Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Jared Takes a Wife in Fairborn!

I can tell I’ve taken 2.5 weeks off --- my shutter finger was in high gear taking photos of everything everyone was working on, so this is a high photo intensity post! I apologize to those on dial up or other slow connections, I just couldn’t help myself---

I logged onto my computer last evening to find that our class photographer, Ed C had mailed me a picture --- I HAD to take a ride with Debbie’s flame enhanced featherweight --- what a hot rod it is, and it hums like a kitten. It was really cute how she completely set up with all the comforts of home….her DH’s framed picture with his hot rod matching pickup truck right there on the table next to her machine ((awww!)) and her matching thread catcher bag with the same flame fabric --- we sure know how to quilt in style, don’t we?

I’d love to give THREE awards for daring use of fabric in our class yesterday;

OH_PA_june2012 066 OH_PA_june2012 067 y2k3

THREE students accepted and excelled at the “use the millenium fabric” challenge! YAY! Get that fabric OUT of the stash, cut it up ((cut it small if need be)) and USE IT UP! The tone-on-tone ones might not even look "Millenium" until you get up close...but they are!

OH_PA_june2012 083

Do you see this floor? Being an “H” girl – I’m loving this. Yes, there is still an H quilt in my future --- I’ve got it sketched out on my brain, but this was fun to see. Our room is large, and well lit, and we had plenty of room to spread out --- and these ladies ((And one gentleman)) got busy right off the bat!

I hope you enjoy the slide show of what we got up to ---

And Jo – Nell wants you to see that she is using all those blue plaids and stripes she bought off of you on Yard Sale Saturday!

Today is a My Blue Heaven workshop --- I’m gearing up for 28 quilters, and a whole lot of fabric going through the machines. BRING. IT! I’m ready!

Have a great Tuesday, Everyone!


  1. I love this pattern! I saw it on your web site and I'm thinking about making it for my grandson Jakob and changing the name to Jakob takes a wife (I will give it to him when he gets married). He's 16 now, so I have plenty of time. My goal is to have a wedding quilt made for each grandchild - I have 5 - finished ahead of time (just in case). My oldest is 20 and youngest is 18 mo. After I get some UFOs finished, I think I'll start on one. Thanks for your web site. The directions are great and I love the way you break the directions down.

  2. Anonymous8:00 AM EDT

    Started making this quilt in batiks.. one of my favorites! I will send you a picture when done. On your life traffic feed, notice I'm on vacation ... IN NAPLES, ITALY! Visiting my daughter and grandkids who are stationed there.

    Nel from Nebraska

  3. HA! Those plaids are looking GREAT!!! I haven't seen it in shirts before, what a beauty.

  4. I want to make one of these one day. I have printed off your pattern for it and shoved it in my collection. Thanks for your inspiring posts.

  5. it was a lot of fun! I'm so sorry that I can't be there today and tomorrow too!

  6. I do love this pattern "Jared".......I gave mine to a friend for her 60th birthday.......I should make one for myself for my own 60th coming up sooner than I thought!

    Happy Sewing and safe travels

  7. I've always wondered if you had male quilters in your classes. Glad to hear you had one. Keep the needle going ... from northern Iowa.

  8. Great use of colors--gets me inspired.

  9. I love your slide shows! But I get a little depressed seeing all those perfect 1/4" spaces at the tips of the points in the unfinished units. Why won't my triangle seams press nice and flat like that? Argh!

  10. Wow, that Jared sure has a wife in every port!

  11. I love your picture of the floor. From my view, it says, "HI, HI, HI"! How friendly can that be?

  12. Love the red, white and blue one with the red star!!! I don't know why I haven't done this one before! Maybe it will be my next big quilt!

  13. Every one of the blocks is so different. Fabric play is wonderful, nothing like it. I can get lost in just 'auditioning' fabrics for a block LOL.
    Beautiful work, good looking having-fun group and Bonnie leading the way --- sounds just perfect.
    Thanks for the photos...never ever too many photos ;)

  14. I love seeing so many colorways for the same block. Very inspiring!

  15. Anonymous3:42 PM EDT

    Zowie! Love those blocks! Wouldn't they all make a gorgeous quilt if put together-really scrappy plus! Someday...first have to finish Jacob's Ladder leftovers from 10 years ago! Bev

  16. so cool to see all the fabric combinations that work with this block. Thanks for the slide show.

  17. The smiles of happiness when people hold up their finished blocks are so genuine. Bonnie, you make happy folks!

  18. millennium year i was homeless, so i completely missed any millennium fabric whatsoever! thanks for showing all the photos of what isn't in MY stash....LOL


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