Monday, September 05, 2022

Car Rides & Labor Day Quilting Fun!

These two doggie girls LOVE a car ride.

And it doesn't seem to matter whose or which car it is.  

An open door is an invitation to jump on in - which scares me just a little bit!

A couple of weeks ago it was starting to sprinkle and Zoey Jo was on a long tether between the trees when ladies were unloading at Quiltville Inn - they were visiting because The Hubster was busy with some evening weed-whacker activity.

One quilter opened up her back door to unload some belongings into a wagon, and Zoey saw the opportunity and jumped in, tether and all.

Mostly to get out of the rain - but also because they LOVE car rides with windows down and she thought she had an opportunity to leave the tether behind and go cruisin'!

Catching ALL the smells along the way!

How many marshmallow roasting fire pits have we had this summer season?  I've lost count, but they are always fun, and for many of our guests it's THEIR first one - so why count?

The September Quiltvillians sure enjoyed it as did I!

(The dogs on their tethers, not so much.)

Borders are on - and MITERED!!

Great job - isn't this adorable?

In this one photo alone I see Bear Branch , a cute square in a square (A Santa panel) Spider & The Fly and Punkin Patch from String Frenzy!

Double wedding ring from ALL the scraps cut with an Accuquilt Go Big die - 12'' finished size. This is going to be fantastic!

Texas Tumbleweeds from MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders is just about covering both design walls!

Emerald City from String Frenzy is on its way to being STUPENDOUS! 

But in the midst of all of this abundant creativity - we ended up having to leave the ladies to everything they were working on while we drove Ivy to the emergency vet in Boone.

She started showing signs of a possible UTI on Saturday.  Of course it is the weekend.

Our closest emergency vet is an hour away in Boone - and the place is ALWAYS busy.

But I was afraid if we didn't go she would be worse by Tuesday because today is a holiday Monday and our vet is closed.

So off we went.

Vitals, ultrasound assisted cysto, and x-rays because they thought they saw something that could be a bladder stone with the ultrasound.

A cysto is where they insert a needle into the bladder to withdraw a clean catch of urine to test it.  Yikes.

UTI confirmed, and we think we caught it early enough that some pain meds and antibiotics is all that she needs to soon become herself again.

My response to this was - "You've never seen how hard it is to give this cat a pill or liquid medicine!!"

It's a two person job involving a towel to wrap her legs in so she doesn't claw you to shreds!

As soon as I hit send on this it will be time to give her dose #2 as we didn't get home until about 9pm last night.

TODAY?  Laying low.  Holiday Monday.  Quilters at the Inn  on their last full day.

It's raining.

I don't know about you, but Labor Day really does signal the onset of fall for us, even if the official date isn't until later in the month.

It's the end of summer.

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Our Sept/Oct '22 Quiltmaker Gift-Away is still under way!  Did you get your entry in ON THAT POST?

I am so excited with the arrival of Fall that I have placed the PDF pattern for Appalachian Autumn at 25% off in both the Quiltville Store and the Quiltville Etsy Pattern Shop.

The sale price is good through 9/30/22 - no coupon needed.

And if you have this project started already, perhaps it is time to pull it back out and finish it!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage quilt top from my collection.⁣

nock out the self-doubt and get down to it!
Our creativity increases by DOING!
Have a great Labor Day Monday, everyone!



  1. Poor Ivy, you're such a good Mama.
    All the quilts are my favorites! Emerald city, Texas tumbleweeds, bear patch, pumpkin patch..
    I fini my Frolic on Sunday and posted a pic in the open studio.
    My guys devoured the macaroni salad so I have to cook today..
    We don't have a grill so the stove will have to do.
    Its raining here too. All day they say.
    Hmmm, maybe I'll take RT out of it's bag and see where I left off.
    Have a wonderful day.

  2. We went thru the same thing with our cats -- we broke pills into smaller pieces and embedded them in spreadable cheese. Trick is to offer one "cheese blob" with another on another finger just waiting in plain sight. They gobble one down without chewing and can't wait for the next one. Repeated the process until the pill was down -- usually about four pieces if the pills are small. We do the same with our dog. The whole ritual is known around here as "cheese Louise" and is eagerly accepted. I never did agree to the cysto procedure -- especially as cats get older and more susceptible to infection -- couldn't see the point of poking too many holes in their bladder but when animals are small I know it's hard for the vet to spot things like stones.

  3. I'm laying low too. Hubby is going for a solo ride to visit his widowed Sister. Some Laundry and Quilting is on my agenda. Catching up first with my Blogs. Open doors and windows down, yep! I see the dogs in my minds eye. Too funny. No Smores for them. Sorry about the kitty UTI. Happy Labor Day, when I do my own thing around here. Love it when I have the house to myself.

  4. Poor Ivy, these things frequently seem to happen on the weekend or holiday. Hope she is feeling better soon!!

  5. I'm so glad you caught Ivy's UTI early. Poor little girl! That split colored nose cracks me up!

  6. Such beautiful projects being made at the Inn! I hope Ivy recovers quickly - poor her!

  7. My son says he found there are several ways of giving meds to a cat. And they all work -- once!

  8. Having had cats for the last 40 years, if you grab the back of their necks like their mom did, they won't move! Then you can toss the pill in the back of their throat, quickly hold their mouth closed and massage their neck to make them swallow it. It's the easiest way I have found when you don't have any assistance!

  9. Poor Ivy. Just like kids that seem to get sick right before or during the weekend! Thanks for all you do, Bonnie!

  10. They have a product called "Pill Pockets" made for cats and also dogs,it's a soft squishy thing with a small hole for pill,just pinch to cover pill and a "Treat" is made. They make different flavors,they are a godsend since my cat it on Thyroid meds 2 times a day. They can be found on Amazon if you don't see them locally my vet also has them. Pill Pockets also makes treat for them.

  11. So glad you knew how an UTI in a kitty presents itself! Not something I've encountered in the 41 years we've had cats. Our last kitty would not take pills. I think we got one down her once by holding her mouth closed, blowing softly on her nose, and rubbing her throat. After that, if we were successful in getting a pill inside her mouth, she managed to fool us into think it was swallowed. Once we let her go, she would spit the pill out. We had some success with liquid medicine but that too was a huge challenge. Love seeing all the quilts on the wall!

  12. Ask your vet to show you how they administer pills to reluctant cats. Still takes two people (a cat lifter and a pill popper), but you sort of lift the cat by the nape of his neck so he's standing on his two back feet, and drop the pill down his open throat. Easier to demonstrate than describe. Performed on the dining room table or the kitchen counter -- the cats are up there when I'm not home anyway.


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