Monday, June 24, 2024

Weekend At Home!

Is this what happens with a retired man?

They work harder and dive into bigger projects than their work life would allow them to before retirement?

We've been spending some time deciding on what "big" projects we would like to fit in this summer.

While most big projects have focused around making things better at Quiltville Inn, this time it was time to do something for us.  At home.

We'd seen these kinds of gazebo kits at places like Costco over the past several years.  Honestly we'd been thinking about this since we purchased the place - 7 years ago? Has it been that long? Or longer?

We ordered this as a kit, and it came while I was gone to Ireland and Scotland so I missed the whole big truck delivery and drop off that happened.

I thought it would take more help from me - but really, the only thing I had to do was hold the two upright sides so they could be tied to the banisters to keep them in place while the rest of the upper frame was assembled. (See ropes, top photo!)

I couldn't be more pleased.  It's going to be so much nicer during a misty rain or falling snow.  Those are my favorite times to want to be out here, and it was no fun trying to hold an umbrella.

There is still plenty of deck to sit and see the stars.  The gazebo is also going to do extra duty protecting the hot tub cover from the elements - from the sun, from being piled with snow.

Now all I've got to worry about is what the NEXT big project might be.

And this was finished just in time to enjoy my deck or the summer.  That gazebo also provides shade from direct sun on people in the hot tub, so that is great too.

As for our weekend - YES - there were hikes!  Click to Play:

Our walk up Roundhouse Road with the dogs!

And yesterday - a hike to the ponies:

We had great weather - but things are getting crispy and we really could use some rain.

This one - so curious about us!

Sweet little foal came over to chew on my shoelaces.

The mountain laurel bloomed while I was away - it's on its way out now, but I'm glad I got to see this bit of summer wonder.

Definitely happy to be home!

Loads of quilting has been happening at the inn - baby quilts can be sewn up in a flash and are perfect with charm packs for retreat sewing.

One more section to go!

Quiet postch stitching while listening to birds -

Beautiful Hawaiian applique - all by hand.

Bound and determined to get this together for over-the-porch-rail time!

A top finish!  Whoowhooo!

Sweet appliqued baskets!

Something curvy is happening here!

Yes, rockets can be pink for girls!

These blocks are becoming a top - on a white featherweight!

Oooh!  I like this!

It's a hoffman pattern.

When was the last time you saw a cute 1970s Elna Lotus?

I didn't miss the home rhodies!

The ones around the house and in the woods are baby-lotion-pink.  And the blooms are few and far between this year due to a late super-freeze.  But I've got some!

Twho dogs hanging on the porch.

This is where you'll find me most early mornings.

Evenings have been a bit of a challenge as Lola has been holding the quilt in my hoop hostage with her whole body.  I think she's missed me.

Right now she is in my lap as I sit at my desk playing catch up with a very full weekend here.

Yes, it's STILL good to be home!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

There are days when I just bite my tongue and smile back and let karma do its thing.

It's Monday!

Time to plow into the week ahead!



  1. 7 years is more than I had to wait for my Honey-do project. He's up way to early today disonnecting a water line. Bathroom remodel wasn't on my list today. Glad your Hubster is enjoying his retirement. I-m happy to see ponies and Flowers on your Walks. Nice vintage machines in this group. Reminds me, I need to get my featherweight out. Waiting for over the rail pictures. I'm happy you are home too. .

  2. Anonymous2:07 PM EDT

    I was recently told at our local sewing machine museum that white Featherweights were made for the African market. Helen in France

  3. Haha, some hubbys are like that when they retire, and some aren't!! Mine totally is not! 🤣🥰

  4. Awe... ponies, Lola & dogs! Great post today! Glad to see you finally getting a life-long project in to enjoy for the summer! This week I am hoping to get a couple of quilt tops finished. Have a great evening!

  5. Anonymous9:40 AM EDT

    My husband works harder in retirement than he did while employed...and that is saying a lot. His favorite toy is a power washer and he washes everything; the driveway, the screen house, all the patios and patio furniture, the house, the garage and I swear he is eyeing the trees sometimes. Get yours a power washer and watch the fun happen. Celestial in Minnesota

  6. Anonymous5:49 PM EDT

    Love the quote! Needed a good laugh- thank you!


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