Friday, June 29, 2012

Boxy Stars Afternoon!

I want you to hum along with me to the tune of the theme song from Gilligan’s Island:

“A Three Hour Class!! A Three Hour Class!!”

Just how much can one get done in “A THREE HOUR CLASS?!” ((A Three Hour Class!!))

Amazingly, quite a bit!

Boxy Stars is one of those that goes together so quickly and looks so different depending on what fabrics and values you have chosen to go where. I loved it done in 30s fabrics, I loved seeing the batik variations, and the one that was Christmas themed…and the ones that were joint projects with the blocks being destined for Quilts of Valor ---

Some only got one block done, but many parts well on the way for more --- some got two or three blocks done, and all will be fabulous!

Take a look at what we got up too in our “THREE HOUR CLASS!! our THREE HOUR CLASS!”

And the fun continues! We’ve still got Friday, Saturday and Sunday yet to go ----

I think I’m going to need a nap! :cD


  1. It's really amazing how that simple block can look so many different ways depending on the color choice. I love to see the choices.

  2. Just kick it into one of your higher gears! Sandi

  3. I just finished and gave away a sofa size Boxy Star quilt, and I have a larger one ready for quilting, and 3 more just waiting for me to find time to play with them. Will not even tell you how many loose blocks I have waiting, too. Love, love, love that pattern.

  4. Bonnie, I love the waving - it makes me happy after a hard day at work. It makes everybody look in one direction and smile - happiness at the click of a button. Keep up the good work!!

  5. I really love seeing the quilts you teach in all of the different varieties of fabric. If you don't love it in one fabric, you probably will in two or three others.

  6. pattikarp@comcast.net7:06 PM EDT

    Great classroom space as well as fabulous work

  7. Anonymous11:38 PM EDT

    I can't believe that nobody has posted the fact that the red and green star has the left bottom corner turned incorrectly. I guess my personal "OCD" kicks in and things like that jump out at me. It's a stupid personality thing with me,sorry. Catch that quilter, and tell her! = Nancy from Kansas

  8. Thank you so very much Bonnie, for a fabulous workshop and for showing me laughing up at you as we chatted! I showed my Husband Wonderful,Felix the picture and he loved it,too! Thanks!

  9. Anonymous11:59 AM EDT

    Bonnie, thanks for the great workshop and for the tips and techniques you shared ~ it was a wonderful afternoon! I've followed your blog for several years and especially enjoyed the workshop stories and pictures ~ it was a pleasure to finally meet you! My husband Alex and friends like the picture you posted of me holding my red Christmas star. Safe travel as you return home today. And thanks again for the wonderful memory of your fun class. I hope to see you again in 2015! Karen from MA k.quilt@verizon.net

  10. That's a lot of fantastic for three hours.


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