Saturday, June 30, 2012

Evening Edition ---Pat Sloan’s Lecture & a Free Kindle Book!

I just got back to my dorm room --- it was a great evening with an even greater lecture by Pat Sloan tonight – It’s so wonderful to be able to sit and listen to someone else and relax and enjoy! If you get a chance to listen to Pat speak – do NOT miss it!

The woman is hysterical, and I learned things about her that I didn’t know. And on top of everything else I am really blessed to call her my friend.

I am SO far behind in so many things, but all I want to do tonight is curl up and read.

I’ve got tea water heating ---and I just followed my search of freebies to one that sounds good enough to download and try for me --

Firefly Beach by Meira Pentermann is free tonight in the Amazon Kindle Store.

Book Description:

When Beth LaMonte rents a cottage on the coast of Maine, she wishes only to withdraw and paint.

A mysterious ball of light disturbs her peace and leads her to a secret beach where she finds the diary of a girl who disappeared in 1975. Now Beth is on a mission, not only to bury her own past, but to put to rest the spirit of Firefly Beach.

It had a very short description that didn’t tell me much so I kept reading down the reviews:


"The various minor storylines infuse the main plot with a great flavor. The end of the book neatly ties all the loose ends up and makes for an extremely satisfying read." - Reviewed by Laura, You Gotta Read Reviews

"Firefly Beach sneaks up on you subtly, inexorably drawing you in. Before you realize it, you've read the whole book." - Reviewed by IvyD, Manic Readers

"I was on the edge of my seat every time Beth got one step closer to solving the mystery. I would encourage you to put this book high on your list." - Reviewed by Kimberly, Coffee Time Romance

So there you have it --- download it while it’s still free and double check before clicking to make sure that it still is for you because prices can change without notice.

Tomorrow is my last workshop at the Vermont Quilt Festival – it’s been a great time, and I can’t wait to be back in 2015!


  1. How lucky to have been able to sit back and enjoy the program! Her quilts are fabulous! So glad you're heading back --- one day closer to being in Sunriver!!

  2. I downloaded that book earlier today, and am reading it now. ;)

  3. Sounds like a good book! I am sure Pat was entertaining.Someday maybe I will see her in person

  4. Cindy, The Purple Quilter9:20 AM EDT

    I agree 100%!! Pat spoke at my guild in March and also taught a workshop that I was able to attend. It was awesome to listen and learn from her. :)

  5. Thanks for the book link!
    I finished it yesterday, I just couldn't put the Kindle away. :-)


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