Sunday, June 24, 2012

Quilt Block Sightings!

Don’t you just feel like the world is waving a big hello to you when you see something like this?

We saw many many quilt blocks on barns, out buildings, businesses and cabins as we drove through the mountain areas.

Some we were able to stop for. ((hear me yelling "I NEED A PICTURE OF THAT!!))

Some we were not able to stop for--- we were on busy winding highways and I had to let some gorgeous ones go un-photographed ---but they are getting MORE and MORE popular and I enjoy seeing them when I am lucky enough to cross paths with them.

It’s like --- the world is my design wall! LOL!!

LinvilleNC2012 116

Little ramshackle shed with a block between its windows --Be sure to look closely and notice the really great weather vane on top!

LinvilleNC2012 119

This barn is sporting a double wedding ring motif.

LinvilleNC2012 186

Vegetation has half obscured this shed – but it still made me yell “STOP!” and I jumped out to grab a picture!

LinvilleNC2012 112

This is, by FAR my favorite photo…because in this view I saw not only ONE barn --- there were two on the property!

LinvilleNC2012 115

Can you see the second one in the back? There was no way to get closer to it. I tried to do a zoom shot :

LinvilleNC2012 113

And all I got was grainy! But you can see it -----

LinvilleNC2012 117

The sun was streaming down on this whimsical applique style motif.

LinvilleNC2012 187

On our drive through Banner Elk, NC last evening – there were SEVERAL on businesses around town!

LinvilleNC2012 191

Quilting and Massage –both things that have had a place in my life. I’d feel right at home here!

LinvilleNC2012 192

HEXIES!!! Nuff said!

LinvilleNC2012 188

This is the fence around the recycle center! Not just ONE tree, but FOUR!

LinvilleNC2012 190

If we were there at night, we’d see the twinkle lights shine around the blocks….I love this blue and white one.

Is there another tree quilt in my future? Just maybe!

LinvilleNC2012 189

This scrappy one is adorable too….already my mind is dissecting the pattern --- is yours?

In searching for more info, I came across a pdf article from Carolina Country Magazine in 2009. There are some more great photos of Carolina Quilt Barns HERE!

So yeah. We are home! I couldn’t believe how FAST that drive home was --- of course I slept through half of it so that helps. This traveling for a relaxing weekend can sure wear a body out. ZZZzzzzzz.

Laundry awaits. The car is unloaded, but stuff needs to be put away ----and starting tomorrow morning I’m ramping up for the Vermont Quilt Festival!


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing you at VQF, though unfortunately, I didn't make it into any of your classes. Gladly, you'll be coming to my guild next year. Gail Frenz

  2. I finally got the "whimsical" block clear enough to see the web site. www.fisherfolkart.com. It was very interesting and some beautiful blocks.

    I'd like to thank you Bonnie for all the pictures you post of your trips. I'm seeing places and things that I'll never see in person, thanks to you.

    Needless to say, your blog is the first one I check every day (several times a day, actually). You are an inspiration.

    thank you for sharing with us.

  3. oops, forgot the e-mail addy.



  4. thank you so much for putting those pics on your blog! they were really cool looking, and like you, i especially liked the property with two barns on it, both with quilt squares. how imaginative to put the tree blocks at the recycle center - recycle and save a tree!

  5. Love the quilt blocks...thanks for sharing
    I loved the trees on the recycle center...
    you saw scrappy and the first thing I thought of was winter, spring, summer and fall

  6. Saw your post for the quilt blocks on the sides of barns. I followed the website that was listed on one of the barns, fisherfolkart.com, and saw pictures of the artist, Heidi Fisher painting and installing the same blocks you took picture. Thanks for sharing your weekend.

  7. Anonymous7:09 PM EDT

    I love the trees at the recycle center...winter, spring, summer and fall!

  8. Love these, it reminds of Karen Harpers book.

  9. So abundant and pretty!

  10. Cindy, The Purple Quilter8:59 PM EDT

    Thanks for sharing the barn quilt blocks. My husband and I have been riding our Harley in the mountains and seeing quilt blocks on barns from time to time. Yelling STOP does not work with him, so I will just enjoy your pics! :)

  11. Love all of the quilt blocks thanks for sharing.

  12. I love seeing all of the quilt blocks like this. The one with the two barns is wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

  13. Perhaps the next time you come to the Miami Valley, you have time to see some of our quilt barns. http://www.ohiobarns.com/otherbarns/quilt/oh/miami/miamico.html

  14. Wisconsin has barn quilts too! You can get a map and take a tour. Here's a link to their website.


    We're not alone, there's a quilt trail in lots of states as you can see from their list. Enjoy!

    1. Here's another option!


  15. Just love that! I must make a little quilt especially for one of my walls - even if it gets wet.

  16. How wonderful to see the barn quilt signs!
    And I'm all excited that I'm enrolled in your Boxy Stars workshop in Vermont! Yippee! I own all three autographed-to-me of your books, but I still want to give you a big hug in person.

  17. I love seeing your pictures. About to go on vacation with DH and some friends. Driving from Texas to Minnesota. Now I know shat I will be on the lookout for. I will have my camera ready.

  18. Thank you for your barn quilts. I love making landscape quilts. Since I've lived in western North Carolina I've made five landscape quilts with barns as my inpirations. After seeing your pictures, my next one wil have a quilt on the front. Sonia


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