Saturday, June 04, 2011

Free Kindle Book! June Bug!

I’m having a very weird evening!

Jeff picked me up at the airport, and dropped me off at home only to tell me he was then going to a friend’s house.

DH is in West Virginia riding motorcycles with his work buddies..and they won’t be home til tomorrow night.

I’m home alone, and I have no schedule! There is no itinerary, no meeting time that I have to be ready for --no rides to be picked up by….no nothing!

I’m still on central time, so it doesn’t feel like nearly 10pm and I’m spinning in circles not knowing what to do!

So….I’m putzing on the computer and I found this recent freebie that’s been added to Amazon, perfect for the month of June, it’s called June Bug! It's written by Jess Lourey as number 2 in her “murder by the month” series.

Book Description

Mira James never imagined life after college would be a doublewide trailer outside Battle Lake, Minnesota. Then again, maybe the North Country has more to offer than mosquitoes and broasted chicken.
Local legend claims that a diamond necklace was lost nearly a century ago in Whiskey Lake, not far from the present day Shangri-La resort. Mira, a part-time reporter, goes fishing for the story behind the legend, but her dives turn up more than missing jewelry. Buoyed by frozen Nut Goodies and a diminutive circus performer, the exhilarating search leads to a new mystery to unravel, and puts her face to face with the surfacing of a menacing foe from her past.

Click HERE for the free book from B&N for your nook.

The reviews compare her to Stephanie Plum, ((Love Stephanie Plum!!)) so I downloaded this one as soon as I saw it!

Of course, I'm a Minnesota girl so I also have to see how THAT pans out in the novel. I love things that make fun-fun of my birth state! Remember to check the price before clicking, what is free today may not be tomorrow.

"Jess Lourey is a talented, witty, and clever writer." -- Monica Ferris, author of the bestselling Needlecraft Mysteries
"Jess Lourey offers up a funny, well written, engaging story...readers will thoroughly enjoy the well-paced ride." -- Carl Brookins, author of The Case of the Greedy Lawyers
"Move over, Stephanie Plum. There's a new bad girl in town... Don't miss this one -- it's a hoot!" -- William Kent Krueger, Anthony-Award winning author of the Cork O'Connor series

Off to putz around some more…..I don’t have to be in Florida until Friday, so I’m looking forward to a few days at home, and then heading down to Jason and Kim’s on Thursday to spend the night with them before heading out early for Brandon Friday morning….Yep! It’s good to be HOME!


  1. Oh, my, Bonnie, thanks yet again. Have downloaded June Bug! to my NookColor. You are such a doll to provide a link to B&N.
    My Nook Library keeps current with your help.
    Have a great Sunday.

  2. I love having the house to myself......you to do what ever ya want or nothing at all :0).

    Enjoy a few days at home......ahhhh your own bed :0)

    Happy Sewing

  3. Anonymous6:28 PM EDT

    Hi Bonnie - not a blogger or a follower or any of those things but wanted to write and thank you for the links to free kindle books. I've recently gotten an iPod and have the kindle app so although it's a small screen, i can still read it. Question, how do you find out about the free books? I'd like to be able to search around but don't know how to look myself. email addy is gronfors at muskoka dot com. You know what to do with that I'm sure. BTW, I did RRCB and love it love it love it.

  4. Thank you Bonnie for including the BN link for the free books. I have downloaded all of the ones you provide links for and I really appreciate it. Enjoy your time at home.


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