Monday, December 07, 2009

Step 5, Let The Blocks Begin!

It's up and ready folks. I've tried to keep things as simple as possible in this step, even fewer photos because the more photos I seem to put the more confused people get.

You can find step 5 HERE!
It is also linked at the bottom of part 4.

I am leaving in the morning to go visit family in AZ! I'm returning Sunday, the 13th....so you will have almost a week to finish step 5 before we move on to the layouts in step 6.

I will be unavailable to answer questions this coming week. There is however, a world wide wealth of knowledge on the quiltvillechat list so if you have any questions, instead of asking me personally, please direct them to the list! I'll check in when I can. There is a link to joining the list in my right sidebar! ---->

And here I am, hard hat and all....this afternoon my son Jeff and I went to go choose the granite slab that will be my new counter tops come Dec 15th! It's been a long time coming. The color is called Sapphire Jolie...nice, eh? I'm excited about the kitchen re-do, even if we have to do it just a little bit at a time, this step is a BIG one for me...


Barb C said...

You'll love the granite countertops.

Have a great time in Arizona.

Quilt Hollow said...

Oh gosh..have a fun and toasty trip to AZ!!!

Kim said...

Ohhhhhhhh I lust after granite counter tops.......you lucky dog..... I hope you enjoy them every single day!

What a fantastic color!

Happy Sewing,

sophie said...

The Saphire Jolie granite is tres jolie. I agree that you will love having grainte counter tops in your new kitchen and that granite is beautiful.

Lori said...

The hard hat is very becoming! LOL
Beautiful countertop!! I'm jealous.
You look fantastic, btw.

ria vogelzang said...

A great colour granite! Will look real nice as a counter top!
And your quilt is also going to be lovely. Enjoying you steps!
Greetings from the Netherlands.

YankeeQuilter said...

You will love the Granite! and you deserve it! I'm so excited the blocks are coming together...I needed to have at least one "looking like a block" when Dh gets home on Friday. (makes him more sympathetic about the fabric strips all over the place!)

The Calico Cat said...

That green/red block is my favorite block of all times. I did a quilt using just that block in blu & yellow.(Except that all of my non-background triangles were yellow & the large ones were all blue.)

Sharon said...

Enjoy your travels...thanks for this mystery pattern, although I'm not making it along, I'm definitely going to start cutting for it over Christmas time!

Jean said...

Looks like your going to have a "Merry" Christmas... lovely... enjoy your time in Az. and your counters when you get them done!

Chris said...

Bonnie not sure you got my comment, but I was wondering...I have a gazillion HSTs from the sister's choice that I did in your workshop. They don't finish to 2 1/2 because they were cut offs. Can I still do this mystery and cut my strips down, or would that be awkward to work with? I already purchased the gold and it is absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait to get started!!!