Tuesday, June 14, 2011

And They Came Prepared!!

I have to tell you I was mercilessly teased by the Brandon group after my post regarding how much STUFF we take to class with us! I was so worried I had offended some…but I am so the same way! We have to bring it ALL because what if there is something we don’t bring and we find out we needed it all along? It’s always better to bring it all, and bring too much, than not enough, right? RIGHT!!

So…..for a 6 hour small wall hanging class, how much fabric do YOU bring? I think this Quilter was right on the money with her wheelie cart loaded with four huge bins of scraps and crumbs….it’s all about the variety you know? But still….I’m not sure how many of these tubs actually got opened up and pawed through! :cD

One gal said she read my blog and decided to leave some of her stuff at home. Did I shame her into it? I hope not…and I hope what she needed was not IN the bins that she left at home!

We just need our stuff. To be surrounded by it. To be able to dig through it. And sometimes, simply to know it is there, even if we don’t open that box or bag at all.

I had to laugh out loud at one comment that was given toward the end of the day:

Nancy: "It's all YOUR fault!"

Me: "MY fault? Why?"

Nancy: "I've worked really hard at getting Claudia to let this stuff GO, convincing her we can't save it ALL...and you've RE-corrupted her!!"

We just have to have it all, no explanation needed! :cD

My own sewing this trip has been much the same. I brought two quilts to bind. Have I sat at them yet? Nope.

I’ve been on the road since last Thursday. I have sewn ONE evening out of 4. ONE. And I am hauling this stuff hotel to hotel to hotel! But you know what? If I decide to, if the mood hits…it’s here. And it’s ready.

My only dread is not being able to find an available luggage cart to haul it all BACK to the car in one trip…lol!

We had a lovely lovely fast paced time for yesterday's workshop! I hope you will enjoy the slideshow of the projects in progress!

I’ll be in Sebring until Thursday when I move on to Lakeland! Bring it on……….let’s keep quilting!


  1. Yes....it IS all you're fault, Bonnie....but in a good way! A VERY GOOD WAY! LOL

  2. The last retreat I was on I packed my truck until it could hold no more.
    Most of the "stuff" stayed in the truck. But as I changed projects I could just take a container out and bring another one in.
    It was so comforting to have it all there within my reach.
    I hope you find all the luggage carts you need!

    XOXOXOO Subee

  3. Anonymous8:10 PM EDT

    Wait until someone drives up in a semi lol. Vickie kuilter33@gmail.com

  4. I think this sentence you wrote says it all! "If I decide to, if the mood hits…it’s here. And it’s ready." What happens if I don't have "it" and the mood hits? What a waste of time, low energy (slow going) on another project or worse, nothing because I can't get working on "it" out of my mind. Over packing is just the thing women do, whether it is for a quilt class or retreat or vacation! :) And that is why we are always prepared and have just what someone else needs!

  5. wheee! so fun to see all the work everyone did. yeah, I have a tendency to go WAY overboard bringing stuff to work on. Multiple trips to the car just for the fabric for one day is a bit much. I'm trying to get a bit better than that.

  6. I love looking at the workshop slideshows. It is always interesting when I recognize some of the scraps that I have in my scrap pile, all in different parts of the country and some of them are 10 yrs old or better. .


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