Saturday, August 14, 2021

Just Keep On Stitching On!

It's a flurry of patchwork and threads!

And I missed a good chunk of it due to my yesterday's escape to get a haircut - MUCH NEEDED!

I did stop and check in with everyone before I headed out - it was 9am and the machines were already humming.

Seeing busy sewists and full design walls just started my excursion day out on the best note possible.

Especially since there was plenty of cut fruit in the kitchen for breakfast - I didn't drive away hungry!

I know Debbie has been working on this for eons -

And it is finally together!

As you can see, it is also hogging half of her neighbor's design wall space so things are now being pinned on top of it!  LOL!  

A quick glance around the room provided me with a rainbow of color!

Gorgeous, everyone of them!

I'm not sure on the star blocks at the left of the photo - but the center is Jill's Xing from String Frenzy coming together. And the pickle dish I believe is an accuquilt die.

Melody's Winter Blues is coming together!

I rushed back to get Zoey - She had been left home alone for the span of about 4 hours when all was said and done.  The first time she had been left home for that length of time, though we'd been creeping it up over the past while.

I don't think she knew how long I was gone - she likely slept through all of it.

Going back to the inn with mom!

Binding going on!

The plan was to spend the afternoon stitching on the porch.  But that binding, label and sleeve needed to be sewn on first -

I have not published the pattern for this quilt but have plans for it in the future.  Please stay tuned!

The best part of the day!

I am so glad we have summers to enjoy the porch!

Okay, everyone - left leg over right! LOL!

I headed home about 5pm where the Hubster was already in the process of bringing in the two swapped out love seats from the Wallburg house:

I loved my comfy chair and ottoman.  I'm not going to lie.  But I think this will be pretty danged comfy in here too!

Our cabin is not huge - but it's cozy.  And how much space do two people need?

Are you groupless, and wanting to retreat at Quiltville Inn?

I've got a DEAL for you - and it even includes your lunches and dinners (NO COOKING FOR YOU!)

I'm also teaching my Straits of Mackinac workshop from String Frenzy.

The dates are October 6-12, 2021 and this retreat is being hosted by Irene of Cotton to Quilts. 

October in the Blue Ridge -

It doesn't get much better than this!

Click HERE for all of the info and get your reservations in - there are only a handful of openings left and they are going first come, first served!

Bring a friend or two, and let's have a ball together this fall!

Let's draw for our SECOND winner (of FIVE!) to receive a Busy As A Boss Tote pattern designed by Gail Mayhue!

Check out all of the nitty gritty on this can't live without busy bag on the original post HERE.

And yes, you can snatch this pattern up in Gail's eBay Store!

Today's winner is:

Congrats, Valerie!

We have 3 more winners to draw, and we will draw the next one on Monday - there is still time to get your entry in ON THAT POST!

And while you're at it - don't forget to enter our gift-away for the July '21 Quilty Box!

That drawing will also happen Monday!

And be watching for my Rocky Road to Grayson PDF pattern debut on MONDAY as well!

(Fingers are still crossed that I can get it all ready in time - but I'm doing my best!)

Yes, it's a desk weekend ahead for me - but I'll be taking plenty of time to visit the goings on at Quiltville Inn throughout the next couple of days.

And I'll catch you back here on Monday!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage 16 patch quilt found in Denver, Colorado.⁣

Leonardo Da Vinci was an amazing man!
Have you made one yet? The simplicity calls to me.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!



  1. Love the sunflower block that's pinned to Debbies quilt. Any chance I could get the name & designer of it?

  2. I signed two up for the open Oct retreat. Hope we make the cut. Diane Mannion. mongo53@aol.com

  3. This would be a dream come true! But until then, I sure enjoy seeing the photos of the hand stitchers on the porch.... pure bliss ;)

  4. Pure Bliss! I'd love to come. October is our Son's wedding in Missouri. So close but so far away. A side trip to Omaha is on my agenda though. All my children will be together and I can't wait!!

  5. Would love to come to that retreat, but my granddaughter is coming home that weekend. Can't miss that!

  6. Hope there is Zoey and Ivy space on those love seats!

  7. What is the gizmo hold up the pieces of the Sandcastles block in the first photo? It looks really helpful!
    I love all the pictures. Thanks Bonnie!

    1. It is called a Design Board. Lots of video on how to make them.


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