Friday, June 22, 2012

Rainy Day --Hanging in the Cabin!

This day has flown by ----we went early this morning to do our hiking, and it’s a good thing we did – it started raining at lunch time.

A rainy day in the mountains, a cute little cabin to call home for a few days ---


In between the naps and lunch and the watching of movies and the sewing – we took a drive down by the Linville river ---Sadie loving every minute – in fact, doesn’t she just look SO HAPPY sitting in the car? LOL

newland_NC 102

If there was such a thing as “the most peaceful place on earth” This would be it!

newland_NC 100

I think this guy thought so too—he was enjoying an afternoon of fly fishing, even with the rain drops falling around him.

newland_NC 088

And I had to throw in this picture of Shamu in the parking lot at Grandfather Mountain into the mix….she just looks so great there at the edge of the drop off with the blue ridge behind her. Advertising photo, anyone?

newland_NC 056

My little sewing station ---I brought my folding table, AND my chair. I wanted to be sure I was comfy for the amount of time I get to sew while here. ((Please let it keep raining!))

newland_NC 104

Pieces chaining through the machine!

newland_NC 105

My three blocks for the latest installment of Barrister’s Sow-A-Long over at Randy’s Blog!

Clay’s Choice, Anvil, and Flock of Geese!

I’m not sure what to work on next! I brought my bin of shirt strings ----I may just start string piecing and then decide what to do with them later -----

Right now the baked potatoes smell just about done, the steaks will be going on the grill –and raining or not –it’s a great evening just to BE.


Becky Clay said...

Good for you and DH for some just US time away..y'all need it, I'm sure. enjoy and does DH sew also, or did he bring his thingy stuff to do while away?

normajean53 said...

It looks so peaceful. Enjoy!

Norma in IL

GeeMa said...

Sadie looks so happy. Have a good weekend!

Carolyn Sullivan said...

I can't believe that you are sending out blogs while you are on your vacation w your Hubby.I can understand the sewing. I mean why not but unless my hubby had something else to do the computer/phone whould be not happening.... enjoy your time! life is short.

Janet O. said...

How cozy--a rainy day in a cabin. Perfect for sewing. And I've heard a rainy day is great for fishing, too. Beautiful scenes!

Mavis said...

I'm so glad you are getting some down time with DH in a cozy cabin in a beautiful setting. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Oh how I would love to wade in the stream! I'm a VA girl born in southern Va lots of mountain streams when I was growing up. Love your blog Bonnie-thanks for sharing your journeys with us!

member Pieceful Hearts

Randy D. said...

Looks like you're having a great little getaway weekend! Enjoy! Hoping for more rain!! :-)

Cousin Jill said...

Looks like Sadie called Dib's on front seat....who rides in the back seat? LOL

Lori said...

Looks like a great palce! Are you with Dave? You never have actually said you were..inquiring minds... lol

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great spot and I am glad Sadie gets all she needs as well. Oh, I understand about you posting while on vacation and to a lot of your readers this is armchair travel and they get to see places virtually. Playing with fabric - it is almost July- do you have ideas for the new winter mystery yet? Enjoy - Dorothea

Sherri said...

So cool that you brought Sadie along on this adventure, but who is taking care of the kitties?

Mary said...

Your cabin looks so wonderful! Mine in Michigan has no mountains but is just feet from our lake. Gotta get me one of those little sewing tables so I can sew in front of the fireplace, too -- but being on the porch watching the boat bob at the end of the dock ain't too shabby. Enjoy every minute!

3 kats and a kwiltr said...

I'm sure you covered the info about your table but I would like to know where you got it and about how much it cost. I will be heading to the Des Moines Quilt show in October and since we are driving, I can take just this type of thing with me.
I am loving the blocks, even though I'm not as be a "cheddar head" as you are. Enjoy your weekend.
Anna in IL

JaneB said...

This is my idea of heaven. Enjoy!

Denise Russell said...

Love the blocks... I am your newest follower and hope you will follow me too at www.piecedbrain.com!

carol davis said...

Love this idea for a Jubilee Quilt. My 'Jubilee' is tomorrow. Did you start this before and it will be done by your Jubilee, or did you start it after the big day? Will have to think about this idea some more! I have @ 24 fqs of hand-dyed fabrics a friend gave me... would love to use it for something special.