Saturday, June 18, 2011

Epcot Day!

When was the last time you did something that made you feel like a kid in an amusement park!? Seriously….WHEN did you last let your inner child out?

I met up with Lisa and her daughter Sabina at their hotel in Kissimmee yesterday morning and off we went for the wilds of Epcot!

It’s been about 20 years since I last did anything Disney….and Epcot was one place I’d never been before. I have to say I was amazed at what my ticket cost, but I just coughed it up and knew it was a day where the memories would be priceless in comparison….

Sunscreen? Check!

Water bottle? Check! (complete with a couple extra packets of crystal light singles to keep me DRINKING!))

Phone battery fully charged? Check! And off we go!

fljune2011 229

The first ride we did was like a trip into the future and the monitor in front of us asked us to answer questions about ourselves and our health! And then it makes this cartoon of you….it was SO funny! So I started snapping pics at the screen. Many of them turned out really blurry, but I think you can guess what kind of fun we were having!

fljune2011 232

Lisa and I eating our healthy salads and being served by a robot, Jetsons-style! :cD

fljune2011 226

It was a very funny start to a very fun day!!

My favorite part was going down around the Lagoon and seeing all the different countries represented. The first place we hit of course, was MEXICO, and because we were so hungry, we stopped for food! ((Yeah, really spendy too of course, but the grilled chicken tacos were delish!))

fljune2011 243

Hot Hot Hot! Oh yes….high 90s and the humidity was building as we made our way from one area to the next. We sought out shade and A/C at every opportunity!

fljune2011 247

Our next stop? Norway! Yes, I have a thing for posing with statues…I don’t know why…but it’s fun! This guy was so high on the rock I had to go on tippy toes to even get to shoulder level! The Norway exhibit has a beautiful film with areas of the countryside…WOW. Put Norway on my list. I’d love to go there, it’s so beautiful!

fljune2011 249

From Norway to China? Oh yes, we are crisscrossing the globe at lightning speeds by this time! What’s fun too, is the “cast members” at each country are young people FROM those countries here on Visa. So you have German kids in the Germany site, you have French kids in the France area, you have Chinese kids in the China area etc…Got to thinking what an interesting job that would be away from home! I guess they come and work for a year, and when their visa is up they go home.

fljune2011 256

And it wouldn’t be Disney without running into at least ONE princess along the way! Here Snow White was entertaining the crowds, and posing for pictures with little princess wanna-be girls!

fljune2011 268

The USA area is representative of Philadelphia during the revolutionary war. I was enamored by the fife and drum corps! They were very fun to watch, and I really admit to wondering how they were handling the heat with those red coats, wigs, and tricorn hats! Did I mention it was STINKING HOT?!

fljune2011 275

SO Stinking hot that we escaped the heat by ducking into a 3D movie version of Michael Jackson in Captain EO circa 1986 or something. Yeah, blurry, and yeah, definitely sweaty, but don’t you like my funky glasses? :cD


Our wish was about to be granted though! While we were enjoying the A/C and the exciting 3-D-ness of Captian EO…a huge thunderstorm had rolled through cooling off EVERYTHING! The rest of the evening was wonderful….We even got a by stander to snap this great picture of the three of us enjoying the cooler temps…

It was an AWESOME day! I took more pictures, but it would take too long to describe them all, so I’m posting them here for friends, family and YOU to view:

And with that….It’s time for me to bid Florida farewell! I’m driving the 9 hours home today…..It’s been a wonderful trip, and I know I’ll come back in the future!


  1. I have been there a time or two and loved it - except for the part of trying to remember where the car was parked!

  2. When we were at Epcot a couple years ago, it poured the whole time! We tried to catch some dinner in Mexico and were swamped by a storm. We had better luck in the other parks that week.

  3. I love your photos and mtg with your friends from Germany, that is cool. I picked up the "Country Register" in Omaha, NE and an article by Barbara Conquest of Blue Sky Quilting, Alberta Canada, mentioned your book and you name. You are everywhere. I know you are coming to Iowa (sold out) excpet for lecturer but I am going to be in NY, PA during that time w/granddchildren.


    I worked at WDW for several years, and only for a few months did I leave my "home" of epcot.

    It really is my favorite place on earth. Guests always seemed a little more laid back in world showcase than anywhere else on property.

    I'm super excited that you had a good time! Thank you for the beautiful pictures!

  5. Oh yes it is a complete escape going to Epcot....my children and I were there for the first showing of Captain EO...wait until I tell them it is still there and playing! Yeah they are 35 and 30! We use to live 30 minutes away.

    Glad you had such a great time, safe drive home Bonnie, and Happy Sewing

  6. What fun! We were just there last week on holiday! Did you ride "Soarin'" ? It was so popular that we had to try for two days to get on. We didn't know what the Fast Passes were at first! LOL Sounds like you had as much fun as we did. :):):) Best regards, Dianne B. in England

  7. looks like a great time was had by all...it was hot when i visited as well, came hope with about 30 photos of fountains...LOL

  8. You brought me back to my childhood trips to Disney World and Epcot. What fun we had back then! I think it is funny that the Michael Jackson movie is STILL playing. It was new when I first went! Maybe they should update that :-) Thanks for sharing, hope you have a safe trip home!

  9. I lived in Florida for 4 years. My youngest was young at the time and was not going to leave the magic kingdom for Epcot. I have to go back and see it. Your slideshow was great as usual.

  10. Did you stay for the fireworks? We were there last year and I loved that the most. Our Norway boat got stuck for about 30 minutes right at the top of the last waterfall, just before it turned around to go forward. We were by the emergency exit but didn't have to use it. Ahhh, the memories.


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