Saturday, September 03, 2022

Friday Fun Follies!

It was brunch on the porch, y'all!

And as you can tell, it was a lovely morning - 

Some took off to go hike up to the ponies after we enjoyed eating al fresco on the porch (And oh, what a time they had - I understand they were witnesses to spontaneous animal husbandry in action - right on the trail.  Like don't ponies GET A ROOM anymore? LOL!) while others enjoyed some leisurely stitching.

What a great onset to the long holiday weekend ahead!

And 2 1/2 years later.....

I don't know if you remember the whole mess of 2020 and the LAST retreat that happened before Covid shut is down for 4 months of lockdown here in Virginia.

Sue started her Blue Ridge Beauty quilt from my book Adventures With Leaders & Enders while at that retreat.

This time she got to bring it back, finished, quilted and bound.  We all love her off center layout of these fun blocks.

And check this out:

Teeny tiny hand embroidered hedge hog!

So super cute!

Please take notice of our hand model's beautiful matching manicure.  Hooray for simple joys!

Yes, if you have embroidered linens or small bits of this and that - include them in with your patchwork to make your project uniquely yours!

I love these large friendship stars with bold prints!

Bear Branch in purple/green is happening here!

Ooohhh!  This is on fire!

And I have a definite feeling that Emerald City from String Frenzy will be hanging over the rail by Monday!

And look!  I sewed!

These blocks are from Ruby Jubilee Part 5 found in the Sept/Oct '22 issue of Quiltmaker Magazine.

I love that this same block is made in 2 different sizes and I can't wait to see where they end up in the quilt.

I've still got two more sets of different blocks to make from this issue - I did some more cutting, but the booted foot was complaining so I set them aside for today and through the weekend.

Don't forget that this issue is up for grabs!

Enter to win ON THAT POST.

I am so excited with the arrival of September that I have placed the PDF pattern for Appalachian Autumn at 25% off in both the Quiltville Store and the Quiltville Etsy Pattern Shop.

The sale price is good through 9/30/22 - no coupon needed.

And if you have this project started already, perhaps it is time to pull it back out and finish it!

It looks like another gorgeous September morning out there, and I know that some of my ladies are likely already out for a walk - I believe they were thinking Bear Branch Road this morning.

I am missing my walks - let me tell you.  But I am counting down - one week from this coming Monday I go back for the next round of x-rays.  We will determine at that time if the boot can come off.

I do not know if I will need physical therapy.  I don't know how long it will be until I can really get back to walking and hiking.  But each step closer is okay with me, even if I have to wait until next spring to really be active with it again.

Are you doing anything fun this Labor Day weekend?  Do you have any family traditions?

When I was growing up, school never started until the day after Labor Day, so it feels weird to me that school is already 3-4 weeks in already. To us Labor Day signaled the end of summer as we knew it, even if the weather remained nice until October.

Of course going back to school meant finally being able to wear the new outfit, the new shoes, and packing all of the new school supplies just right the night before.  I loved it.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

The one thing that was instilled in me from a very young age is that there is no growth without struggle.
This started from the kindergarten activity of planting a seed in a Dixie cup and waiting for it to emerge from the soil, green leaves pushing upward.
Such is life. We are who we are thanks to our struggles as well as our joys and successes!
Have a lovely weekend, everyone!



  1. Won't be too long now before you can walk your dogs I bet. You've been so good about stopping your activities when it starts to bother you.
    All my pieces are cut, just have to sew them into 2 borders today..and attach them to the quilt....
    Made a big bowl of macaroni salad late last night for this weekend..going to be easy, hamburgs or chicken.
    Have a Sparkling day!

  2. As i was leaving Quiltville Inn last week (I was part of the Stitch Mob), I saw a bear amble across the road in front of me! I was quite taken aback as I have never seen one in the wild. Wish I had seen the ponies, maybe next time...if I get to come again.

  3. Your comment today hits the nail on the head for me right now. Just got finished going through chemo for breast cancer 3 weeks ago so felt good about that, then husband comes down with covid, so we are isolating in the house so I don't get it (have had all 4 shots thank goodness) and yesterday had to go to emerg at the hospital to discover I have shingles. Early stages so now have medication. Am hoping it does not interfere with my cancer radiation in late September. Love reading your blog every morning. Have not been sewing much since March but hope to get back at it when this is all over. As I say- onward and upward

    1. Sorry to hear you and your husband are going through such a tough time. Sending hugs and prayers.

  4. "What doesn't kill ya, makes ya stronger" has always been my feeling about life's struggles.

  5. School started gradually for all of my Grandchildren. August 31 start for most. Wyoming started 3 weeks before. Hard to plan next Summer Grandma Camp. Hubby is walking better. His physical therapy was almost 3 months. Hope you get to go hiking soon. I loved playing in my Purples for Ruby Jubilee Blocks. Love seeing yours! The Reveal comes in the midst of the 2023 Mystery, could be a challenge.

  6. I just came back from a 2 hr walk w my dog. Lunch and a short break and then back into the sewing room. However, it will not be seeing, but ironing. Once that is done back to Bear Branch. I know it will be pretty once it is done. I am totally hooked on your patterns, Bonnie. I wish every one a great Labor Day weekend.

  7. Hi Bonnie & Fellow Quiltvillians. Wish you all a safe and happy Labor Day. Keeping you in my thoughts for good news with your next xrays.
    I liked it when schools went back after Labor Day. We seem to rush through every season, let's stop and enjoy today, just this day and this moment. They put Halloween out at 4th of July Christmas out at back to school time, no one seems to do much for Thanksgiving, the stores make us rush through the year.sorry I just think life is being too rushed slow down and enjoy your life and loved ones the end comes soon enough.

  8. Lots of different kinds of quilts on display this week! I am ready to start quilting a donation quilt and am putting together a QAL weekly that I'm tired of! We have had our struggles within the family that are slowly turning around- I'll look for the strength from this down the road.


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