Monday, June 09, 2008

Dimensions of a Fat 1/8??

Yes, I'm still writing pattern info. It's really difficult to explain that Scraps mean Scraps, so I'm having to write some stuff using Fat 1/8ths because Fat Quarters are too big. What are the dimensions of a fat 1/8??? When you cut a fat quarter in half to get a fat 1/8 do you cut it the long way, or the across way?

*ADDENDUM* (or should that be ADDEND-DUMB!!!) A Fat Eighth (why does that look like it has one too many h's in it?!) is 9"X22". Thank you to those who answered so quickly! I knew I could count on you... :c)

I just didn't know if it was going to be 9"X22" or 11"X18". You can tell I've never bought Fat Eighths....or if I had, I probably wouldn't care about the exact dimensions anyway!

Carry On, Quilt On!


Sherry said...

I think a fat 1/8th is 9" x 22". . gotten by cutting a fat quarter in half along the 18" side. But, I could be wrong. Have you tried an internet search through Ask.com or another search engine?

I love Orange Crush.


Tracy said...

I have only bought a few but they were a fat quarter cut in half the long way.

Hope that helps!

kathiemackey123 said...

If a standard 1/8 yard is 4.5 x width of fabric (roughly 44"), then a fat eighth should be 9 x 22.

That is how I would figure it anyway.

Kathie in Washington

Jessica said...

Since a Fat Quarter is half a yard, cut in half. I would assume a Fat Eighth is a quarter yd cut in half (so 9 x 22), is my guess!

Not Lucy said...

I understand the issue with scraps. Most people think a scrap is a fairly large piece. My definition is anything that is at least 1" square! My sister and I often do collaborative quilts for graduations, weddings, etc. and we prefer to make scrap quilts. So we usually just find a pattern we like and figure out how many squares, triangles, etc. we need and cut them from our scraps.

My smallest scraps I use for crazy quilt blocks to be made Project Linus or other donations.

I could probably make several full size quilts from just scraps!

mamaspark said...

Quilters are such smarty pants! Thanks for clearing that up!!

Melinda said...

I have found that Fat Eighths are both sizes depending on who is cutting them. Most places cut them 9" by 22" but sometimes they are "11 by 18". I don't think there is actually a standard size.

Katie said...

I would think that the operative word is "fat". Cut so the eight is "fattest". In other words, squarer. Same as a fat quarter.

If I bought a "fat" eight I'd be annoyed if it wasn't fat! :-)

Bev said...

I'm sure by now, 3 years later you have found your answer but if not here is a really good link to your answer, but basically the dimensions are 11" x 18".