Sunday, June 12, 2011

Virginia Bound in Brandon!

I have had a wonderful time here in Brandon with the Piecemakers Quilt Guild! It was just the most fun day! Everyone had MORE fabric than they knew what to do with – not that this is a problem, but it always cracks me up because I’m the same way….6 hour class? No problem, let’s pack enough stuff to keep me busy for 6 days at least.

It’s TRUE!

We pack as much stuff in our cars for a one day workshop as we would for a summer week away. And with good reason, right? We NEED our stuff! Better to have too much than not enough, and I loved seeing the creative mess in progress around each work station!

Do you like the picture of this Tree? This was taken on our walk to lunch. I *KNOW* technically that the moss is a parasite. It’s dirty, it has bugs in it….but I LOVE IT! I just feel so “in another world” when I am down south where the moss DOES grow on the trees. Combine mossy trees with some of these and I’m a happy girl!

fljune2011 069

Palm trees = Paradise. That’s just the way it is!

So with no further ado –How bout some slide show?

After a lovely dinner at the home of one of the board members…along with the whole board…((This was so nice! Thanks for arranging this for me!)) I came back to the hotel room, got into jammies, sewed my brains out while watching more NCIS on USA until about….oh….midnight. Such a decadent life, isn’t it?!

I predict there will be MORE of this tonight…and tomorrow? It’s the busiest day of this trip. We are doing a “Love Shack” workshop in the daytime, and topping it off with an evening lecture/trunkshow……whoopie!


  1. Reading about your trip/s brings back wonderful memories of meeting you on one such trip where I enjoyed the trunkshows and the workshops and had a piece of quilty heaven for a few days!

  2. My car is all packed for the Love Shack workshop tomorrow! I'm so excited! Put a fresh battery and memory card in my camera and I'm ready to go.

  3. It`s very excited read about your trip.Thanks for share them,I love come back and read about it.

  4. Love those blocks. I really have to try that one. it looks like fun.

  5. Love Shack? I've never seen this one. Sounds really interesting though.
    Be safe on your trip home, enjoy the journey.

  6. That reminds me (taking lots of fabric) to the first class I went to after I had done beginner classes. I took my whole stash as I wasn't sure what to take. It all fitted into one large suitcase then! Another lady asked me if I had bought my whole stash (joking) and I had to say yes. Everyone thought it was the funniest thing ever, lucky I could laugh at myself too.

  7. Thanks for taking me on your trips with you. You fill your days with so many different things and yet still sew and design.. kudos to you!


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