Friday, June 21, 2024

Back-Tracking and Catching Up!

Hi everyone!  I'm back!

And this is what happens on the first day back - We play catch up.

My apologies to the June Quiltvillians - I left 2 days before their retreat was over with the promise that I'd get this post made before I left New York.

Of all the things NOT to forget when one has to do computer work on a small laptop screen while traveling - I forgot my mouse.  I had the dongle. I had no mouse.

I went searching in Queens around the area of my hotel to find a computer store or somewhere that had a mouse.

No dice. No mouse.

I thought I'd get one in Ireland, but there wasn't a computer place anywhere near where we were.  There were phone stores with chargers and cases and batteries and all things phone related - but no mouse.

I finally gave up. Editing photos and doing what I do REQUIRES a mouse.  A touch pad isn't a skill I possess. So here we are.

I am so glad that I got as much time with them as we did!  We walked and hiked, we had a fire pit, we ate and laughed and sewed some more. 

Saturday night before I left Sunday  morning.

I never intended to short sheet them their post - it was simply 2 1/2 weeks without a computer mouse and editing issues!

Look at that moody grey sky!

It makes for some great quilt photos, though -

En Provence and Indigo Way are followed by a cute top in progress of houses and a finished Spider & The Fly 

Indigo WayMaymontPine Tree Point and a blue/green rolling stone finish!

(See all of this highlighted text? It's hard to do without a mouse - seriously. So sorry, for the delay,

BitcoinMaymont, nine patch and a cute pattern by Fig Tree.

And a  Tulip Time variation for good measure!

Emerald City from String Frenzy!

Sampler quilt finish!

Crooked Courthouse Steps from the Free Patterns tab.

And Two Chilhowie quilts!

Great quilts, and great quilters!

This post may be 2 1/2 weeks late, but it was worth it - 

And my computer is happily reunited with its mouse - 

My laundry is clean -

Irene's Sewciologists are have been happily ensconced in retreat fun at Quiltville Inn since Wednesday afternoon.

I'm putting it all back together!

If you haven't been following along on other social media - I have made at least one if not two or more posts per day about our fabulous adventures in Ireland and Scotland on  InstagramFacebook and YouTube.

Please visit my pages.  Most of my posts are video and I spent my time working on those from my phone as I didn't have a computer mouse with me.

As for today? Click to Play:

While I was gone - the new washer/dryer was installed at the inn.  Seems all of this laundry is hard on a machine! LOL  The motor and other things were going out - just after the warranty ran out, right?

While I was gone Hubster Dave and Son Jeff were busy working on the new retaining wall along the side drive between the inn and the QPO studio - I'll get some photos of that today.

I am hoping that I will get some quilters interested in a hike this morning before it gets to hot - or I'll be doing it on my own....because...2 1/2 weeks of eating out was so good, but I swear I will not get on a scale for at least 2 weeks while I recover!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

First things first after a big trip away - back on my diet! 

The food in Ireland and Scotland was amazing.

I learned to make scones. I ate haggis and liked it!

And I found myself eating a 99 with flake at every occasion. (ice cream cone with chocolate bar inserted)⁣

I refuse to get back on the scale for 2 weeks, but in the meantime, how many different things can be made with cauliflower? Lol! 

String X quilt tutorial from the Free Patterns tab lovingly made by Sarah Yorgason.

I'm off to the inn - have a wonderful Friday, everyone!



  1. So glad you are back! We've been on vacation same time as you so I didn't catch all the videos. But I' m home now and promise I will be right at it! This was a lovely assortment of quilts! I love the tulip variation.

  2. Anonymous9:56 AM EDT

    So glad you are back. Missed your blogs

  3. Even though the 'kids' at the computer store kind of sneer at me, I too must have a mouse.

  4. Welcome back! I totally understand your "no mouse" challenge. I am not skilled at laptop touchpad use for detailed things either!

  5. It maybe late but always a good time for qreat quilts and quilters.

  6. Anonymous11:37 AM EDT

    I’ve been following you on YouTube. It looks like you had an amazing trip. Thanks for sharing so much with us. It’s good to see you back on the blog. Welcome home. Fran in Pa.

  7. Welcome Home! I stepped on my scale, and jumped right off. Waffles with Blueberries inside are not on any diet, but they are so yummy~ Enjoyed seeing the videos, and the pretty views from the boat. I live your trips vicariously. Purchasing a new Longarm used up my flying budget for the year. Road trips may happen, but that is hard on my back. Lovely quilts delayed or not, so good to see the smiles.

    1. Anonymous6:49 AM EDT

      What longarm did you get? I’m still looking. Jacqueline from Virginia

  8. Welcome Home, Bonnie! I definitely understand the no mouse issue, and I also really want to use a keyboard too.
    Beautiful quilts! Nice job everyone!

  9. Anonymous4:04 PM EDT

    Loved all your Utube videos! Hope you will be able to do the same on your next trips!! Rose in Oregon

  10. Anonymous5:00 PM EDT

    Glad you are home! and the ice cream sounds soooo good!!

  11. Yay! You're home! I've been following some on Instagram & YouTube... It looks amazing! The porch photo was a great treat! We've had several days of (much needed) rain this week here in South Central Texas. It was good for cleaning the sewing room & getting some sewing done. Hopefully you're getting back on schedule & much needed hugs & love from the furbabies & hubs! Have a restful weekend & happy quilting!

  12. Welcome back! Looking forward to reading over your past few months (years? LOL) as you settle back in from your trip since I'm back to quilting-land myself, having been MIA with my growing girls in recent years. Still forever grateful for having found you back in 2008. So thankful you are still blogging away, and quilting up a storm for all of us still. <3


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