Saturday, September 10, 2022

From Quilting to Binding, Oh Boy!

"Thrown Together Quilts." There are those I find in antique malls and beyond where the delight of imagining the maker just digging into what they had in the contents of their scrap basket to make a quilt just "work somehow." brings a smile.

Did they take a long time planning things out?

Or did they just dig in with reckless abandon having fun with the odd pairings and mismatched scraps of prints, stripes, plaids?

As I was working on the quilting yesterday, I stopped to smile at this one block - the center square with men on tricycles just cracks me up.  It's vintage - from who knows where, but it was in the box of saved squares, and it fit the size I was working with, and it added to the weird mix I was going for, and in it went.

Being matchy-matchy is highly overrated!
Mustachioed men on tricycles. But of course!

What kind of fabric combos make you happy?  Whatever it is, do more of that.

A good view of the hubster spraying weeds around the gravel drive outside of my window - and of the pieced backing containing one leftover block and some really fun vintage prints.

This print is green/turquoise strawberries from the 1960s. (Of course!)

And there he is going back the other way -

At this stage, binding choices were ready to be made.

I honestly had thought of blue first.  Because blue goes with everything, right?  Well mostly.  But something warmer was tapping me on the shoulder.

Rust?  Gold? Orange?

My bindings are a 2'' cut strip, giving me 1/4'' finish with a greater chance of not chopping off the triangles at the edge of the quilt.

This print was too big to really finish well as a 1/4'' binding.

This one?  No - I want a plaid, or at least something plaid-ish.


Oh, it's old.  Late 1970s maybe?

(Sorry for the blurry photo)

It has a diagonal plaid look - fun as a binding.  It has just a bit of gold in it to have it be friendly with the inner gold plaid border.

Yes!  I think this will play nicely!

Checking the front after binding for a bit last night to Bosch.

This morning in the morning light.

And I think I have a name for this one.  I've been turning my brain this way and that trying to come up with something good.

The biggest event in my life NOT including the tree swing accident from July?

Our trip to Bristol to pick up Ruby the Subee. In Bristol.  The furthest I had traveled since this whole broken foot/broken nose thing happened.

I'm calling this quilt Bristol.  It's simple.  Easy to remember...… and because it is mostly plaids from men's shirts it doesn't have a foofy girly name.

The only thing I forgot yesterday?  A hanging sleeve.  And I need one for photography, so I started binding on an opposite side so I can still get one sewn on today.

And since it is Caturday:

Ivy wanted to share just how humiliating it is to get her meds twice a day....Kitty burrito style.  Seriously.

Airplane ears and all.

But she is doing much better - and is only on liquid antibiotics now.

Rain is falling gently - it looks like it's going to be a soggy wet day, and perfect for staying indoors and doing some inside house stuff to get me closer to presentable for having family over next week.

And with that, let's draw for our winner of the Sept/Oct '22 Quiltmaker issue containing Ruby Jubilee, Part 5 and the bonus of my Punkin Patch quilt pattern as a readers' favorite included!

I know many of you already subscribe to Quiltmaker or purchase it digitally - so to have 2,676 of you enter is WONDERFUL!

We are looking for entry 363!

Connie Moyers!

Congrats, Connie!

Please reply to the email I sent to the email address you included with your entry - let me know your mailing address and I'll get that Quiltmaker issue right out to you!

There are several really cute fall/Halloween patterns included in that issue - click back to my Original Post for a preview of just what you'll find inside.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend - maybe an opportunity for some slowing down.

We all need it from time to time.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Most problems can be made better with melted cheese.

Welcome to the weekend, folks! 



  1. I am definitely making Bristol. I absolutely love that quilt.
    So glad Ivy is doing better. Poor girl.
    Congratulations to Connie for winning!!
    I managed to get half of block B fini yesterday.. I'll try to get the other 10 made today.
    Wish it was raining here too. We're still in a drought situation.
    Happy Caturday.

  2. Melted Cheese OR Chocolate! Love the name Bristol. I thinkk I have some of those Bicycles and that Blue/Green Strawberry fabric was a shirt I wore maybe??
    Yes, Matchy, Matchy is over-rated. Today in Quilt Turn-in Day and a roadtrip to see Tri-Cities family. Celebrate the time with yours. Time flies by and they are gone. I treasure the small celebrations with my Grandchildren. Mexican Dinner out will be fun! Happy 2nd Saturday in September.

  3. I get the same evil cat look from my Winnie when its time to trim her claws.

  4. That binding is perfect!

  5. I have a picture of my cat with his ears like that, I call it his "Yoda" pose!
    "Happens to every guy sometimes this does” — Yoda

  6. I laughed out loud at the picture of Ivy, and continued to chuckle as I read Pam's comment about the Yoda pose and quote! This is only one small part of why I love your blog - the pet antics in addition to the wonderful quilting!

  7. Bristol is on my list as soon as it comes out!! I have that penguin fabric too! I just cracked up with your caption and pic of Ivy. Cats are so good at expressing themselves!!

  8. "Bristol" has me wanting to pull out my plaid men's shirt fabrics! I can identify with Ivy's "No Way" stance. When we give Hank his meds, my husband suits up in a heavy winter coat and welding gloves. After 15 years of experience with Hank, hubster won't take any chances. The vet uses falcon gloves. (In Hank's defense, he's a sweet lap cat in "normal" circumstances!)

  9. Bonnie, i empathize - my kitty had a liver disorder - we had to syringe feed her every meal for TWO MONTHS ! and now she is healthy and happy ! good job to you, mama. that face says 'i love you, mom'

  10. Hi, Bonnie! Hope you are doing well. Oh, those Cranston prints were so pretty, and I sewed two, strip-quilted vests as well as made my mother a quilt using them. They had many little calico prints that were really pretty to sew with. Enjoy your day!

  11. I've been having to give one of my kittens antibiotics the last week too (he played too hard with his sister and she scratched him on the eyelid, which then got infected). He's finally gotten used to it enough (now that I don't have to do eyedrops or ointment) that I can just hold him without the towel. But they're both getting fixed this week so...bring on more kitty medicine! Oof...

    Oh, and the quilt is lovely.

  12. This quilt gives me so much incentive to use what I have. No quilting for me this coming week as I am going with a group of ladies (none of them quilt but they are still nice ladies) to Destin. A little beach time. Just finished putting hanging sleeves on 2 large quilts - one of them Grassy Creek and a wall hanging for a Quilt Show on the 24th. When I get back I have a King size and a baby quilt to bind before the end of October for gifts. May need the beach rest. LOL Enjoy your family.

  13. I just bought 8 oranges and half dozen grays to make your pumpkin quilt!!!!

  14. Hi Bonnie, I love your quilts. I'm sure you've spoken about this but I have to ask. Is all your fabric thrifted or do you ever buy fabric?

  15. I think I had a dress made out of those blue strawberries when I first learned to sew!

  16. Bristol is super fun. I always love shirts, but the combo of shirts + quirky light neutrals is just fabulous. I love the mustachioed gentlemen on bicycles! LOL - I'd have to buy a few yards if there was ever a reprint of that.


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