Monday, June 25, 2012

A Surprise Box from Ardis!

Good things DO come in BIG boxes!

When we pulled in the drive and started unloading the car yesterday, I came across a box in my entrance way that HAD to be moved to let us pass.

At first I thought it must be more golf or tennis stuff for the DH --- but no ….this box was addressed to ME!

I set it aside while we continued to unload the car, put the left over groceries that needed to go into the fridge away, and unpack the remains of our trip ----but the box was calling! I couldn’t wait to get everything to a point where I could dig into it and see just what was inside.

When I opened the lid --- the first thing I found was a hand written letter from Ardis H in Texas.

She writes:

Hi Bonnie,

I’m in the cleaning mode! I too love scrap quilts and just need to share these scraps with someone --- you know sometimes you just get tired of the same ones over and over. So hopefully you can use some or pass them along to other scrappers.

LinvilleNC2012 201

The star quilt was made by my Aunt and she was born in 1910 in Bashor, Kansas. I just couldn’t leave this in the closet anymore!

LinvilleNC2012 202

Look at these yummy 1930s prints and colors!

LinvilleNC2012 203

Wonderful dress prints and solids --- all on a shirting ground!

LinvilleNC2012 204

Blues – with a bubble gum pink center. I love how the red star tips tie everything together star to star to star.

LinvilleNC2012 206

Purples around a green center!

LinvilleNC2012 207

Each one is different than the next, and I just love them all!

The letter continues:

The bow-tie quilt was a top in my other Aunt’s things. It was the only one not quilted and I don’t know any history on it. She was born in 1909 in Kansas, also in Bashor.

LinvilleNC2012 208

I know you will enjoy them. My boys will have several of their aunt’s quilts to enjoy too plus all I have made and my mother also.

Thank you for all the adventures and quilts and of course patterns that you share on your blog.

Keep it coming!


Ardis H, TX

I am of course without words as I handle these precious pieces of patchwork for the first time – getting to know their fabrics and their colors, the stitches of their makers. The bow-tie has some FABULOUS 1930s & 1940s prints in it:

LinvilleNC2012 210

Dresses, aprons, blouses and skirts ----plain and simple muslin used as background.

LinvilleNC2012 209

How about that scalloped wedge border? Maybe this is why it stayed a top so long? :cD

LinvilleNC2012 211

That blue --- is SO perfect, it just catches the eye!

I’m thinking Ardis’s aunt loved her stripes…..how many of these blocks are stripes? LOTS of stripes! Fun how you can get to know a person’s likes just by looking at what came out of their scrap bag!

What does your scrap bag tell others about you?

LinvilleNC2012 212

And THIS is what came out of Ardis’s scraps for me to play with! I’ve already dug in and pulled a bunch of the purples that were buried down deep into this mix. I’ve got a plan for them --- yes I do!

And she is right – it IS always more fun to play with someone else’s scraps than to keep sewing with your same old scraps over and over and over again --- this is going to add new life to mine!

Thank you for thinking of me, Ardis! I really am blown over by your incredible gift ---


  1. How amazing! What do you do with an older quilt top like that? Will you quilt it now, or leave it as it is? They are both beautiful.

  2. What an amazing gift! These quilts are incredible.

  3. OMG that is truely a great gift!

  4. Those are amazing quilts! That edge on the bow tie gives me ideas, but I'm going to have to find a pattern on how to make it. Sounds like you will have some scrappy fun.

  5. How lovely! She knew these treasures would have a good home. Have a Happy Day!

  6. I'm drooling on my laptop squealing OMG! The DH is baffled. ;-) What a fantastic surprise! Ardis definitely knew where her things would be loved.

  7. What beautiful and pricesless gifts! I'm amazed (and a tad bit envious). :) :)

  8. you can gift me with the bow tie....a scrumptious scrappy for sure! you are truly blessed, bonnie!

  9. Oh, these are gorgeous! Lucky you! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Anonymous8:44 AM EDT

    I love discovering and finishing old quilt tops....to date, I 've completed 6 "tops" and have made 10 or more full size quilts from blocks ( many of them Dresden Plate pattern) that have been gifted to me.

    As I work on these old beauties, I think about the original quilter/seamstress....what was her life like?

    Beth Culbertson

  11. Lucky you Bonnie...I am loving that wedge border. It sets the quilt apart from other other bow ties I've seen!! Auntie did WONDERFUL work!!

  12. What a wonderful gift! It is so much fun to dig into a box of 'new to you" scraps! Quilters are the most generous people on earth!!

  13. What a wonderful surprise! I've received some partially finished dresden plates and double wedding rings. I can't wait to play with those vintage pieces but I have to finish a few other things first. (Like a log cabin quilt before July 20th!!)

  14. Cindy, The Purple Quilter9:58 AM EDT

    The perfect way to show her love and appreciation to you for all that you do for all of us! :) Way to go Ardis!!!

  15. Você é abençoada! Quando se trabalha com sucatas a criatividade vem mais fácil,pode se ver a quantidade feita e o que sobrou.Vai sobrar ainda depois do seu uso,vai diminuindo e aproveitado de novo,é incrível.Lindo presente,Deus te abençoe.Beijos.

  16. Anonymous10:03 AM EDT

    What a fantastic gift box! Just like our Mommas told us as kids, what you give will be given back to you 100 fold! You give us so much of your time, talent and generous spirit. And now you are receiving back.
    Love the top and the quilt. Will you plan to quilt the top? HOPE SO!
    SO happy for both Ardia and you.
    Smiles, JulieinTN

  17. Wow!! WOW! WOW!! Amazing quilts!! LOVE THEM BOTH!! Lucky YOU!

  18. what a truly generous gift. Beautiful quilt and top to go along. Enjoy....

  19. Beautiful work - my goodness - our wonderful ladies of the past have given us such treasures to be passed down. Ardis - what a treat to have such a talented aunt! And Bonnie, what a blessing to have it passed onto you!

  20. You are such a lucky girl! Wow! I love to receive someone else's scraps. When I say I'm collecting scraps, my friends look at me as if to say "you have enough fabric". You're right, you get tired of looking at your own scraps and it's so much fun to have other scraps - so many different colorways, sizes, shapes and already cut in to....
    Thanks so much for sharing your tours - I'm enjoying the trip with you.

  21. Wow I just love these, such beautiful work and such a wonderful gift for her to share. Yes it is more fun to work with someone else's scraps.

  22. People are so generous to you because you are so generous with your talents! Must feel like you just won a lottery to open something like this! : )

  23. Anonymous5:37 PM EDT

    Beautiful quilts! What a generous gift! I am so excited that you have plans for purple! It is my favorite color so of course, I have a ton of purple scraps! I can't wait to see what is on your mind!

  24. Beautiful, gorgeous quilts. The ones in the shop were too expensive, but something even better was waiting for you at home. Ardis is so generous...I don't think I'd have been able to part with either one.

  25. Anonymous6:41 PM EDT

    Wow! I got chills looking at the pictures of the quilt and quilt top. And the scallop edge. I have a quilt I am stymied on how to piece together a backing and part of the reason is the 'handkerchief' edge. Enjoy your bounty, Bonnie. You do deserve it!

    Cynthia in cool metro Portland, Oregon

  26. Both, very nice. There seem to be light fabrics just before those red tips. It makes them float. They'd stand out much less if they were next to dark fabrics.
    I think I'd shy away from finishing the second one. Binding all those little scallops?
    These are both to be cherished.

  27. Anonymous11:20 PM EDT

    What a wonderful gift. The scrappy quilts are so beautiful thank you Bonnie and Ardis for sharing them with all of us. I don't know if I would have been able to part with them. Ardis y from Ga. Ps would love to hear from Ardis in Texas. ardisyoung@yahoo.com

  28. If I ever got a box like that I think I'd feel like I won the lottery. Such a beautiful gift.

  29. How beautiful! I wish someone would send me a box of scraps :) I left a horrible boyfriend back in Md., and had to sacrifice my scraps and now I am not working . I've placed ads in the East Texas craigslist and it seems no one here quilts or has scraps. Heck I can't even find someone with a table saw to make me a pvc quilt frame:(

  30. There are days when I envy you! LOL Today was one of them. LOL

  31. I have to admit that I too get gifts like these on a fairly regular basis. And opening the box is always so much fun!

    That reminds me I really need to start sorting the 8 plastic sacks of scraps so they can be kitted into quilts.

    The gifts I receive all are donated to charities within my immediate community....and are always loved.

    Enjoy your gifts Bonnie....

    Deb Semmens


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