Saturday, June 09, 2012

It’s a Jubilee Morning!

My last day at home, and I’ve been up EARLY and on the go.

I went to an estate sale already this morning – it started at 7, and I was there at 7, but by the time I got there, everything I was interested in was gone – so I left and came back home for breakfast ---feeling happy about the weight of my wallet still in my pocket. Money saved there, means money to spend later, right??

I’m headed over to meet the lady with the featherweight case this morning – I just might NEED my wallet when I see what else she’s got!

So in between the estate sale that was a bust, and time to leave for Lynn’s house --- I’ve been working on my jubilee blocks! Randy released 2 more on Wednesday, are you keeping up? Check out her post HERE.

The first thing I want to say is how HAPPY I am with the scotch removable mounting strips as seam guides. Mary was spot on with these. I took two strips, stuck them together, and then sliced down the length of both of them, so it gives me two guides, double thick. It’s easy to remove, easy to re-stick. The package even tells you that if it gets linty and loses its stick to wash it and let it dry and it will become tacky again.

Yes, you have to leave the top layer of film on, or it is sticky too, because it's sticky both sides, but that doesn't bother me. It beats that purple strip stuff that is only sticky on ONE side, and doesn't stay sticky for very long at all and then is worthless.

I still like my screw on seam guide for many things, but when doing diagonal corners like this – using the mounting strip guide means I don’t have to un-screw and swing that guide out of the way to do diagonal corners. Just let the extra bit ride on top of the strip. I’m liking this!

jubilee 038

Lots of diagonal corners! These units finish at 2” each, so needless to say, the bonus triangles from underneath these snowball corners are TOO SMALL to save! ;c)

jubilee 039

The next block used 2” finished pinwheels! TINY!! But oh, so fun!

jubilee 040

This red print was from one of MY favorite shirts – I’m down to just the end of it now – I’ll miss this fabric when its gone!

jubilee 041

The blocks are Exquisite, and Flutter Wheel. And look, 5 bonus bow-ties made during the making of these blocks. They really DO add up! I love the silly one with the ant fabric – that scrap was just big enough for ONE bow-tie!

jubilee 042

The design wall has been refilled! And blocks are not in the same place they were, but at least are now PINNED to the wall! It’s coming along! I like it!

I hope you enjoy your Saturday however you spend it! There will be more running around going on over here getting ready to leave tomorrow ----Wish I could spend it all sewing, but this is probably the last time my butt will hit a sewing machine chair until I get to Ohio tomorrow evening--


  1. I plan on catching up with these blocks too this weekend!! Lots to do, sewing and canning!!! Have a great weekend.

  2. Your blog is becoming one of my favorite parts of my day, thank you so much Bonnie for sharing your adventures with us!

  3. Your blocks are looking great Bon!

  4. Anonymous9:52 AM EDT

    The pinwheel block is my favorite. I'm pretty partial to pinwheels though.

  5. Have a very safe trip to Ohio - I get to see you on Friday and Saturday participating in the Jared Takes A Wife quilting class - my DH and I are going to be camping just down the road from the classroom getting the motorhome ready this weekend!

  6. I love your tips and pictures to go with them! I'm a visual learner! Love love love your blog! Have a great day. Looking forward to your next post!

  7. I LOVE your production level! Always so many great things getting done!

  8. Anonymous1:08 PM EDT

    "Lots of diagonal corners! These units finish at 2” each, so needless to say, the bonus triangles from underneath these snowball corners are TOO SMALL to save! ;c)"
    OH NO, say it isn't so! Too small??? LOL Whew! I was beginning to think I would need to make another storage area.
    Seriously, have a great trip. I look forward to being there too thru your postings. And seeing all the wonderful things you produce.


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