Monday, July 02, 2012

iPhone-o-Gram! Pink or Blue?!

I'm hanging at the Burlington airport with 3 hours to kill before my flight boards.

Of course that means it's souvie time!! ((nick name for souvenirs))

Do I want the pink tshirt with the cow that says Vermont---or the blue one?!

There will be lots if hexies sewn today---lots of airport waiting time!

Scrappy, Trippy, and Wonderful!

Our last class day went by so fast that I felt like I only blinked twice, checked my watch, and it was already 10:30am with only an hour left to go of class --- how could that possibly be?

We were just getting started and having such a great time with the fabrics!

I enjoyed seeing Shelley again – last time I saw her was over a year ago on a trip through Connecticut ----She got to be my room assistant today, how fun is that? Thank you Shelley!

I met 3 crazy sisters who said they are 3 of 5 sisters total---I enjoyed their antics so much.

Family dynamics are so fun to watch ---and what a great way for sisters to bond and stay involved in each others lives ---with QUILTING!

This is a very fast class, and blocks were being turned out in no time at all…and pretty soon, Scrappy blocks were covering walls and tables, and ladies were pooling their blocks together to play with design layouts….

I got a huge hoot when I walked up to one block and started to examine the fabric up close and personal…Thank you, Alexander Henry!

vermont2012 193

Wowza! This adds new definition to the term “Novelty Fabric!”

I also love the eye glasses fabric in this block too --- don’t they just make you smile?

Oh, and funny of funnies – I found myself face to face with not ONE --- but THREE diet dr peppers from students coming to my rescue. There are still two left in the fridge --- I will probably have one with breakfast ((Can’t leave it behind?!)) and gift the other to my roomie before we head off to the airport, because it can’t go through security ---

If you haven’t tried this pattern – do! It’s SO fun, and you just can’t go wrong with it.

Take a peek! Catch the excitement!

And YES --- there was evidence of Leader/Ender bow-ties in production!

vermont2012 144

These are Shelley’s! And they are going to look so fabulous with the layout she has chosen!

Mine are still plugging along.

I’m looking forward to hitting the Sister’s Oregon show and seeing if we can find some inspiration on what to work on next --- even though mine is not even close to being done yet. I am planning on taking what I have and working with a layout plan while in Oregon this year – just to see how far we’ve come in a year’s time just doing these as leaders and enders in between the lines of chain piecing other things ----

I’m on my way home. Right now there is no other place on earth I want to be!

Sunday, July 01, 2012

String Fling Winners–Come On Down!

It’s Sunday evening! The show is over, everyone has dispersed – there are just a few of us left with far enough to go that we are not leaving to catch our flights until the morning.

I almost FORGOT that we are drawing for winners this evening ----but I’m so excited to do so.

The response to String Fling at the show has been so positive and overwhelming! I want to get these names drawn so that I can get them bundled up and sent out with as many as can go out before I leave for Idaho ---

Sooooooo…Let’s do this, shall we?

We have 1,275 comments!!! This just blows me away!

Our First Winner ---- Debbie S!

She writes:

My strings are so excited about your book and how you have expanded our quilt knowledge to include them with their fellow distant relatives, the Blocks.

They have been just screaming to Fling themselves out of their drawer to play with the designs in your new book.....really they promised to behave and not multiply too quickly if they can see daylight and be in one of your new quilt patterns.

Cross their threads (their version of pinky swear).

My STRINGS and I thank you for the possibility of being able to win your book.



Our Second Winner is Lisa!

She writes:

Oh Bonnie I'd love to have a Fling with you (String Fling that is).

Congratulations on the new book, I'm sure it is fabulous, and I hope you sell lots and lots of copies.


Congrats to Debbie and to Lisa! I’m sending them each an email to let them know they won. Please send me your snail mail addresses and I’ll get these into the queue waiting for me at home and get them mailed to you ASAP!

Thank you Thank you everyone for participating! I can’t believe the number of comments you left, and it is so nice to have so much support and excitement built up over this long awaited book!

For those wanting to order, you can click HERE to preview the quilts in the book, and then head over to my online book store to order.

To celebrate, my two Vermont Quilt Festival roomies and I headed into downtown Burlington to treat ourselves to a local Vermont Icon --- Ben & Jerry’s!

vermont2012 300

I do have my favorites, so on this beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon --- it had to be:

vermont2012 301

Chunky Monkey and Cherry Garcia!

Tomorrow Judy and I will make our way to the airport via a shared taxi – we warned them there were 6 bags between us luggage wise ---they said they could handle it no problem! ((Famous Last Words?!))

Peace, Love & Ice Cream, Y'all!

iPhone-o-Gram! Show Shoppin'!!

It's 3pm and the show is closing.

The last of the busses are loading up--quilters with bags and totes and arms full of treasured purchases are sure to be having bus show-and-tell all the
way home to wherever home is.

I've had such a good time visiting with friends who have booths, work in booths or student-friends who stopped to chat and say hello and goodbye.

Dover booksellers has sold out of all my books! I stopped to thank them for carrying them.

There was something I would have bought if I had a car---the show boutique had an electric Wilcox ang Gibbs chain stitch machine for $100.00. I thought of you, Diane in TN!! But they wouldn't ship and my luggage is already at weight limits.

I found the Hmong appliqué folks--remember I fell in love with on of their turtle pincushions at the Somersu Quilt Show in May? I just am so in awe of this work that I found a wallet I needed to have.

Take a look at the eensie prairie points!! Oooohhhhh---and yes, that is an hour glass unit about the size I'd 1/4 my fingernail!!

It's got all kinds of sections and pockets inside and I'm so happy to have found it.

I've hotfoot an hour to kill before I can pick up Pineapple Crazy--so several of us are hanging out at the picnic tables in the shady area outside of the expo center. Feels good to sit and visit!

Vendors are tearing down---another Vermont Quilt Festival has come to a close---it's been so very very memorable!

See you again in 2015, Vermont!


iPhone-o-gram! Scrappy Trippy Day!

We are seeing strip sets into panels, making panels into tubes, slicing and rearranging!

It's our last day and it's a party!

We've got James Taylor on the iPod through the Panda Speaker, rockin and rollin!!

This is also a special shout out to Janet in Mass---and Becky in Kodiak! Wish you were here!!!

Caught in the Act!

Of Dumpster Diving!

Yesterday’s class produced a multitude of bonus triangles.

In order to keep up with the steps of the mystery, there wasn’t really time to mark and double sew them into half square triangles before cutting them off – and if they were to be sewn later, they would be hard to get to 2” without REALLY narrow seams.

Sooooooo----many of these cut-offs found themselves buried in the waste bins.

After class I was waiting for the security guy to come by and lock my room back up and ---welllll?!??! What’s a girl supposed to do to occupy her time but straighten up the room and get it ready for the next day, right?

And. let’s just say by the time my room assistant came back to tell me that Mr. Security was on his way ----I was bent over with my head in a very tall waste basket trying to find every useable bit that had been pitched!

And I’m not talking about a few small snips here and there ---

vermont2012 133

These are the cut off corners from 2.5” squares --- and OH what variety there is! My Wild & Goosey blocks will be SO HAPPY! And I am so happy to have these bits and snips of my student’s fabrics in my future quilts!

vermont2012 134

Here they are all rolled up in a big zip lock bag --- and you know what? If you suck the air all out --- they don’t take up much room in the suitcase at all!

Today is Scrappy Trips Around the World --- a half day class!

After that, the packing up of the stuff begins. Extra boxes of books taped up, labeled and ready to be fed-exed home, quilts packed up and in their duffle, suitcases filled and ready for a trip to the airport on Monday Morning --

I plan on visiting the show and getting some show pics today after my class is over too – the show closes at 3pm. It was so busy on opening night that I didn’t get any photos, so it will be a mad dash to get that done.

Pineapple Crazy needs to be picked up after the show ends at 4pm ---it’s been so wonderful to hear the comments on how much people loved this quilt –I love it too!

My two roomies and myself are planning a leisurely dinner in downtown Burlington tonight – there is a really quaint area with lots of outdoor cafes and shops to browse through and enjoy our last evening together before we go our separate ways.

There may be some late night sewing after we are back from dinner, or it might just be an early to bed and sleep in a bit later time ---- I don’t have to be to the airport til 10:45am and I’ve been up before 6am every morning that I’ve been here so I could have my room open by 7:45am.

I do think a sleep in is in order, don’t you?

Have a great Sunday, Everyone! Oh yeah, and HAPPY JULY!! How did THAT happen so quickly?!