Saturday, March 30, 2024

Spring Break Big Jobs!

Yesterday was the first "nice-ish" day we have had in a while.

Spring has not come in easy this year - it's been up and down and all around with nowhere to settle in.

It's been an angry toddler throwing an embarrassing baby breakdown in the middle of the grocery store.

Just when we thought it was going to behave it would storm off again.

But yesterday - without a retreat group filling up the parking lot behind the QPO studio, Hubster Dave set out to begin our next Very Big Job in our constant push to beautify this 140 year old house turned quilt retreat.

It's time for the old big rock to come out of the side yard along the drive to the parking area, in preparation for a retaining wall.

That rock sticking out of the grass has always amazed me.  I was afraid it was going to be like the iceberg that sank the Titanic - that it would be harder to remove than we thought it would.

The best part for Hubster Dave?  He got to bring over his shiny red tractor and put it to some digging and heavy lifting.

And those big rocks?  They are going to outline the edge of the parking area.  They aren't going far.

And the new retaining wall will make things easier to mow - and it gave us about 12'' more width on the drive that goes between the house and the QPO studio.

Did I say mow?

And yes, he did!

Without any more worry of grinding blades on those big rocks.  The first mow of the year!  Maybe spring will now stop acting like a spoiled rotten toddler throwing tantrums in Target?

It's not super lush yet -

But it's coming!

And oh, the smell of a newly mown lawn - for the first time since last fall.  What a wonderful smell!

As for me? What was I doing while all of this was going on?  Click to Play:

Haircut happened!  And blocks were sashed. I still have a few setting blocks to make - but that may or may not happen this weekend.

But THIS feels like an accomplishment.

As stated in my video - the block pattern for Square Pegs is found in the July/Aug 2022 issue of Quiltmaker Magazine. In my Addicted to Scraps column.

I'll have a PDF pattern for the whole quilt when the quilt is completed.  Stay tuned!  It may appear later this summer.

So here we are at Saturday!  And that mens:

I'll be drawing for 2 lucky winners to each win a PDF copy of Big String Quartet from me, AND a Rolling in Color rainbow roll from Cotton to Quilts!
Color rolls contain 20 fabrics measuring approximately 8 1/2'' X 21''. Perfect for enhancing your scrap stash and brightening up your own string collection.
We had over 5,900 entries!
Who is entry 1278?
Jeanne Shockey Gair...
And enry 2947 belongs to:
Angela Coleman!

Congrats, ladies!  Please check your email for notification from me containing your PDF pattern as an attachment. (Check spam folders as need be) 

Please reply to the email with your mailing address and I'll have the fine folks at  Cotton to Quilts get your fabric prizes out to you.

The PDF patterns for Big String Quartet  and  Kiss Me, Kiwi! are currently 25% off in the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store. No coupon needed.
Pricing good through this Sunday 3/31/24.

 We have another Gift-Away for Bruce Leonards newest Hadley Carroll Quilt City Mystery 'Quilt City - Proving a Negative.' 

Get your entry in on that Gift-Away Post

I'll be drawing for 5 lucky winners who will receive a SIGNED copy of Proving a Negative directly from Bruce.  Drawing happens Monday, April 1st.  The book itself becomes available on Amazon in both kindle and paperback formats on April 2nd.

Good luck, everyone!

This morning while fixing my coffee.

Ivy out, wanting in.  Zoey in, wanting out.

Lola - roaming free in the house out of the basement studio because - Ivy is out.

It's a juggle - but this is how we roll around here.

However you spend your Easter holiday weekend - enjoy!

Nothing big is going on here.  Son Jeff and Ashlyn are sick with the crud - so no Easter gathering.

We will, instead, head on over to our friend's house on Easter evening for popcorn and some cut throat Mexican Train dominoes.


Quiltville Quote of the Day -

It's your life! Refuse to take a backseat!
Vintage 16 patch quilt found in North Carolina.
Welcome to the weekend, everyone!



  1. Guys and their toys. Glad he likes helping out. Congrats to the winners. I Won a fun prize at our Guild Retreat yesterday. Today we pack it up and go home for Easter. We'll be attending Church Easter Morning and Afternoon. We are invited to our friends also for Dinner. I get to make Jell-O. Grateful for uninterrupted stitching time with friends.

  2. Spring projects make a body feel so good! Things are still to frosty here to do very much, but we've had enough warm days that the tulips are blooming, so that's something!

  3. Just something about guys and riding lawn mowers! My hubby mowed a couple of days ago too--said he needed to so he could get the old brown stuff up. :-) I love the smell of cut grass too!
    Congrats to winners, and Happy Easter to all!

  4. Does that Baptist fan quilting make every quilt look amazing or is it just me? Love the old 16 patch with sashing :0)! Happy Easter Bonnie!

  5. Oh my what a big project. It will look so good. I think whatever you all do it just improves your Inn and home. So fun watching your progress. And I love your new block project. Gives me ideas for my own bucket full of little squares. Thanks for you ideas and sharing your life with us. Im always amazed by what you accomplish.

  6. Your husband is a talented and hardworking man who cares deeply about you. Fabulous!!

  7. I was chuckling at the image of the toddler throwing a tantrum in the store in the comparison! Too cute, but so accurate! HA! Today I am getting tops ready to take down the hill and quilt on the long arm machine. My room today looks like a tornado hit it... I am not a neat piecer!! HA!! So glad the hubs likes to help and play with his toys! Have a blessed and happy Easter everyone!

  8. It's nice Dave has the equipment to do this job too. It'll be beautiful when done. Hard scaping makes a home.
    Want to wish you and yours a blessed 🐰🐣 Easter. Enjoy.
    Have a Sparkling day
    Kisses to your fur babies.


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