Saturday, June 22, 2024

A Porch For Quilting -

This was my welcoming committee when we stopped by Quiltville Inn on the way back from the airport.

YAY!  The quilters are quilting and the porches have become a summer gathering place.


It was a long journey home, but I had to stop by and check in with Irene's Sewciologists who had checked in for their retreat just the day before.

(I find it a boon to know that I only missed their first day.  Sometimes travel is like that.)

Some other big things happened while I was away. Along with the replacement of the house washer/dryer, this is the retaining wall that Hubster Dave and son Jeff have been working on.

It's been a huge job, and with loads of gravel and pallets of bricks being delivered by truck, this had to happen while the inn was vacant for a couple of weeks with the parking lot empty.

There are a few more rows left to add, and then the cap bricks that finish the top edge and the end stair-steps will also happen, but not likely until I am gone on our Kenya trip with Craftours. He'll have 10 days or so to do what remains then.

And yes, there is room for you to come with me!  Bring a friend, spouse, significant other, adult child...it's going to be amazing!

We've got this being worked on at the inn...and it has me thinking toward Kenya and all that we will see there.  Isn't this giraffe cute?

How about the Zebra?

These are going into a special baby quilt!

Spectacular Savanna by Elizabeth Hartman.

It's so great to walk into the Quilting Quarters and find beautiful, colorful things up on the design walls and know that folks are enjoying their time - with or without me! I love this simple Framed Four-Patch that has a log cabin look to it.  Great use of color and fabric values!

Red and white Christmas quilt happening here -

What's not to love about double-nine-patches?

Especially when set with scrappy churn dashes!

Oooh!!  This will be stunning when done!

Someone did a lot of prep-work and organization here!  I can't wait to see what this will become.

Lots of things in progress here - check out those mini nine-patches!

I was on hand for this big Ta-Da as the last seam was sewn to cheers all around. Hooray!

Lunch on the porch - it feels so great to be home!

I'm beginning to go through all of my Ireland/Scotland photos. SO MANY PHOTOS!  I thought I'd throw in some fun ones here and there of things that I didn't post up to social media on InstagramFacebook and YouTube.

Edinburgh is of course a hot spot for Harry Potter fans, and ghost tours and witch tours and the like are popular.

We passed this double-decker "hearse" bus while walking back to our hotel and I thought it was cool!  

Guard tower below the Edinburgh Castle.

This plaque is on the side of the left gate post. 1450. My mind can't comprehend going back that far.

Edinburgh Castle above, built on an old extinct volcano.

Today's plan - we didn't get out for a walk yesterday, I got there too late after all of the things that bombarded me in the morning.  And by the time I did get there it was already super hot.

This morning - we are heading out early. I'm taking the dogs to get them some exercise too, and the ladies asked if they'd have a chance to see them while they are here.

And maybe, just maybe - I'll have a chance to sit at my machine for a bit!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

This is why I build quilts instead of gardens. My fabrics are my flowers.⁣
This also reminds me to check on the three little plants I brought home from Idaho in May as I neglected to check on them yesterday after being gone 2 1/2 weeks. #plantmurder
Happy weekend, everyone!



  1. Welcome home! The retaining wall looks fabulous! I enjoy seeing pictures of all the works in progress at Quiltville Inn.

  2. Lots of beautiful quilty things happening. Love it!
    Great job on the retaining wall Hubster Dave and Son Jeff! It looks fabulous.

  3. What a cute quote~ it made me chuckle!! I agree... my Mister has the green thumb in the family. He grows the tomatoes & builds the fences, I'll build the quilts! I absolutely adore the double 9 patch with scrappy churndash, & the panel that was just finished, I have that same one! I love the idea surrounding it. I was just going to quilt it up & have it as a wall hanging, but that was an awesome idea as well! Have a restful, quilty weekend everyone!

  4. You can do both. I water my indoor plants on Sundays. Once a week is good for them. Hubby helps with auto sprinklers on the flowers outside. I water when I take a break on Sew days that are extra HOT. Glad you're home. Hubby and son did a great job on the Wall. Fun the Zoom in on a few of these Quilts on the walls at the Inn. Great Wips, Quilters! Gotta love a TA DA!

  5. Anonymous3:01 PM EDT

    Beautiful Quilts! Is there a pattern for the red, white and blue quilt with stars and Dresden plates? I would love to make it. Judy Verne

  6. Awesome job on that retaining wall!! Welcome home, Bonnie! You've been missed, but what a wonderful trip!

  7. Anonymous5:03 PM EDT

    The wall looks fabulous! Great job, Dave and Jeff.

  8. Anonymous7:42 PM EDT

    Is it just me or did anyone else see frogs in the picture just after churn dash and double nine patches? Great looking wall Dave and Jeff. Fran in Pa

  9. Anonymous2:00 AM EDT

    welcome home. dave and jeff did a fantastic job on your retaining wall. it is beautiful. love seeing all the works on the wall at the inn and the finished quilts. exceptional eye candy. love them all. patti in florida

  10. Diane R.7:31 AM EDT

    Loved all the posts on SM while you were away. Looked like quite the adventure. Wish I had that kind of talented help you have in your husband & son. The wall is looking great so far. Blessings on you all.

  11. Anonymous6:26 PM EDT

    Beautiful quilts, squares, and quilters. The retaining wall is going to be fabulous when it’s all done. Dave and Jeff are doing an awesome job. Dianne


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