lobby before remembering my fob was still in my purse. Sometimes I think it is easier to have a key that goes IN an ignition! This is not the first time I’ve done this ----but this is the view when you enter the lobby-- Imagine very soft music playing….the relaxation is already starting!

PA_July2012 124

Another view in the lobby – this is where those stair cases lead to --- up to guest rooms and other amenities.

PA_July2012 123

This is where you whisper "Holy Moly!" with near reverence --- This place is beautiful…all that is missing is someone to play that baby grand piano in the back corner ---

PA_July2012 125

To get to the spa, go through the library – stop to rearrange some puzzle pieces on the table – and keep going!

PA_July2012 137

An attendant will take you to the locker area. You will be given a robe and slippers and a locker to call your own while you are here. Change into your bathing attire.

Get giddy over the hexagon tiles on the floor!

PA_July2012 130

Towels are provided as are any toiletries you might need.

PA_July2012 134

Hang your robe and towel on the hook and step into the warm and drenching mineral shower. Use the special body scrub to leave your world behind and down the drain! From here you can relax in the steam sauna if you wish, or slide right into the healing waters of the Bedford mineral bath whirlpool:

PA_July2012 132

Soak yourself blissfully until your fingers and toes reach mandatory pruney-ness!

Gawk at the gorgeous tile on the walls!

There should be a sign on the wall that says "Quilters -- do not DROOL in the WHIRLPOOL!"

PA_July2012 133

This is not a place for magic markers --- but those hexagons on the wall were calling me! And how pretty is this border?

PA_July2012 141


Dry off after your whirlpool extravaganza and enter the quiet lounge. Comfy chaise lounges with blankets for napping, reading or just day dreaming beckon you to leave it all behind and stay.

Treat yourself to a plate of fresh fruit, fix a cup of tea to sip while you read. And my new favorite – they had tall glasses of water adorned with a slice of cucumber, a wedge of orange, and a slice of lime in each glass over ice. So simple, so elegant, so necessary!

PA_July2012 138

Exit the french doors off of the quiet lounge to find yourself in a secluded garden with burbling fountains.

PA_July2012 139

Walk along the paths – still wrapped in your robe and wearing your slippers. The double veranda is also furnished with comfy lounges for outdoor resting. This was my favorite place of all and I could have stayed out here and enjoyed the quiet and peaceful surroundings until the sun went down.

But that isn’t all that there is to do here!

There is a gorgeous INDOOR pool!

PA_July2012 151

More yummy floor tiles! And my slippers and robe :c)

PA_July2012 150

There is a lot of history behind this pool. It was one of the first indoor pools ever built in the United States. The pool was added in 1905 and fed with mineral water from the springs. It’s just beautiful!

But if you really want a bit of sunshine – you can wander to the outdoor pool:

PA_July2012 143

Pick a lounge chair, read a book, catch a cat nap in the late afternoon sunshine!

PA_July2012 144

Rent a private cabana or soak in the outdoor Jacuzzi!

PA_July2012 145

Play golf if you want ---or let the DH do it while you indulge yourself in the spa!

We had a great day ---and literally, you may have a 4pm massage appointment, but you can get there early in the day, spend the whole day enjoying the facilities, have your massage, shower, dress and change and have a wonderful dinner right there at the hotel. It was the perfect end to my time here in Bedford and I’m so glad that Mary and I had the chance to do it!

PA_July2012 142

Poolside Bliss!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

iPhone -o-Gram! Ahhhhhh Spa!!

I just finished the most wonderful massage at the spa at Bedford Springs where Mary and I are spending the day!

When booking a massage you get full access to all amenities at the hotel/resort--mineral bath whirlpool, indoor and outdoor pools, hot showers---and the most beautiful "quiet" room where guests can lounge and read and nap and dream!

The quiet to opens to a beautiful secluded iigarden with flowers and burbling fountains.

This is a dream location for a day away in a very historic place---

More pics to come, right now I feel a nap coming on!

iPhone-o-Gram! Sunday Sew Time!!

This morning I sew!!

This afternoon--massage and girl time out at Bedford Springs Spa!

((Yes, George Washington slept there too!! Lol!!))

My little white featherweight, Bea is a good companion. She's humming Ali g just fine and dandy!!

I think she knows she's played second fiddle to the late, great Magenta---but she gives her all regardless!

Jared Takes A Wife Day in Bedford, PA!

34! We had 34 of us gathered to sew all day at yesterday’s class!

Ladies had come from all over Pennsylvania and even Maryland to come sew for the day.

The American Legion hall was the perfect gathering place for a crowd this large ---we had access to their fridge and the ice machine ---I got the music going playing Jimmy Buffett while everyone came in and chose their sewing stations, got unpacked, plugged in, set up, and ready to roll!

I really love to have the ladies introduce themselves – so often classes just get going and no one knows each other --- as the teacher any way, I don’t know WHO knows anyone else, and it helps me to get to know everyone a little bit better.

We had a couple mother/daughter teams, some cousin-in-laws, lots of different guild posses and friends who said they’d BEEN friends for well over 40 years.

And this is what it’s all about. RELATIONSOHIPS! New ones, old ones, finding things to do together to strengthen the bond and build memories. Let’s face it – we really can stay home and sew in our own protective bubbles, but what we get from quilting together is often far more valuable than how much we get done un a one day class, or the quilt itself.

The next time I come across an antique quilt with a bunch of embroidered signatures on it ---or the next time YOU come across one, think about those relationships these ladies must have had with each other. It goes far deeper than the quilt!

Quilters by nature are determined and resilient!

And I need to tell you all about Vickie and her little mis-hap on lecture night ---

It had been raining a pretty good clip while we were inside during the lecture/trunk show…..and when I was signing books at the end, I heard someone come running in the back door yelling “Someone call 911 ---Vickie’s fallen!” Oh, those words make my heart skip a beat! We waited for the ambulance to come, and to get the word that everything was all right.

Turns out that while climbing the back outside stairs, Vickie tripped and fell on her face. She has the biggest bruised lip I’ve ever seen, and she chipped her beautiful front tooth clear off at one corner!



We all gave her a round of applause and commented on how lucky she was that she didn’t break her arm or her right leg --- that she could still come sew. It’s much better to break your face!

PA_July2012 109

I also learned something from Vickie!

First off, I love how she bundles up her pre-cut pieces all in neat stacks with strips of selvage tied up with a bow. TOO CUTE!

But look at this pictures closely, and pay attention to her “mock up” page ---That isn’t fabric!

Instead of wasting her beautiful fabrics, she took the fabric and had color copies made so she could cut up the PAPER COPIES for her mock up and glue them down where they needed to be as a sample. How cool is that?

If you look at the upper right corner of the mock- up you will see a bundle of little fussy cut blocks with pictures in the center…these are the center squares for her stars --- this quilt is being made for her 9 year old granddaughter who loves pink, and is going to love this quilt!

PA_July2012 099

What 9 year old girl wouldn’t love this quilt?

I’m so happy you were okay enough to come join us, Vickie!

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve posted a slide show from a workshop --- and it’s time to do it now! I hope you enjoy the blocks that were produced for this class! We had a great time making them, and there are many beautiful quilts to come from these blocks:

We also had a bunch of silly group photos taken! How could you NOT have a good time with these ladies?

PA_July2012 094

This is me and the Maryland Contingency! I’ll be back visiting their guild in 2015, I can’t wait, girls!

PA_July2012 095sm

And the Shippensburg, PA contingency is always a barrel of laughs too! What is that saying? “Growing old is Mandatory – Growing UP is OPTIONAL!!”

Have a great Sunday, Everyone!