Saturday, June 04, 2011

Star Struck in Kingwood!

Yesterday was the Star Struck workshop with the Kingwood Area Quilters! We had a great time, these ladies are such a kick!

A wide variety of fabrics were being used each quilt with it’s own personality beginning to show by the time blocks were coming together in the early afternoon!

Oh, and a bonus! Since yesterday was Donut Day ((Did you know there was such a thing??)) Shipleys Donuts in the same plaza was giving out freebies…so….no, we did not starve!

There was much hilarity with picture taking too….just a good all around day!

However, I was so pooped out from this whole trip that I was ASLEEP by 9:30pm!

This morning, with nowhere to be, no alarm to have to wake up to, just time to unwind….I threw on the running shoes and went exploring the wilds of Kingwood backroads!

HoustonTxJune2011 092

When it is this hot out? Stick to the tree lined North/South roads so the shade helps protect you from the sun! I got in a great 5.68 miles, and was SO hot by the time I was done……I ended my run back at the hotel, threw off my shoes…and just jumped in here:

HoustonTxJune2011 094

It wouldn’t have been so bad if the water weren’t already at bath temperature levels!

My clothes are in the guest dryer down the hall and I am off to go get them and finish packing, being picked up for the airport in just a bit.

I’ll be working on this:

HoustonTxJune2011 095

You can see I have the red border sections done for squaring up the sides…and I’ve got to make one more neutral section to fill in the other side, and when that cream area is pieced, I’ll join the red borders on, and inset these whole sections onto the medallion. It’s getting there, ONE HEX AT A TIME! YAY!

HoustonTxJune2011 096

Doing the neutrals is the most boring part. How far do you think I can get before I get home to Greensboro this evening? We shall see!

Have a great Saturday everyone!


  1. Anonymous12:31 PM EDT

    Wow! Love those hexagons! I am looking forward to my workshop with you september in Kansas. Sheri

  2. Have a safe trip! Take it easy tomorrow.

  3. Up here (Alberta, Canada) lots of workplaces have donut day every Friday. No free donuts, but people will take turns bringing donuts to work. Luckily, I've never worked in a place that does that, or I would be a lot rounder than I already am!

  4. Your energy level astounds me! And so does your creativity!
    Safe journey home.

  5. Hi, Bonnie, This actually has nothing to do with your post; I just wanted to let you know that I finally figured out leaders and enders! I mean, I had read about it time and again, but suddenly something clicked! I love it! My pile of "bonus" squares is growing rapidly. I will send you a photo of the quilt I make from them one day.

    BTW, great legs!

  6. Love your slideshows Bonnie! All the colors are so pretty, I couldn't pick a favorite. Sure hope that wasn't the only bag of M&M's floating around.

  7. Hexies!......well your neutrals are the least boring neutrals ever......thanks for teaching me that scraps make the best quilts ever!

    Happy Sewing and safe travels Bonnie

  8. HA! We knew that was YOU by the pool cause of the banged up knee! Poor thing, hope it's feeling better.

  9. LOVE the "one hexie at a time"

    that's the way I'm putting mine together too

    can't wait to see a big progress picture

  10. Love to read your blog every day, great slideshows and pictures. I know travelling all the time can be hard but you make it such an adventure. I am slowly beginning a hexagon quilt, no goal in mind so who knows how big it will get. I had to laugh when I recognized a fabric I have in your hexie picture.....the cream and blue stripe with little red hearts; I love that fabric but think I only have a few scraps. I will have to find it and add to my hexie's. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Hi Bonnie - I've really enjoyed seeing the progress on your hexie quilt. It actually got me to start TWO of my own. One replicates an antique quilt and the other replicates the hexie tile floor in the bathroom at work (an old bank).


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